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Week #-1
1CHAMP Cocktails and Dreams XIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 1111-2-02244.80192.950.000
2CHAMP OKAVANGOM B World Champ ONLINE 1710-3-02231.50188.2513.300
3CHAMP Voodoo PriestessMadonna Montz World Champ ONLINE 2312-1-02227.75168.0017.050
4CHAMP No Mercy IIIBrian OwensWorld Champ ONLINE 312-1-02220.35210.1024.450
5CHAMP Old Cheladachris EspinozaWorld Champ ONLINE 2012-1-02218.75168.4526.050
6CHAMP Rex GrossmanChris EiblWorld Champ LIVE 69-4-02197.85164.0546.950
7CHAMP THE RITZRICK FALVOWorld Champ ONLINE 1911-2-02197.00180.8047.800
8CHAMP Resistance is FutileScott LawrenceWorld Champ ONLINE 289-4-02195.40170.8049.400
9CHAMP Yak FarmersDavid StrandWorld Champ LIVE 511-2-02190.05173.9554.750
10CHAMP KickmanTom KieckerWorld Champ LIVE 1411-2-02186.05163.0058.750
11CHAMP CamBrady VIINelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 2711-2-02145.80218.7099.000
12CHAMP Leader of the Pack 2Jeffrey/Joe HillingsWorld Champ LIVE 210-3-02144.40126.70100.400
13CHAMP Winning EdgeMark MitchellWorld Champ ONLINE 99-4-02137.45153.20107.350
14CHAMP Trunk MonkeyGary AllenWorld Champ ONLINE 3010-3-02133.30175.70111.500
15CHAMP Northern PalaceKyle SteinWorld Champ ONLINE 2511-2-02133.15204.70111.650
16QUAL Polk High AlumniNick Krutzig World Champ LIVE 511-2-02132.25158.90112.550
17CHAMP Known AssociatesJoshua GreyWorld Champ ONLINE 510-3-02131.75172.30113.050
18CHAMP MeahaanDavid HubbardWorld Champ LIVE 1210-3-02126.75188.95118.050
19CHAMP GridIron Irishmen 1Edward NolanWorld Champ ONLINE 299-4-02121.70147.70123.100
20CHAMP CamBrady IVNelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 227-6-02119.95125.15124.850
21CHAMP Cocktails and Dreams XIIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 1310-3-02117.90172.70126.900
22CHAMP LAST SHIPMATT BAYLEY World Champ ONLINE 218-5-02111.70154.45133.100
23QUAL Coyote Assassins Mike SantosWorld Champ ONLINE 209-4-02109.20197.65135.600
24CHAMP StiflerPaul FelkerWorld Champ LIVE 88-5-02106.50159.70138.300
25QUAL Truffle ShufflesMichael Illari World Champ ONLINE 139-4-02106.30205.30138.500
26QUAL Coyote Assassins IIIMike SantosWorld Champ ONLINE 59-4-02102.25189.05142.550
27CHAMP GMENBrandon Shamy World Champ ONLINE 110-3-02098.45110.10146.350
28CHAMP Cocktails and Dreams XIIIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 149-4-02097.70147.40147.100
29QUAL Cocktails and Dreams XIXChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 2312-1-02094.90207.00149.900
30CHAMP BlackHawksTodd Buhr World Champ LIVE 810-3-02087.70154.00157.100
31CHAMP Coyote Streakers IIMike SantosWorld Champ LIVE 1110-3-02086.70153.40158.100
32CHAMP Altadena AssassinKurt KuekesWorld Champ LIVE 710-3-02072.00206.25172.800
33CHAMP LeVeon a PrayerKimra Schleicher World Champ ONLINE 168-5-02067.50180.40177.300
34CHAMP BLASTERMATT BAYLEY World Champ ONLINE 812-1-02066.10185.60178.700
35CHAMP Coyote Assassins XIIMike SantosWorld Champ ONLINE 2210-3-02065.45171.80179.350
36QUAL Rex GrossmanChris EiblWorld Champ ONLINE 59-4-02065.40164.60179.400
37CHAMP Gmen 3Brandon Shamy World Champ ONLINE 2410-3-02063.85168.00180.950
38CHAMP Straight GsMatt Van HornWorld Champ ONLINE 1311-2-02059.30149.70185.500
39CHAMP Cat-Like Reflexes2Paul DietzmanWorld Champ ONLINE 68-5-02058.10173.65186.700
40QUAL CamBrady XINelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 299-4-02057.80184.95187.000
41QUAL Leader of the Pack 3Jeffrey/Joe HillingsWorld Champ LIVE 511-2-02054.70187.65190.100
42QUAL Team Shocker IIJason ConnWorld Champ LIVE 710-3-02052.95196.10191.850
43CHAMP Veal Cutlet of the SeaAndy WeilWorld Champ LIVE 1310-3-02052.10182.30192.700
44QUAL Coyote Assassins XIMike SantosWorld Champ ONLINE 218-5-02050.20168.05194.600
45CHAMP Floating Feculent LogsAlbert LeachWorld Champ LIVE 99-4-02041.40151.90203.400
46QUAL Cocktails and Dreams IIIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 38-5-02039.45145.45205.350
47CHAMP Arrow 2William Van OrmerWorld Champ ONLINE 189-4-02039.15170.20205.650
48QUAL Fantasy Assassins VIBrad Kruse World Champ LIVE 149-4-02035.95179.80208.850
49QUAL Cocktails and Dreams IXChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 98-5-02031.15203.75213.650
50CHAMP GMEN 4Brandon ShamyWorld Champ ONLINE 411-2-02029.80186.20215.000
51QUAL Royale With Cheese IVDarren SummerWorld Champ ONLINE 179-4-02026.70166.90218.100
52QUAL Coyote Assassins VIIIMike Santos and Kurt KuekesWorld Champ ONLINE 148-5-02023.35150.45221.450
53CHAMP Blood Is CompulsoryShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 109-4-02022.35202.40222.450
54Coyote Assassins VIIMike SantosWorld Champ ONLINE 139-4-02021.15190.60223.650
55QUAL RayvensJoe Pike World Champ ONLINE 2310-3-02020.20165.60224.600
56QUAL Bashing BunniesAndrew MillerWorld Champ LIVE 118-5-02020.10152.50224.700
57QUAL Straight Outta Pop WarnerPeter RamirezWorld Champ LIVE 1210-3-02019.75201.05225.050
58CHAMP YumyumgumgumDaniel Weiss World Champ ONLINE 29-4-02018.75195.00226.050
59QUAL Luck DynastyKimra SchleicherWorld Champ ONLINE 298-5-02018.35172.40226.450
60QUAL MustSeeTV314Derek Pierson World Champ ONLINE 48-5-02017.80144.90227.000
61CHAMP Dunleavymatthew lecomteWorld Champ ONLINE 212-1-02015.50159.00229.300
