2012 Contract Year Players / 2013 NFL Free Agents: WRs


2012 Contract Year Players / 2013 Free Agents

Contract Year Player: A player whose NFL contract is ending this season. The general consensus is that the nfl players in contract year will perform better since their next contract is dependant on them having a productive season. From our Fantasy Football Dictionary

Money is generally considered one of the great motivators. That fact isn't lost on fantasy football owners. It's the reason players entering the final year of their contracts get a longer look than they normally would on draft day. Read our Contract Year Player Research.

The following players are currently slated to be 2013 NFL free agents, and therefore are classifed as 2012 contract year players.

Name Team Depth Age Yrs
Danny Amendola NE WR3 29 4 #116
Dwayne Bowe CLE WR1 30 5 #54
Victor Cruz NYG WR2 28 2 #42
Brandon Gibson NE WR5 27 3 #137
Ted Ginn Jr. CAR WR6 30 5 #144
Greg Jennings MIA WR4 31 6 #109
Mike Wallace MIN WR1 28 3 #32

If you have information that conflicts with our list, please contact us. Likewise, if we're missing a contract year player, please let us know.