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Trea Turner's agent is unhappy his client is in limbo after trade to Nationals
HardballTalk - 36 minutes ago
Nexen Heroes accept Jung-Ho Kang posting fee from unidentified MLB team
HardballTalk - 1 hour ago
Dodgers surpass Yankees for highest payroll - 2 hours ago
MLB, umpires reach agreement on new contract - 5 hours ago
Red Sox acquire catcher Hanigan in deal with Padres - 9 hours ago
Giants acquire McGehee to fill third-base spot - 10 hours ago
MLB trade rumors: Giants replacing Panda with Marlins' McGehee - 10 hours ago
Mets' shortstop saga: No deal for Tulo, no play for Kang - 10 hours ago
Chase Utley wants to go down with Phillies' sinking ship
HardballTalk - 11 hours ago
Padres build stacked offensive lineup with bevy of moves - 11 hours ago
Hits keep coming: Padres acquire slugger J. Upton - 12 hours ago
Padres expected to host 2016 All-Star Game at Petco Park
HardballTalk - 12 hours ago
Silverman taking bold steps necessary to reshape Rays - 12 hours ago
Outdated rule means Trea Turner must remain with Padres until June - 12 hours ago
Kemp pumped to join forces with Padres - 12 hours ago
Padres deal Hanigan to Red Sox for Middlebrooks - 12 hours ago
From security guard to Santa: MLB spreads holiday cheer - 12 hours ago
Dodgers release Brian Wilson
HardballTalk - 13 hours ago
Red Sox sign Craig Breslow to $2 million deal
HardballTalk - 13 hours ago
Dodgers release veteran reliever Wilson - 13 hours ago
Giants working on trade for Marlins' McGehee - 13 hours ago
Wil Myers could play center field for the Padres
HardballTalk - 14 hours ago
How will Padres handle all their outfielders? - 14 hours ago
Preller sure keeps things moving as rookie GM - 14 hours ago
MLB trade rumors: Giants reportedly replacing Panda with Marlins' McGehee - 14 hours ago
Source: Giants nearing deal with Marlins for McGehee - 14 hours ago
Orioles hire hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh
HardballTalk - 15 hours ago
GM Hawkins? Righty has post-career plans - 15 hours ago
Giants reportedly nearing deal with Marlins for McGehee - 15 hours ago
Progressive renovations starting to take shape - 15 hours ago

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