62QUAL Laces OutJoe Reither World Champ LIVE 148-5-02014.65150.95230.150
63CHAMP Milf Hunters VMichael MakarovWorld Champ ONLINE 2610-3-02010.95171.75233.850
64QUAL Coyote Assassins VIMike SantosWorld Champ ONLINE 108-5-02010.25154.10234.550
65QUAL No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 167-6-02009.55171.65235.250
66QUAL AI MATT BAYLEY World Champ ONLINE 27-6-02007.85135.70236.950
67CHAMP Roc/Azzurriroc frostWorld Champ ONLINE 2611-2-02007.75108.15237.050
68CHAMP BIG PAW PAWLonnie OstrowskiWorld Champ LIVE 39-4-02007.35131.15237.450
69QUAL Cat-Like Reflexes 5Paul DietzmanWorld Champ ONLINE 189-4-02002.35162.20242.450
70Michigan FanaticsMark PerainoWorld Champ ONLINE 287-6-02002.15171.25242.650
71QUAL Trunk Monkey TooGary AllenWorld Champ ONLINE 210-3-02001.75150.75243.050
72CHAMP No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 128-5-02001.50185.70243.300
73QUAL Big MOLonny GravesWorld Champ LIVE 810-3-01999.95170.00244.850
74QUAL Cocktails and Dreams VIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 65-8-01997.15152.95247.650
75QUAL Madison MashersDylan AyresWorld Champ ONLINE 98-5-01996.65174.90248.150
76QUAL Kickin BassAndy WeilWorld Champ LIVE 39-4-01996.20185.60248.600
77CHAMP The ChampsJohn Rozek World Champ LIVE 19-4-01995.05151.45249.750
78QUAL ArrowWilliam Van OrmerWorld Champ ONLINE 148-5-01994.45208.10250.350
79CHAMP CamBrady VIIINelson SousaWorld Champ LIVE 47-6-01992.65167.00252.150
80QUAL Articulate UpsideAlan Mitchell World Champ ONLINE 279-4-01989.90159.20254.900
81QUAL Glenneration XGlenn Lowy World Champ ONLINE 178-5-01989.60182.05255.200
82QUAL Glenneration XGlenn Lowy World Champ LIVE 68-5-01987.20177.50257.600
83QUAL Cocktails and Dreams 26Chad SchroederWorld Champ LIVE 99-4-01986.00178.80258.800
84QUAL Pablo Escobartim wierengaWorld Champ ONLINE 1310-3-01985.35159.05259.450
85QUAL CamBrady Nelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 129-4-01982.90167.20261.900
86The Clawsean colcloughWorld Champ ONLINE 67-6-01981.85173.10262.950
87QUAL Cocktails and Dreams 20Chad SchroederWorld Champ ONLINE 249-4-01980.40153.90264.400
88CHAMP Milf Hunters IIIMichael MakarovWorld Champ ONLINE 77-6-01978.25172.20266.550
89CHAMP The 4 JamokesSteve The CommishWorld Champ ONLINE 159-4-01977.85145.25266.950
90QUAL FFBLs FinestKevin Kirves World Champ ONLINE 208-4-11976.55112.60268.250
91CHAMP FFBLs FinestKevin Kirves World Champ ONLINE 69-4-01974.55197.10270.250
92CHAMP FFGURU BWAZBilly Wasosky World Champ ONLINE 219-4-01972.80186.20272.000
93CHAMP Gotham RoguesAlexander BarnhillWorld Champ LIVE 1311-2-01971.90177.40272.900
94QUAL Cocktails and Dreams XChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 104-9-01971.85161.90272.950
95QUAL Altadena AssassinKurt KuekesWorld Champ LIVE 129-4-01971.75193.90273.050
96QUAL Gem City Raiders IVTony Windis World Champ LIVE 119-4-01969.65157.90275.150
97QUAL Gem City Raiders ITony Windis World Champ LIVE 39-4-01968.85160.15275.950
98CHAMP Music City MiracleDanny Gipson World Champ ONLINE 1010-3-01968.80179.20276.000
99QUAL CamBrady IINelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 148-5-01968.80141.30276.000
100QUAL Indy HittersKimra Schleicher World Champ ONLINE 18-5-01968.10203.85276.700
101QUAL Cocktails and Dreams 23Chad SchroederWorld Champ ONLINE 129-4-01967.70167.90277.100
102QUAL CamBrady VINelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 259-4-01965.60155.05279.200
103QUAL Cocktails and Dreams 24Chad SchroederWorld Champ ONLINE 158-5-01965.00205.00279.800
104QUAL Fantasy Assassins IIIBrad KruseWorld Champ LIVE 128-5-01964.60164.50280.200
105QUAL RiverdogTodd UllmanWorld Champ LIVE 28-5-01964.05157.15280.750
106Runner Runners IIZach RulloWorld Champ LIVE 88-5-01962.90196.90281.900
107Vangard2Korey Gardner World Champ ONLINE 107-6-01962.70142.85282.100
108QUAL Royale With Cheese VDarren SummerWorld Champ ONLINE 268-5-01959.70154.20285.100
109QUAL Frankie FantasyFrankie FantasyWorld Champ ONLINE 227-6-01959.30159.85285.500
110QUAL GederbootsKyle Geder World Champ ONLINE 18-5-01958.65145.70286.150
111QUAL MustSeeTV314Derek Pierson World Champ LIVE 138-5-01958.40177.50286.400
112redlight2411 3Scott Wolke World Champ ONLINE 139-4-01956.15148.40288.650
113QUAL No MercyBrian Owens World Champ LIVE 139-4-01954.50128.50290.300
114QUAL Cocktails and Dreams XVIIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 1910-3-01953.80175.10291.000
115QUAL Team HaleyChris HaleyWorld Champ ONLINE 47-6-01953.40145.00291.400
116CHAMP Cocktails and dreams VIIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 710-3-01952.30138.40292.500
117Cocktails and DreamsChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 15-8-01951.15195.70293.650
118QUAL No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 258-5-01950.75143.80294.050
119QUAL CamBrady IIINelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 206-7-01949.80152.60295.000
120QUAL GridIron IrishmenEdward NolanWorld Champ ONLINE 249-4-01949.30164.75295.500
121CHAMP Gem City Raiders IIITony WindisWorld Champ LIVE 107-6-01948.30160.00296.500
122QUAL MustSeeTV314Derek Pierson World Champ ONLINE 119-4-01947.90132.60296.900
123QUAL La Flama BlancaChristopher Costa World Champ ONLINE 86-7-01946.60128.05298.200
