Playoff - Summary

The Playoff Draft World Championship has returned and the Grand Prize has been Doubled to $20,000!

Are you ready to Draft - ONE - MORE - TIME?

6 Team Leagues - 14 man rosters - 1 minute timer.

$199 to Play - Win your league of 6 and Win $500! Most points wins the $20,000 Grand Prize.

DRAFT-N-GO STYLE - No need to submit a lineup, your lineup will be optimized each week. Never leave points on the bench again!


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We heard over and over from the players how much FUN the playoff drafts were, and that's what we were after. We didn't want another pick 'em style game--there are plenty of those out there to choose from. We wanted something unique, fun and challenging, and from the sound of it, that's exactly what we have. Players were able to experience and relive the thrill and excitement of the LIVE draft.

"I had a Riot. I loved em". - John Haskell
"Runs quick and smooth and its a blast!" - Rob Zarzycki

1 in 6 entries will win $500! Every team advances to the Championship Round through the Super Bowl, so your team is alive the ENTIRE PLAYOFFS.

Here's a Sample Draft just completed for you to take a look at:

Good luck to you all!

Scott, Ian, Cindie and Emil
Over $50,000 in prizes – $20,000 grand prize – 1 in 6 will win $500! ------ 14 man rosters, 6 team leagues, 1minute timer.

Drafts begin taking place Monday, December 29 - Saturday, January 3. These mini-drafts take less than 1 hour.

$199 entry per team.