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1 Scout Verified Chad Schroeder Cocktails and Dreams 7146.75
2 Nelson Sousa MustSeeTV Franchise LV99.85
3 Scout Verified Derek Pierson MustSeeTV Franchise LV99.85
4 Scout Verified David Hubbard MustSeeTV Franchise LV99.85
5 Scout Verified Mike Santos Coyote Miscreants III98.76
6 Scout Verified Kurt Kuekes Coyote Miscreants III79.69
7 Scout Verified Roger Gonzalez Sideline Sage76.00
8 Scout Verified Brad Kruse Fantasy Assassins75.52
9 Tim Kruse Fantasy Assassins75.52
10 Scout Verified Rob Zarzycki Zmen474.84
11 Scout Verified Matthew Bayley BLOOD72.94
12 David Makous Rossmore Magnus65.30
13 Scout Verified William Casano Rossmore Magnus65.30
14 Scout Verified Glenn Lowy Glenneration X60.80
15 Scout Verified Brian Owens Team Owens58.30
16 Duke Viveros MANKIND NATION57.25
17 David Webb webbmaster56.35
18 John Pausma Frozen Tundra55.55
19 Tony Treiber Stairway to 755.40
20 Jared Danielsen For Love Of The Game PR252.25
21 Scout Verified Billy Wasosky FF GURU P1 BWAZ48.82
22 Scout Verified Dan Seidenfaden Camel Toe Assassins46.74
23 Jeff Conklin Camel Toe Assassins46.70
24 Jason Steeves CANADIAN BEAVERS39.45
25 Scout Verified Frank Marcos U Mad Bro?39.40
26 Scout Verified Dave Asrani Redshirted Main V37.25
27 Scout Verified David Martino MarissChris PT Joe35.75
28 Marc Martilotta DPDOGS2 (AKA RUNNING BACK U)35.55
29 Scout Verified David Strand Yak Farmers33.82
30 Shawn Siegele The Calamity Refrain32.90
31 Scout Verified Kimra Schleicher CC's Hitters32.34
32 Chris Holland KME731.05
33 Scout Verified Joseph Jefferson Team Jefferson30.95
34 Scout Verified Michael Schlissberg schliss230.52
35 Kris Carroll UnNatural Act II29.20
36 Scout Verified Patrick Sorge Rys Guys IV28.72
38 Scout Verified Scott Newman The Practical Guy28.15
39 Scout Verified Tim Daneau T-N-T27.80
40 Scout Verified Ormond Rose MONEY INCORPORATED27.65
41 Scout Verified Edward Nolan GridIron Irishmen27.00
42 Scout Verified James Malia THE ABUSER26.60
43 Scout Verified Michael Foresta That Smell is Profound26.40
44 Joe Pike JRDogs25.95
45 Ty Raja FunkNRoll25.80
46 Scout Verified Andy Weil South Padre Tuna Hunters25.74
47 Scout Verified Korey Gardner VanGard25.50
48 Evan Kishineff Sandbagger McChickenz25.40
49 Scout Verified Kevin Kirves FFBLs Finest24.90
50 Scout Verified Shelly Fossum Naked Boot Legs 324.85