124QUAL Big MOLonny GravesWorld Champ LIVE 106-7-01945.90134.55298.900
125QUAL No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 69-4-01945.40141.75299.400
126CHAMP BOOMCRUSHWilliam Sucher World Champ ONLINE 1210-3-01945.00165.85299.800
127Leader of the Pack 4Jeffrey/Joe HillingsWorld Champ LIVE 107-6-01943.30189.40301.500
128QUAL Fantasy AssassinsBrad KruseWorld Champ LIVE 710-3-01943.30143.95301.500
129QUAL Cocktails and Dreams 21Chad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 276-7-01942.45187.40302.350
130Cocktails and Dreams IVChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 47-6-01942.35178.05302.450
131QUAL Mighty To Save E2A StyleDavid HubbardWorld Champ LIVE 45-8-01940.20181.00304.600
132QUAL Incredible Hulking Us 2Michael EdelmanWorld Champ ONLINE 86-7-01940.15170.00304.650
133CHAMP Team webermichael weber World Champ LIVE 610-3-01939.90142.65304.900
134QUAL Yak Farmers IIDavid StrandWorld Champ LIVE 29-4-01937.70139.95307.100
135QUAL Tree HuggersTodd HunterWorld Champ LIVE 38-5-01936.90142.35307.900
136Winning EdgeMark MitchellWorld Champ ONLINE 107-6-01936.75106.85308.050
137LapHogsMatthew CarpenterWorld Champ LIVE 107-6-01936.05151.35308.750
138Team MizrahiJeffrey Mizrahi World Champ ONLINE 227-6-01935.85186.20308.950
139QUAL Cocktails and Dreams XVIIIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 217-6-01935.60153.60309.200
140QUAL Walter WhiteAnthony VenutiWorld Champ LIVE 97-5-11930.85151.60313.950
141QUAL Brown BearsSen R World Champ ONLINE 197-6-01930.70136.90314.100
142QUAL Ground and Pound IIIDanny Mueller and Jeremy RoachWorld Champ ONLINE 248-5-01929.90217.00314.900
143QUAL Enemies 2 AllDavid HubbardWorld Champ ONLINE 177-6-01929.75189.80315.050
144QUAL Frankie FantasyFrank TaddeoWorld Champ ONLINE 159-4-01928.10173.40316.700
145QUAL Team DingesRobert DingesWorld Champ LIVE 76-7-01927.10150.10317.700
146QUAL Tree HuggersTodd HunterWorld Champ LIVE 1110-3-01926.75152.25318.050
147Cocktails and Dreams VIIIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 88-5-01926.65148.60318.150
148QUAL Nashville connectionDanny Gipson World Champ LIVE 16-7-01926.25134.00318.550
149Coyote Assassins VMike Santos and Kurt KuekesWorld Champ ONLINE 88-5-01925.55125.35319.250
150IownUJim Restivo World Champ LIVE 46-7-01925.35167.85319.450
151QUAL Coyote Assassins IVMike Santos and Kurt KuekesWorld Champ ONLINE 78-5-01925.00194.35319.800
152QUAL Rex GrossmanChris Eibl World Champ ONLINE 97-6-01924.55140.70320.250
153CHAMP LickalottapussAlladin LajvardiWorld Champ LIVE 108-5-01923.15168.80321.650
154QUAL FFBLs FinestKevin Kirves World Champ ONLINE 308-5-01921.35157.05323.450
155QUAL 4TA y GOLJaime InchaurrandietaWorld Champ LIVE 18-5-01921.00163.00323.800
156QUAL Sufferin SuccotashMike BlumensonWorld Champ LIVE 98-5-01920.15134.40324.650
157High JingoShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 263-10-01920.05183.90324.750
158QUAL Old SchoolJoe ConteWorld Champ ONLINE 78-5-01919.90129.80324.900
159CHAMP Aces in the Holemichael schlissbergWorld Champ LIVE 410-3-01917.20168.15327.600
160QUAL FFBLs FinestKevin Kirves World Champ ONLINE 2610-3-01917.10172.80327.700
161RESISTANCE IS FUTILEAndrew LeachWorld Champ ONLINE 268-5-01916.20150.40328.600
162La Flama BlancaChristopher Costa World Champ LIVE 97-6-01913.45165.80331.350
163QUAL The Late Scott Newman 1scott newmanWorld Champ LIVE 19-4-01911.35171.85333.450
164ATLASMATT BAYLEY World Champ ONLINE 76-7-01910.65135.00334.150
165QUAL Gem City Raiders IITony Windis World Champ LIVE 58-5-01910.35159.10334.450
166QUAL CamBrady XNelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 287-6-01910.30173.80334.500
167QUAL Coyote Assassins IMike Santos and Kurt KuekesWorld Champ ONLINE 38-5-01909.80137.05335.000
168IcemenRyan StricklerWorld Champ ONLINE 148-5-01909.55161.25335.250
169Fantasy Assassins KOBrad Kruse World Champ LIVE 16-7-01907.95140.70336.850
170CHRISALMIGHTYChristopher lejawaWorld Champ ONLINE 68-5-01907.65143.15337.150
171The Godfather ME1Jason AberliWorld Champ LIVE 37-6-01907.35159.20337.450
172QUAL Qwik6 IIIJoe JeffersonWorld Champ ONLINE 116-7-01904.05192.80340.750
173VERTICAL CITYMATT BAYLEYWorld Champ ONLINE 196-7-01903.60153.90341.200
174Squid Devilsfrank nunesWorld Champ ONLINE 207-6-01902.85150.00341.950
175QUAL Blue UnicornFrank Marcos World Champ ONLINE 228-5-01902.05162.70342.750
176QUAL Milf Hunters IVMichael MakarovWorld Champ ONLINE 167-6-01901.45132.25343.350
177Coyote Assassins IXMike Santos and Kurt KuekesWorld Champ ONLINE 197-6-01901.30171.10343.500
178QUAL AnonymousEvangelos LilasWorld Champ ONLINE 48-5-01900.35175.70344.450
179QUAL Championship RunAndreaes BrysonWorld Champ ONLINE 56-7-01900.35129.00344.450
180QUAL ZefursKJ DukeWorld Champ LIVE 25-8-01900.10137.30344.700
181QuagmiresBastardsMustafa TalicWorld Champ ONLINE 227-6-01900.10159.25344.700
182QUAL Coyote Assassins XMike SantosWorld Champ ONLINE 155-8-01900.05130.70344.750
183VA`s FinestBruce EdwardsWorld Champ ONLINE 247-6-01899.60222.70345.200
184QUAL Team OwensBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 119-4-01899.30141.30345.500
185QUAL CamBrady IXNelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 307-6-01899.20159.00345.600
186No Mercy IIBrian OwensWorld Champ ONLINE 27-6-01898.45143.20346.350
