2012 Experts Mock Draft (June) Results: FFToolbox.com (Ben)

Experts Mock Draft Results: FFToolbox.com (Ben)

Drafter: Ben Standig


2012 Experts Mock Draft (June)

Draft took place June 6, 2012 - June 25, 2012

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Aaron Rodgers QB GB 31 7
To me, this is the tricky spot in round one. Prefer going with an RB, but I don't 100% trust the remaining options. Could go WR, but there is much depth within the position this year. Same argument could be made at QB, but the difference is the elite are true difference makers so I'll take the biggest difference maker of them all.
2 2.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Andre Johnson WR IND 33 9
There I was, sitting on deck,ready to select the top tight end in Rob Gronkowsk, a true difference maker even among a solid class of options. And then, poof, no more Gronk. Fine, I'll have to suffer with AJ, arguably the best WR when healthy. Hamstring concerns make Johnson a touch risky, but in PPR, it's a risk worth taking.
3 3.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Hakeem Nicks WR --- 27 3
Considering Nicks is dealing with a foot injury that likely keeps him out of the preseason, I'm taking a risk. To varying degrees, Mike Wallace (contract) and Brandon Marshall (loony) are also risky. I'm not convinced Cruz can repeat at that level. Nicks can.
4 4.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Steve Smith WR BAL 35 11
Prefer Smith in non-PPR formats, but his explosive production some weeks will be stellar in this best-ball format. And yes, I'm aware it's four rounds in and I have not drafted a RB. Just not in love with anyone here. Kind of curious myself how this will turn out...
5 5.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Roy Helu RB OAK 26 1
Frank Gore is an obvious option and Reggie Bush's value rises in PPR, but both of those runners play in crowded backfields. Helu, not so much (yeah, let's just say I'm not a believer in Tim Hightower or ready to buy an Evan Royster jersey). After racking up points as a rookie starter last year, I expect more the same out of Helu.
6 6.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Shonn Greene RB TEN 29 3
Replacement pick made by Commissioner
7 7.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) James Starks RB GB 29 2
Last year I had zippy interest in Starks, especially when his ADP was on the rise. Considering the high-scoring Pack brought in scant help/competition this offseason, he almost has to fall into half-dozen strong fantasy games at least. If he's actually playa, could be a lot more.
8 8.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 4
Was hoping Witten would hang on a bit longer, but also not sure why Garcon is still around. Yes, the Redskins receiving hierarchy remains a touch sketchy and I'm a tad concerned about Garcon transitioning from a WR2 to WR1. Still he figures to produce and have some nice games for this format.
9 9.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Jacob Tamme TE ATL 30 4
I'm not sold on this Peyton Manning will be Peyton Manning again line of group thinking that exists out there, not until I see him take some hits anyway...but just in case I'm Matt Millen drafting in the first round level wrong, I'll take Manning's tight end and the one receiver on the Broncos he's actually familiar with.
10 10.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Mikel Leshoure RB --- 25 1
With my basic roster in place, time for an upside pick.
11 11.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Felix Jones RB --- 27 4
Jones is entering the final year of his rookie contract and is playing behind the equally fragile DeMarco Murray. That's enough to risk taking a shot here and hoping he gets a handful of starts along the way.
12 12.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Joe Flacco QB BAL 30 4
Despite the best-ball format of this game, I'm trying to make my picks as a I would in a traditional league. I was hoping Jared Cook or Brent Celek would make it back to me, shucks. Flacco represents the best value perhaps by a lot over the remaining QB's. Even though I have Rodgers, gots to do what I gots to do.
13 13.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Davone Bess WR --- 29 4
Yeah, not so thrilled right now since all the players I wanted just went ahead of me. Oh well. Bess is hardly exciting, but the Dolphins don't have much else and he averaged 77.5 catches during 2009-10.
14 14.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) New England Def NE    
Should be improved across the board this season plus they have games against the entire NFC West, Jaguars, Colts plus two games against the so-so (at best) AFC East quarterbacks.
15 15.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Evan Royster RB --- 27 1
Debated taking Hightower last round more as a Helu hedge than actually thinking Timmy will be a factor. Seeing as Hightower is an injury waiting to happen and the Redskins would be wise not to overwork Helu on a weekly basis, I'll go with the next back up. Royster's final two games of 2011 might prove to be the best of his career, but you don't need a map to see how he could be a factor this season.
16 16.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Detroit Def DET    
17 17.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Mohamed Sanu WR CIN 25 R
Won't surprise me if the 6-foot-2 target starts opposite A.J. Green as a rookie. I'll go this route over Leonard Hankerson or Mario Manningham in part because those teams have more options at WR.
18 18.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Kellen Winslow TE --- 31 8
19 19.07 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Robbie Gould PK CHI 32 7
20 20.06 FFToolbox.com (Ben) Jay Feely PK CHI 38 13