Dynasty Summary

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WHAT IS DYNASTY? - Dynasty leagues are, without a doubt, the fastest growing segment in all of fantasy sports. The concept is actually quite simple. Draft your startup team, compete all year and KEEP your entire team the following year. You add to your team in the off-season through an annual ROOKIE draft every year after the NFL Draft.

FORMAT: Teams will compete in their league of 12 through week 13. The team with the best record and the team with the most points will be rewarded at that time. Then, the top 4 teams (best record, most points, next best record, next best points) will advance to both the league playoffs and the Championship Round where LARGE CASH PRIZES will be awarded. Teams will be competing in a points shootout over those three weeks with their average weekly score from weeks 1-13 added in. A $2,000 DYNASTY KING BONUS will be awarded every year starting year 3 for the most points over a 3 year period.

We recently conducted a Mock Draft Startup. Check it out HERE

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HISTORY: 2013 - 144 TEAMS SOLD OUT, 2014 - 288 TEAMS SOLD OUT, 2015 ??

Have you been wanting to try Dynasty or are you already a Dynasty veteran?

TRADE your way to the top! (All trades are monitored)

REBUILD and get younger through the exciting ROOKIE draft immediately following the NFL draft.

Annual Entry Fee: $299

Size of Contest: For 2015, we are accepting a maximum of 432 teams.

Type of Drafts: Online Slow Drafts that encourage trading of picks and players.

Time Limit Per Pick: 12-24 hour timer depending on the majority vote of each individual league.

Prize Structure: Just like our Main Event, a significant portion of the prizes are allocated to winning your league. $2,400 in prizes are awarded back to each individual league. One skilled league winner will be crowned the 3rd annual Dynasty Football World Champion and this year, the first ever Dynasty King will be crowned (leaderboard coming soon). Championship round prizes will be announced after we determine how many leagues we'll be adding this season.

Software: All leagues will be hosted on SCOUT Fantasy's own fantasy football commissioner service.

Eligibility: In order to play, you must be at least 21 years old at the date of registration in the Contest. Notwithstanding the foregoing, residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont, Washington state & Quebec Canada are not eligible to participate.