187Sven and Ole 3Paul Maile World Champ LIVE 137-6-01896.30137.55348.500
188QUAL RedForeskinsMichael Schulte World Champ ONLINE 279-4-01896.25142.15348.550
189LeVeon a Prayer 2Kimra Schleicher World Champ ONLINE 206-7-01895.65213.50349.150
190Sub Fo3Zach ToyoWorld Champ ONLINE 298-5-01895.60183.50349.200
191QUAL Team ChuDavid Chu World Champ ONLINE 37-6-01895.30107.90349.500
192Cocktails and Dreams VChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 58-5-01895.20207.55349.600
193The Great OneChristopher Costa World Champ ONLINE 68-5-01892.40182.10352.400
194Cocktails and Dreams XIVChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 167-6-01891.10198.60353.700
195Sideline SageRich McClellan World Champ ONLINE 86-7-01890.35185.10354.450
196QUAL Leprechauns Pot of GoldEdward NolanWorld Champ ONLINE 309-4-01888.55153.95356.250
197Thunder BuddiesMatthew TrahanWorld Champ ONLINE 117-6-01887.65162.20357.150
198BigLarBossmanlarry parksWorld Champ ONLINE 157-6-01886.85164.40357.950
199VortexAaron Matlock World Champ LIVE 104-9-01886.05148.75358.750
200QUAL Fantasy SmurfChristian WareikisWorld Champ ONLINE 188-5-01884.25134.60360.550
201For TaylarDennis YoungWorld Champ ONLINE 158-5-01882.90116.20361.900
202QUAL THE HAVENTIM MADDENWorld Champ ONLINE 186-7-01882.85142.15361.950
203CatLike Reflexes 3Paul Dietzman World Champ ONLINE 56-7-01881.45145.10363.350
204RedemptionMichael Makarov World Champ ONLINE 188-5-01881.20177.75363.600
205Motley CrewDavid Bright World Champ LIVE 96-7-01881.00150.50363.800
2061st PlaceBrad FeinbergWorld Champ ONLINE 298-5-01880.95111.25363.850
207Hardnosedmike conradWorld Champ ONLINE 255-8-01880.4098.30364.400
208Kipers KidsMichael SimpsonWorld Champ ONLINE 77-6-01880.20185.15364.600
209Fordham Baldies IIINeal ComptonWorld Champ LIVE 28-5-01880.15155.30364.650
210Bowie KnightsChris ArroyoWorld Champ ONLINE 206-7-01879.95186.60364.850
211Team OwensBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 155-8-01879.95121.45364.850
212Baltimore KeysAhmad NaminiWorld Champ ONLINE 307-6-01877.60192.00367.200
213Steel MonkeyDavid Stanfield World Champ ONLINE 305-8-01877.50151.50367.300
214Fantasy Assassins VBrad KruseWorld Champ LIVE 134-9-01876.60143.45368.200
215Recovery Boys IITom Yates World Champ LIVE 126-7-01875.75152.70369.050
216Runner RunnersZach Rullo World Champ LIVE 28-5-01875.40175.20369.400
217CHAMP No MercyBrian OwensWorld Champ ONLINE 111-2-01875.30191.50369.500
218Coyote Assassins IIMike Santos and Kurt KuekesWorld Champ ONLINE 47-6-01875.05120.20369.750
219QUAL space coyotesmartin raidWorld Champ ONLINE 199-4-01875.05182.00369.750
220No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 76-7-01874.90164.95369.900
221Cornfins 3Jeff TirabassiWorld Champ ONLINE 188-5-01872.10148.10372.700
222Greenwood InvinciblesVince BarkmanWorld Champ LIVE 118-5-01871.90123.65372.900
223McVictoryRobert McVicker World Champ ONLINE 227-6-01871.15159.10373.650
224Wet BallJeffrey Mizrahi World Champ ONLINE 37-6-01869.80179.40375.000
225EmmasphereChristopher BanksWorld Champ LIVE 126-7-01868.30125.50376.500
226QUAL PapageorgioRichard Bell World Champ ONLINE 2510-3-01867.40161.45377.400
227CatLike Reflexes 2Paul DietzmanWorld Champ ONLINE 35-8-01866.75149.10378.050
228FIERCE!Jeffrey SchmitzWorld Champ LIVE 16-7-01865.60153.70379.200
229Fordham Baldies IVNeal ComptonWorld Champ LIVE 85-8-01864.95178.35379.850
230Balikpapan Gary ChaiWorld Champ LIVE 57-6-01864.20155.60380.600
231Cocktails and Dreams 22Chad SchroederWorld Champ LIVE 66-7-01863.90138.75380.900
2324 thin InchesDr. RotoWorld Champ LIVE 97-5-11862.65151.60382.150
233The 420 Expresswilson moy World Champ ONLINE 167-6-01862.10149.60382.700
234QUAL Baltimore MobAhmad NaminiWorld Champ ONLINE 299-4-01860.70180.80384.100
235QUAL Just The TipEthan FosterWorld Champ ONLINE 236-7-01860.30182.70384.500
236Cowboy DougKimra SchleicherWorld Champ ONLINE 119-4-01860.20131.90384.600
237BalderdashJohn PaulsenWorld Champ ONLINE 236-7-01858.25157.20386.550
238Royale With Cheese VIIDarren SummerWorld Champ ONLINE 287-6-01858.05129.45386.750
239Snowblindbrian alfordWorld Champ LIVE 68-5-01857.95166.05386.850
240Cocktails and Dreams XVIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 184-9-01856.60132.10388.200
241CatLike Reflexes 1Paul DietzmanWorld Champ ONLINE 17-6-01853.65136.40391.150
242You Can Owe MeGerald MeloniWorld Champ LIVE 78-5-01852.75148.50392.050
243Trump ThisChristopher AustinWorld Champ LIVE 117-6-01851.85112.50392.950
244FFBLs FinestKevin Kirves World Champ ONLINE 187-6-01851.30144.30393.500
245Don`t Drone Me BroDale MessinaWorld Champ LIVE 147-6-01851.05176.10393.750
246No MercyBrian OwensWorld Champ ONLINE 216-7-01850.45180.40394.350
247Ground and Pound IVDanny MuellerWorld Champ ONLINE 278-5-01848.55159.20396.250
248The TRUMP EXPRESSJohn AndersonWorld Champ LIVE 137-6-01848.50154.60396.300
249ONE GOT THROUGHMATT BAYLEYWorld Champ ONLINE 36-7-01847.00138.50397.800
250No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 107-6-01845.85136.40398.950
251Team Gummy BearAndrew LeachWorld Champ ONLINE 308-5-01845.60156.00399.200
252QUAL Redneck TeabaggersDale MessinaWorld Champ LIVE 108-5-01844.50179.30400.300
253Ricky`s Smoke ShopRock DawseyWorld Champ ONLINE 157-6-01843.50174.30401.300
