Main Event - Prizes

League Prize Schedule
Best Record Prize *pts tie-breaker $2,500
Most Points Prize $2,500
League Champion Prize $5,000
Runner-up Best Record Prize *pts tiebreaker $1,250
Runner-up Most Points Prize $1,250
TOTAL $12,500

Multiple prizes can be awarded to the same team.

League Champion Prize:
After Week 13, the team with the best record and the team with the most points will face off in a 3 week points race (weeks 14-16). The team with the most points during that period will be declared League Champion and be awarded the League Champion Prize.
If after week 13, the team with the best record is also the team with the most points, that team is automatically declared the League Champion and wins the top 3 prizes for a total of $10,000.

Regular Season Points Leader: $2,500

Tournament Prize Schedule (most points)
1st Place $150,000
2nd $15,000
3rd $7,500
4th $4,500
5th $4,000
6th $3,500
7th $3,000
8th $2,500
9th $2,000
10th $1,500
11th $1,000
12th $1,000
13th $1,000
14th $1,000
15th $1,000
16th $500
17th $500
18th $500
19th $500
20th $500
Weekly prizes through week 13 $15,600
Consolation 1st place 2015 FFWC entry
2nd place 2015 RotoBowl Entry
3rd place 2015 RotoBowl Entry