Around the Diamond - Fantasy Baseball Week 4

Around the Diamond - Fantasy Baseball Week 4

Starting off with some random thoughts...

  • Oakland is the AL's top squad early, they truly play as a team and everyone buys in.
  • The NL really has more fire power in overall lineups? Is there a changing in the guard from AL to NL in offense? It's still early...
  • When series reach the 4th or 5th SP's facing one another, load up on those offensive players that day as the run totals thus far are off the charts in those match ups.
  • When choosing the double start pitcher strategy look for pitchers who have two home starts vs road starts.
  • When a SP has the swagger and dominates in an outing most likely they are going to dominate in the next outing, remember that when selecting pitching.
  • The National league play's fulls speed with more athletes per average roster. Remember that when you select your Draft Kings lineups there are many daily value plays in NL lineups.
  • Spend your salary on SP, OF 3B and RP, then fill in the holes and see if that produces higher points in daily games.
  • Successful FB wins are about production not the most sexy lineup on paper.

Around the Diamond


  • Check out Devin Mesoraco for Cincinnati. A #16 overall prospect two years ago and is showing why, hitting for average, doubles and HR's.
  • Perez for KC is awesome to watch. I would pay money to watch him play baseball. Royals fans you have an awesome young and passionate squad.
  • Willin Rosario is the most dangerous offensive catcher? Molina and Posey will take notice as WR is out of the gate early.


  • Brandon Belt is solid every week so far and is a 1B value play in DraftKings.
  • Prince Fielder is starting to come around. Imagine his #'s in the dog days of Summer in Arlington.
  • I would trade for Abreau or Goldschmidt, both are stars and going to be top 10 fantasy batters.


  • Brian Dozier is a player you should watch closely, he's been very productive.
  • Howie Kendrick is killing the ball right now.
  • Neil Walker may be breaking out this year, especially in that Pirates lineup.
  • Chase Utley is back!


  • Troy Tulowitzki is worth the price right now in DraftKings daily formats.
  • Jean Sugura is only getting healthier, last year was not a fluke.
  • Buy low on Andrelton Simmons and Xander Boegarts. Both hit the cover off the ball and both have amazing names.


  • Athony Rendon is living up to the hype as a top prospect and hits all over a fierce Nationals lineup.
  • Josh Donaldson is clutch and a numbers machine launching balls all over the park.
  • Aramis Ramirez is the veteran value play, the Brewers offense is the real deal.


  • Charlie Blackmon can't be ignored especially in that powerful Colorado lineup.
  • It's worth paying the price for Bautista, Stanton, Braun and Trout via trade or daily formats.
  • Carlos Gomez looks to be playing at the next level in 2014.
  • Melky Carbrera is putting up top15 OF #'s thus far and is cheap in DraftKings format.
  • Christian Yelich is the dark horse player in Miami.
  • Hunter Pence and Jason Werth both look like they could be steady producers all season.
  • Brandon Moss and Coco Crisp are two Athletics that keep producing with little to no spotlight.
  • Is BHarper drinking his own kool aid? Someone give that dude a piece of humble pie! There are lots of talented players in MLB Harper, you better keep up.


  • I was impressed with Tyler Ross in his last outing. Let's see how he does on the road.
  • Martin Perez also looked great last outing.
  • KRod is back and is #1 RP in most scoring systems.
  • Julio Teheran is the new ace of the Braves.
  • Geez the Yanks got a stud in Tanaka, maybe the best stuff Ive seen thus far from an SP.
  • For all the hype Strasburgh has more to prove. I would take Gio Gonzalez over him in a one game playoff scenario.
  • Jesse Chavez versatility looks to be one of the pick ups of the year

Good luck and more to come,
Mark Deming

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