254QUAL Daygo DynastyJeremy ChenWorld Champ LIVE 149-4-01843.40151.20401.400
255Comeback Player of the Year IIIDavid HughesWorld Champ ONLINE 195-8-01843.10125.80401.700
256yumyumgumgumDaniel Weiss World Champ ONLINE 178-5-01841.20180.90403.600
257Sven and OlePaul Maile World Champ LIVE 105-8-01840.60126.85404.200
258CatLike Reflexes 5Paul DietzmanWorld Champ ONLINE 78-5-01840.30145.75404.500
259JamRicky VaughnDrew Miceli World Champ ONLINE 86-7-01839.10130.00405.700
260Milf Hunters VIMichael MakarovWorld Champ ONLINE 285-8-01838.95179.45405.850
261Glenneration XGlenn Lowy World Champ ONLINE 97-6-01838.60122.15406.200
262QUAL GSD4lifeTristan Montanero World Champ ONLINE 89-4-01838.35193.45406.450
263Cocktails and Dreams XVChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 177-6-01838.05124.00406.750
264No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 87-6-01837.35144.65407.450
265GJ JetkingsGreg Blake World Champ ONLINE 217-6-01836.35142.55408.450
266MustSeeTV314Derek Pierson World Champ LIVE 25-8-01836.20163.95408.600
267Brooklynalbert leach World Champ ONLINE 286-7-01835.80129.70409.000
268smoothupinyaCharles ElliottWorld Champ LIVE 116-7-01834.80184.80410.000
269Wazzu Crew IIDan BurkWorld Champ ONLINE 107-6-01834.40142.20410.400
270Paper JocksJames MattosWorld Champ LIVE 107-6-01834.20170.50410.600
271QUAL Red RaidersRod DiasWorld Champ LIVE 48-5-01834.05175.20410.750
272Aztec WarriorsJuan Tejada World Champ ONLINE 235-8-01833.95155.95410.850
273UKnowEvan Simon World Champ ONLINE 245-8-01832.70143.00412.100
274Milk ChocolateAnthony Rohac World Champ ONLINE 306-7-01829.15128.05415.650
275QUAL Purple JesusGreg Gloede World Champ LIVE 69-4-01828.70126.40416.100
276Fall GuyRonald Chan World Champ ONLINE 167-6-01825.55108.80419.250
277GnPDanny MuellerWorld Champ LIVE 15-8-01825.40170.85419.400
278No Flex ZoneEnnis WilliamsWorld Champ LIVE 127-6-01822.50131.55422.300
279BETTER LUCK NEXT TIMEbrian alfordWorld Champ LIVE 54-9-01822.35156.10422.450
280Qwik6 IIJoe JeffersonWorld Champ ONLINE 96-7-01822.00179.60422.800
281Bobo`s Clownsbob offersonWorld Champ LIVE 76-7-01820.45103.35424.350
282Fantasy Assassins IBrad KruseWorld Champ LIVE 107-6-01820.15136.80424.650
283Leader of the Pack 5Jeffrey/Joe HillingsWorld Champ LIVE 126-7-01819.80142.30425.000
284TNTTim DaneauWorld Champ ONLINE 284-9-01819.20174.60425.600
285VIVA LAS VEGASMark Salinas World Champ ONLINE 47-6-01818.20159.20426.600
286CHAMP Cornfins 2Jeff TirabassiWorld Champ ONLINE 169-4-01817.80123.70427.000
287PERENNIAL FAVORITESEJ AmlingerWorld Champ ONLINE 248-5-01817.45108.45427.350
288Royale With Cheese VIDarren SummerWorld Champ ONLINE 276-7-01816.40135.65428.400
289Team Shocker IJason ConnWorld Champ LIVE 46-7-01816.15138.00428.650
290Eye of Storm4Mike CiszekWorld Champ ONLINE 174-9-01815.45101.60429.350
291Cocktails and Dreams 25Chad SchroederWorld Champ LIVE 86-7-01815.35168.10429.450
292Jokers RejectsSerge Kapchits World Champ ONLINE 2510-3-01814.65155.50430.150
293Mankind & Big WeezyDuke ViverosWorld Champ LIVE 135-8-01814.25144.95430.550
294Top ShelfJoseph McCoyWorld Champ ONLINE 27-6-01814.15142.60430.650
295The Oklahomiesrex wintersWorld Champ LIVE 38-5-01813.35168.00431.450
296Davis RulesJerome DavisWorld Champ LIVE 115-8-01813.15130.35431.650
297K.O. KrewKirk OsbornWorld Champ LIVE 76-7-01812.55180.85432.250
298Turtle DramaMike Pee World Champ LIVE 35-8-01812.35182.85432.450
299Glenneration XGlenn Lowy World Champ LIVE 16-7-01812.05151.35432.750
300MustSeeTV314Derek Pierson World Champ ONLINE 26-7-01812.05139.20432.750
301Brown Bears 2Sen R World Champ ONLINE 166-7-01811.40145.90433.400
302Detroit IceholesAdam Rouls World Champ LIVE 37-6-01810.10126.70434.700
303Mathany & Sonsgarret mathanyWorld Champ ONLINE 265-8-01809.95111.10434.850
304Commish BradyRichard Bell World Champ LIVE 48-5-01809.50131.60435.300
305SHAM OF CALIShamson Hanish World Champ ONLINE 295-8-01807.55139.90437.250
306Cruze ControlSean CruzenWorld Champ LIVE 147-6-01807.45134.20437.350
307Grand TheftKimra SchleicherWorld Champ ONLINE 148-5-01804.80149.20440.000
308Going DeepEddie Taylor World Champ ONLINE 124-9-01804.40129.00440.400
309Milf Hunters Michael MakarovWorld Champ ONLINE 34-9-01802.95152.20441.850
310SBFFC.comBrian Harwood World Champ LIVE 75-8-01801.85198.00442.950
311No Mercy IVBrian OwensWorld Champ ONLINE 46-7-01800.40138.10444.400
312Men in StripesTom KieckerWorld Champ LIVE 114-9-01800.35197.30444.450
313DerbyCityFootball.comKelly Thompson World Champ ONLINE 276-7-01799.45170.00445.350
314PaliciTeague OrgemanWorld Champ ONLINE 246-7-01798.35142.65446.450
315You Mad BroFrank Marcos World Champ ONLINE 47-6-01797.70149.00447.100
31657 WAYRichard Bell World Champ LIVE 107-6-01797.40136.00447.400
317Lickalottapuss TooAlladain LajvardiWorld Champ LIVE 146-7-01796.45101.55448.350
318Ho Hummers n Goose EggsMichael Guzylak World Champ ONLINE 195-8-01794.25186.85450.550
319JRDogsJoe Pike and Ryan MyersWorld Champ ONLINE 216-7-01792.5599.80452.250
320American DreamsSteve Klitzner World Champ LIVE 67-6-01790.90141.95453.900
321ColtsFanWayne Ellis World Champ ONLINE 108-5-01789.85133.00454.950
322The ChampsJohn Rozek World Champ LIVE 95-8-01789.80158.65455.000
323MoneyballJeffrey BarnhillWorld Champ LIVE 136-7-01789.35143.05455.450
324Coyote Streakers IMike SantosWorld Champ LIVE 67-6-01786.30100.00458.500
325The DisciplesChristopher Costa World Champ ONLINE 77-6-01786.15137.40458.650
326Madidus InvictaMatt LaSarsoWorld Champ ONLINE 266-7-01785.00153.55459.800
327Team SpencerLorenso SpencerWorld Champ LIVE 25-8-01784.45148.90460.350
328Frankie FantasyFrankie FantasyWorld Champ ONLINE 66-7-01783.85148.00460.950
329Ricky JerretKunal Amin World Champ LIVE 25-8-01783.55170.65461.250
330Groove BackSanjeev Wadhwa World Champ ONLINE 216-7-01782.50203.20462.300
331MONARCHMATT BAYLEY World Champ ONLINE 15-8-01781.90136.10462.900
3322HotDogs1BumJamie Schrage World Champ ONLINE 118-5-01780.60135.85464.200
333CanAm ConnectionRobert AspinallWorld Champ LIVE 48-5-01780.35139.35464.450
334Team Juice ISeth BeitlerWorld Champ ONLINE 278-5-01779.70125.80465.100
335ghost riverdogTodd UllmanWorld Champ ONLINE 167-6-01778.95164.50465.850
336TheJerryJonestownMassacreTodd HopkinsWorld Champ ONLINE 55-8-01777.70152.90467.100
337BMBsJoe Pike World Champ ONLINE 256-7-01777.30146.70467.500
338No MercyBrian OwensWorld Champ LIVE 14-9-01776.50155.25468.300
339Can You Dig ItEric MorikawaWorld Champ LIVE 125-8-01775.5597.85469.250
340DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YALLBrad GinterWorld Champ ONLINE 268-5-01774.90153.40469.900
341QUAL AcesThomas CostantinoWorld Champ ONLINE 289-4-01774.55118.30470.250
342Kipers KidsMichael SimpsonWorld Champ LIVE 144-9-01773.50177.40471.300
343GlidersA.J. Tedesco World Champ LIVE 56-7-01772.60163.80472.200
344Jam/RickyVaughnDrew Miceli World Champ ONLINE 218-5-01771.25122.10473.550
345Redshirted SeniorsDave Asrani World Champ ONLINE 126-7-01770.75148.20474.050
346GnPDanny MuellerWorld Champ LIVE 63-10-01769.50204.40475.300
347IRISH ASSASSINSShawn BrownWorld Champ ONLINE 285-8-01768.45116.10476.350
348No BozosJeff ODell World Champ ONLINE 17-6-01767.20127.60477.600
349Bald Is Truly BeautifulDavid HubbardWorld Champ LIVE 148-5-01766.15152.75478.650
350Recovery Boys ITom Yates World Champ LIVE 77-6-01765.90126.90478.900
351Team BurchMark Burch World Champ ONLINE 245-8-01764.90151.70479.900
352Incredible Hulking UsMichael Edelman World Champ ONLINE 25-8-01763.25163.00481.550
353Cobb NationRashad Cobb World Champ LIVE 17-6-01762.10111.80482.700
354Unbearable Lightness of BeingShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 96-7-01761.25150.00483.550
355BSOLFrank Shinnick World Champ ONLINE 307-6-01760.10138.45484.700
356Body Count and Deacon JonesJames JewellWorld Champ ONLINE 272-11-01758.80137.25486.000
357Gmen 2Brandon Shamy World Champ ONLINE 116-7-01758.45117.00486.350
358VIVA LAS VEGASMark SalinasWorld Champ ONLINE 16-7-01756.55150.50488.250
359ShamOfCali Shamson Hanish World Champ ONLINE 286-7-01755.50187.90489.300
360GnPDanny MuellerWorld Champ ONLINE 75-8-01754.60132.85490.200
361Frankie FantasyFrankie FantasyWorld Champ ONLINE 128-5-01754.40148.20490.400
362Monsters R Us E2ADavid HubbardWorld Champ ONLINE 185-8-01754.30150.60490.500
363LOLINS DREAMANTON KRANPOST World Champ ONLINE 295-8-01754.15102.15490.650
364The ChampsJohn Rozek World Champ LIVE 115-8-01753.40152.85491.400
365Cornfins 4Jeff TirabassiWorld Champ ONLINE 196-7-01752.80111.40492.000
366Tha WOOFpackDavid Bell Jr.World Champ LIVE 34-9-01752.25151.45492.550
367No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 184-9-01752.05110.55492.750
368Random ValkyrieShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 115-8-01750.20173.00494.600
369ChimerasJason JenksWorld Champ ONLINE 143-10-01747.05119.40497.750
370The Injured ReservesJerome Davis World Champ LIVE 26-7-01746.85153.10497.950
371Cocktails and Dreams IIChad Schroeder World Champ ONLINE 24-9-01743.45157.75501.350
372Broncosin2015Rob Tell World Champ ONLINE 106-7-01743.40155.95501.400
373No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 178-5-01743.25153.85501.550
374Ho Hummers n Goose Eggs 3Michael GuzylakWorld Champ ONLINE 167-6-01742.80118.65502.000
375No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 96-7-01741.55155.10503.250
376Z • 2KJ DukeWorld Champ LIVE 76-7-01738.2591.90506.550
377Stupid Sexy FlandersPhillip SilbermanWorld Champ ONLINE 126-7-01736.75144.25508.050
378No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 147-6-01734.95120.50509.850
379ThyBlackSheepJohn Howe World Champ ONLINE 145-8-01734.60129.75510.200
380Team thompsondonald thompson World Champ ONLINE 94-9-01733.15144.55511.650
381The Legend of Raffiemichael schlissbergWorld Champ ONLINE 38-5-01730.90129.30513.900
382Recoup the CashKen HermannWorld Champ ONLINE 207-6-01729.20136.45515.600
383the boston danglerRichard Ross World Champ ONLINE 194-9-01728.25173.70516.550
384CamBrady VNelson SousaWorld Champ ONLINE 237-6-01726.50142.40518.300
385BadmintonCharlie MintonWorld Champ ONLINE 244-9-01726.25106.95518.550
386Cyn City CheetahsKevin LewisWorld Champ LIVE 85-8-01725.45125.40519.350
387BudaleGoran SpadinaWorld Champ ONLINE 155-8-01725.10128.10519.700
388Hammering TrucksJohn Pathe World Champ LIVE 33-10-01724.3584.05520.450
389No Mercy VBrian OwensWorld Champ ONLINE 56-7-01724.10130.35520.700
390Medic 28Bill MaendeleWorld Champ LIVE 62-11-01723.25128.80521.550
391Cruze ControlSean Cruzen World Champ ONLINE 228-5-01719.90103.20524.900
392THE GSTChristopher vaccaro World Champ ONLINE 122-11-01719.50127.35525.300
393Qwik6Joe JeffersonWorld Champ ONLINE 55-8-01719.35133.65525.450
394Team MitchellJasen MitchellWorld Champ LIVE 65-8-01719.20147.20525.600
395Black LabDaryl HodgesWorld Champ LIVE 33-10-01719.10109.50525.700
396Cornfins 5Jeff TirabassiWorld Champ ONLINE 63-10-01718.95133.30525.850
397Golden GrahamsFrank MarcosWorld Champ ONLINE 114-9-01718.8098.00526.000
398Team Bull dogBlake Pritchard World Champ LIVE 45-8-01717.90148.00526.900
399DIBPete McGovernWorld Champ ONLINE 255-8-01717.75138.95527.050
400Timmy`s RevengeJoe PerryWorld Champ ONLINE 236-7-01717.75100.80527.050
401Feinberg`s Angry CatsJASON FEINBERGWorld Champ LIVE 86-7-01715.85129.75528.950
402Adherents of the Repeated MemeShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 17-6-01715.15146.35529.650
403VanGardKorey Gardner World Champ ONLINE 96-7-01714.25156.10530.550
404House of OrangeDavid StrandWorld Champ LIVE 17-6-01710.75144.50534.050
405Luck ItChristopher Costa World Champ ONLINE 175-8-01709.95118.95534.850
406Rys Guys IPatrick SorgeWorld Champ ONLINE 114-9-01709.70161.30535.100
407The ChampsJohn Rozek World Champ ONLINE 128-5-01709.15118.90535.650
408WE DEM BOYZMike EWorld Champ ONLINE 95-8-01708.5585.10536.250
409Team BurchMark Burch World Champ ONLINE 26-7-01708.50113.65536.300
410Music City MiracleDanny Gipson World Champ LIVE 54-9-01707.45150.80537.350
411Team HollywoodCorey Parson and Kaitlin OTooleWorld Champ LIVE 95-8-01706.65121.15538.150
412Ducks Dienasty X1Derick DuckelsWorld Champ ONLINE 96-7-01705.45128.60539.350
413FFBLs FinestKevin Kirves World Champ ONLINE 275-8-01704.90137.30539.900
414THE PERENNIAL FAVORITESEJ AmlingerWorld Champ ONLINE 144-9-01703.75172.75541.050
415Eye of the StormMike Ciszek World Champ ONLINE 165-8-01702.50120.95542.300
416Dem CowboysSimeon Yarbrough World Champ LIVE 55-8-01702.35107.25542.450
417Lambeau LegendJon Neuhaus World Champ ONLINE 204-8-11700.20120.10544.600
418TurduckensJoe ReitherWorld Champ ONLINE 144-9-01699.40140.30545.400
419NBAJAM97Tony BischelWorld Champ ONLINE 134-9-01698.90159.85545.900
420Ho Hummers n Goose Eggs 2Michael GuzylakWorld Champ ONLINE 174-9-01698.0095.30546.800
421Landen AmigosJames Landen World Champ ONLINE 235-8-01698.00147.75546.800
422PhanaticsGreg ThorpeWorld Champ ONLINE 75-8-01696.65118.40548.150
423Comeback Player of the Year IIDavid HughesWorld Champ ONLINE 83-10-01696.25116.80548.550
424Giddy For GregoryZach ToyoWorld Champ ONLINE 226-7-01695.90131.00548.900
425Sparty OnScott DuschinskyWorld Champ ONLINE 233-10-01694.55138.00550.250
426THE RAIN MANJames Malia World Champ ONLINE 132-11-01694.35128.95550.450
427Pound4PoundWayne Ferguson World Champ ONLINE 287-6-01693.75159.00551.050
428BrownDawgsmichael brown World Champ ONLINE 286-7-01693.20140.50551.600
429L-Cat Power RightKyle SteinWorld Champ ONLINE 304-9-01691.95117.30552.850
430Team CarneyAaron CarneyWorld Champ LIVE 25-8-01690.05151.60554.750
431Team JuiceBeeSeth Beitler World Champ LIVE 95-8-01688.90159.15555.900
432SNAFURoy Lowery World Champ LIVE 56-7-01688.50160.60556.300
433KKillersKenny Lavallee World Champ LIVE 95-8-01688.05141.35556.750
434Cornfins 1Jeff TirabassiWorld Champ ONLINE 156-7-01686.95112.20557.850
435Cruze ControlSean CruzenWorld Champ ONLINE 124-9-01685.00136.40559.800
436Milf Hunters IIMichael MakarovWorld Champ ONLINE 64-9-01684.90119.90559.900
437TROUBLEMAKERSDavid Terpoilli World Champ LIVE 83-10-01682.30175.65562.500
438FF CruzerSean CruzenWorld Champ LIVE 45-8-01682.10116.00562.700
439FantasyAlarmAl Williams World Champ LIVE 45-8-01681.10107.40563.700
440Rossmore MagnusBill Casano World Champ LIVE 24-9-01680.85136.50563.950
441MarksmenNorm MarkowitzWorld Champ ONLINE 216-7-01679.25118.55565.550
442Radical Word VirusShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 186-7-01679.05162.85565.750
443Glenneration XGlenn Lowy World Champ ONLINE 44-9-01678.1595.05566.650
444Dorito DinksNick GamboneWorld Champ ONLINE 35-8-01677.00118.25567.800
445yoyo7shane bapp World Champ ONLINE 124-9-01676.90144.60567.900
446The Gold StandardC & CWorld Champ ONLINE 135-8-01674.45118.20570.350
447MustSeeTV314Derek Pierson World Champ ONLINE 176-7-01673.85138.30570.950
448Detroit Broncos IIMark Roberts World Champ ONLINE 197-6-01673.35131.35571.450
449RAMPOPhillip Popo World Champ ONLINE 155-8-01672.30104.75572.500
450Butt FumblersLarry FinkWorld Champ LIVE 94-9-01671.95115.25572.850
451LIVIN LARGEGregory Scott World Champ LIVE 105-8-01667.45172.90577.350
452Fantasy Assassins IVBrad Kruse World Champ LIVE 114-9-01667.10145.90577.700
453Gurley MenPhillip SilbermanWorld Champ ONLINE 13-10-01667.00108.70577.800
454Leader of the Pack 1Jeffrey/Joe HillingsWorld Champ LIVE 15-8-01667.00163.55577.800
455Garden of EdenTodd BrickWorld Champ ONLINE 234-9-01664.75105.90580.050
456GJ JetkingsIIGreg BlakeWorld Champ ONLINE 273-10-01661.05152.30583.750
457Winning Edge4Mark Mitchell World Champ ONLINE 205-8-01659.95136.30584.850
458Post Hype CreeperJeff Schramm World Champ ONLINE 54-9-01658.50140.00586.300
459Commando FroTobin Biolchini World Champ LIVE 73-10-01656.95117.00587.850
460Green Grass and High TidesDerek HeimstraWorld Champ LIVE 135-8-01655.90124.25588.900
461Ducks DienastyDerick DuckelsWorld Champ ONLINE 224-9-01655.65192.10589.150
462RelentlessEric Richards World Champ ONLINE 22-11-01655.35126.00589.450
463Bound and Down Ralph BerrymanWorld Champ LIVE 85-8-01655.2596.70589.550
464TNT 2Tim DaneauWorld Champ ONLINE 296-7-01654.30136.25590.500
465The Godfather ME2Jason AberliWorld Champ ONLINE 243-10-01654.30102.95590.500
466Team CapekWilliam Capek World Champ ONLINE 293-10-01654.0573.00590.750
467The Gold Standard IICalvin LeeWorld Champ ONLINE 255-8-01650.85118.70593.950
468CCs DesperadosShawn ChildsWorld Champ ONLINE 66-7-01646.45161.30598.350
469GnPDanny MuellerWorld Champ ONLINE 214-9-01645.90150.80598.900
470Infinite Solipsistic NarcissismShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 294-9-01643.60146.50601.200
471Wazzu Crew IDan BurkWorld Champ ONLINE 55-8-01642.00119.20602.800
472Tequila ShootersAdam Rouls World Champ LIVE 64-9-01640.05105.70604.750
473Team KooRooDavid KuraWorld Champ ONLINE 267-6-01639.65128.95605.150
474BabyFaced AssassinsRyan StricklerWorld Champ LIVE 45-8-01631.00115.20613.800
475Illegal PandasSteve Vasilevitski World Champ LIVE 123-10-01629.70173.50615.100
476Kipers KidsMichael Simpson World Champ ONLINE 154-9-01624.50154.05620.300
477Landen AmigosJames Landen World Champ ONLINE 253-10-01622.25131.20622.550
478The Deal No Deal TeamMichael Foresta World Champ ONLINE 244-9-01622.2083.40622.600
479Ry`s Guys IIIPatrick Sorge World Champ LIVE 86-7-01619.20145.15625.600
480Windup GirlsShawn SiegeleWorld Champ ONLINE 34-9-01616.05154.05628.750
481Sven and Ole 2Paul Maile World Champ LIVE 126-7-01615.95130.15628.850
482Wazzu Crew IIIDan BurkWorld Champ ONLINE 261-12-01615.60154.60629.200
483Icemen IIRyan StricklerWorld Champ ONLINE 255-8-01613.45133.65631.350
484Parkeralbert leach World Champ ONLINE 275-8-01612.60115.40632.200
485The Late Scott Newman 13scott newmanWorld Champ LIVE 134-9-01610.70102.50634.100
486Rys Guys IIPatrick SorgeWorld Champ LIVE 36-7-01608.70149.40636.100
487The GodfatherJason Aberli World Champ LIVE 145-8-01605.7594.35639.050
488Ducks DieNasty XDerick DuckelsWorld Champ ONLINE 133-10-01604.80115.20640.000
489No MercyBrian Owens World Champ ONLINE 224-9-01602.25128.70642.550
490MeahanDavid HubbardWorld Champ ONLINE 161-12-01601.20159.80643.600
491Cruze ControlSean CruzenWorld Champ ONLINE 65-8-01594.15117.30650.650
492FantasyRathMichael RathburnWorld Champ ONLINE 204-7-21587.25140.45657.550
493Comeback Player of the Year IDavid Hughes World Champ ONLINE 11-12-01586.4592.45658.350
494Guinness Stingers WCFFJames McGoughWorld Champ ONLINE 303-10-01581.4091.90663.400
495Chances Make Champions 55Nicholas Veglatte World Champ ONLINE 146-7-01581.15142.90663.650
496redlight2411 (1)Scott Wolke World Champ ONLINE 86-7-01572.70129.00672.100
497Ten Yard FightJon WrightWorld Champ LIVE 86-7-01565.3066.35679.500
498The Sunday TicketJeffrey CannonWorld Champ ONLINE 43-10-01563.50122.75681.300
499Grand Theft Kimra SchleicherWorld Champ ONLINE 55-8-01560.45134.30684.350
500Wazzu Crew IVDan BurkWorld Champ LIVE 143-10-01559.90117.75684.900
501DeZ CaUgHt It 88Andy MieraWorld Champ LIVE 53-10-01552.80104.85692.000
502redlight2411 2Scott Wolke World Champ ONLINE 105-8-01549.55134.45695.250
503Team bennettestephen bennette World Champ LIVE 122-11-01545.2599.30699.550
504Stuck PigsMike BushWorld Champ LIVE 52-11-01544.9087.40699.900
505Team DingesRobert Dinges World Champ ONLINE 43-10-01544.6590.25700.150
506MarissChrisDavid Martino World Champ ONLINE 133-10-01540.1598.95704.650
507Raul Duke & Dr. Gonzochris correia World Champ LIVE 132-11-01535.05137.60709.750
508Cruze ControlSean CruzenWorld Champ ONLINE 304-9-01530.35146.00714.450
509Ducks Dienasty X11Derick DuckelsWorld Champ ONLINE 202-11-01526.20140.95718.600
510Bipolar BearsVictor Chen World Champ LIVE 71-12-01519.45132.85725.350
511Always Lookin UpBryan BlakeneyWorld Champ ONLINE 184-9-01508.30104.50736.500
512Detroit Broncos Mark Roberts World Champ ONLINE 71-12-01482.9577.80761.850
513Pound4PoundWayne Ferguson World Champ ONLINE 294-9-01472.65116.00772.150
514FreeMealFrancoJohn ZalewskiWorld Champ ONLINE 133-10-01466.00116.00778.800
515Gitter DunRyan MillerWorld Champ ONLINE 34-9-01453.10136.10791.700
516Team SalvatoreMike Salvatore World Champ ONLINE 223-10-01451.3063.80793.500
517new orleans graveyardsJubi HilleryWorld Champ ONLINE 213-10-01439.9591.70804.850
518Winning EdgeMark MitchellWorld Champ ONLINE 172-11-01435.00126.60809.800
519Footballwerks 4Andrew Howard World Champ LIVE 112-11-01427.0580.10817.750
520Gederboots IIKyle Geder World Champ ONLINE 81-12-01394.20159.20850.600
521WEST COAST OFFENDERScott DiskinWorld Champ ONLINE 110-13-01387.25144.40857.550
522LAFootballFanJoshua Feder World Champ ONLINE 232-11-01377.9559.50866.850
5236-Pack Matty IceNathan SweatsWorld Champ ONLINE 23-10-01358.3078.00886.500
524Team FederJoshua Feder World Champ ONLINE 261-12-01338.4592.55906.350
525Foxs BoysSimeon Yarbrough World Champ ONLINE 191-12-01266.1566.15978.650
526We Do BidnessDann y BennishWorld Champ LIVE 141-12-01251.1560.40993.650
527Team TanenbaumJack Tanenbaum World Champ ONLINE 251-12-01234.5596.001010.250
528Team TanenbaumJack Tanenbaum World Champ ONLINE 100-13-01138.4580.801106.350