2012 Experts Mock Draft (June) Results: FantasySharks.com

Experts Mock Draft Results: FantasySharks.com

Drafter: Tony Holm


2012 Experts Mock Draft (June)

Draft took place June 6, 2012 - June 25, 2012

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.06 FantasySharks.com Maurice Jones-Drew RB --- 30 6
Contract squabbles aside, just shy of 2,000 combined yards and 11 TD's in 2011 certainly has my attention. The Jaguars are making a run at trying to improve and the addition of Justin Blackmon could help Blaine Gabbert and the entire offense stay on the field more. I see a real potential for MJD's total TD's to go up in 2012.
2 2.07 FantasySharks.com Tom Brady QB NE 37 12
Drafting Brady, Brees or Stafford in either the 2nd or 3rd round this year is turning into my 2012 move to open a draft. I want security and heaps of points from the position in what is turning into a passing league. I realize many would go Brees here but I like what the Patriots are providing Tom Brady for weapons more.
3 3.06 FantasySharks.com Victor Cruz WR NYG 28 2
For me it was a choice between Brandon Marshall or Victor Cruz. Marshall is talented but a head case at times, in an offense geared to run the ball. Cruz has an accomplished quarterback and may have even more looks if Nicks is delayed coming back. I'd take Brandon Marshall if he were on the Giants but since that's not the case, sign me up for Victor Cruz. It's hard not to like this kid, he comes from good stock.
4 4.07 FantasySharks.com Marques Colston WR NO 31 6
There's something comforting in the WR1 that Drew Brees throws to. The Saints locked up Colston for 5 years this off-season, not messing around with him or his contract. He's as stable as they come in one of the top offenses in the league. Works for me.
5 5.06 FantasySharks.com Michael Turner RB --- 33 8
It's hard for me to pass up Michael Turner here. Yes this is a PPR draft so Turner should rightly slide down the draft board and Turner isn't getting any younger but he doesn't have a lot of NFL mileage on him having started his career late. He has been looking great so far, running well, cutting well, and there's no way defenses can let Roddy White, Julio Jones and Harry Douglas run wild which means less coverage to stop Turner as opposing defenses can't stack the box.
6 6.07 FantasySharks.com Beanie Wells RB --- 26 3
I'm a believer, I ain't no deceiver. He had his knee scoped this off season and while it technically was knee surgery it isn't a lot to be worried about heading into the season. Wells had a career year last season on a bum knee, expect his numbers to at least match what he was able to produce last year. Yes the Cardinals do have some competition in the depth chart but I still like Beanie's chances.
7 7.06 FantasySharks.com Matt Ryan QB ATL 29 4
This is one of those "in this format" selections. With Tom Brady rostered it may raise a few eyebrows that I pick Matt Ryan here but this isn't my first 20 round best ball draft and I've decided that I like me some quarterbacks in 2012. I really like Matt Ryan this year. His weapons are vast and he has spent the off season getting stronger and quicker. His coaches say he is throwing the ball harder and farther than he ever has. He has improved every year, cracking the top 10 at the position last year and has all the opportunity to improve once again in 2012. Witten was a consideration here as well but Ryan for me is one of those special players that stands head and shoulders above the rest at this spot.
8 8.07 FantasySharks.com Brandon Pettigrew TE DET 30 3
Pettigrew was a favorite target of Matt Staffords in 2011, setting career and franchise records at the position. I believe you can wait on TE this year and still get a serviceable choice later but once in a while a guy like Pettigrew floats up. If there were anything that I wanted as a must have player available here, I would go in that direction secure in the knowledge that I will still have choices at TE but in this case, the bone is picked clean for now at RB and WR so Pettigrew it is.
9 9.06 FantasySharks.com Michael Crabtree WR --- 27 3
10 10.07 FantasySharks.com Mike Williams WR --- 27 2
Now that the pressure is off Mike Williams to be a WR1 I see a lot of upside. I have been a fan and keep waiting for him to blossom. I would hate for that to happen on someone else's team. I may be the last person on planet Earth that believes in Josh Freeman but I like what they have done building their team and the wins will come.
11 11.06 FantasySharks.com Josh Freeman QB --- 27 3
I debated whether I would draft 2 or 3 QBs in this draft and didn't quite have the answer yet. Looking at what is here at other positions, the value feels like QB (it's a 20 round draft) to me so I'll let the draft dictate my decision. As stated last selection, I'm a rare Josh Freeman believer and am pleased to add him. He struggled at the end of last season but so did the entire team. There's a new start for the Bucs, they have improved on both sides of the ball and I think their needle is pointing up.
12 12.07 FantasySharks.com Laurent Robinson WR --- 29 5
I'm not a big Gabbert fan, I worry the Jags have themselves a dud but Laurent Robinson had a big year last year with the Cowboys. The Cowboys tried hard to resign him but a 5-year deal worth $32.5M, $14M of which is guaranteed cold hard cash in his pocket, convinced Robinson to pack up the moving truck and head to Jacksonville. It's still a bit of a spin of the wheel, but who isn't in the 12th round?
13 13.06 FantasySharks.com Randy Moss WR --- 38 14
The reports have been positive from the 49'ers regarding Moss, there is a lot of unknown here but it seems like a decent gamble for a 13th rounder. Current reports have him starting opposite Michael Crabtree but it's early yet.
14 14.07 FantasySharks.com David Akers PK --- 40 14
I want a pair of quality kickers and have learned if I don't jump in and grab them, it does get a little dicey later on. I know there are 32 starting defenses to choose from and I will have two "starters" but with kicker battles and various unknowns at this point early in the drafting season, I want a couple of sure bets and Akers is certainly one of them.
15 15.06 FantasySharks.com Chicago Def CHI    
I know the Ravens are out there, as are the Steelers, but I lean the Bears given the defensive heavy draft they had and the constant threat for their special teams to return touchdowns.
16 16.07 FantasySharks.com Mason Crosby PK GB 30 5
There's nothing like 7 XP's a week to bolster your fantasy squad. Crosby is obviously a solid kicker on a high octane offense that will get a lot of opportunity to kick extra points with an occasional field goal sprinkled in. I know the job is his so I'll take him here.
17 17.06 FantasySharks.com Cedric Benson RB --- 32 7
With every possible Raiders backup RB to Darren McFadden going in a dizzying flurry, I figure now is a good time to roll the dice on the rumored Raider, Cedric Benson. If Benson were to sign with the Raiders, it would be a good situation for him and he would likely be the first one to get the chance at running the ball if McFadden were to go down. I had a couple of late draft RB gambles on my last and Benson is one of them.
18 18.07 FantasySharks.com Mike Tolbert RB CAR 29 4
Tolbert is transitioning to fullback this year and as a result is not projected to put up the kind of fantasy numbers that made him a viable fantasy option opposite Ryan Matthews in San Diego last season. Tolbert finds himself on the Panthers along side three dynamic rushers (including Cam Newton) but what I like is that Tolbert should actually see the field more than DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart with opportunity at the goal line and in the passing game. Someone ahead of him gets hurt or Stewart is traded, and Tolbert's value goes up. Hey.. it is the 18th round, what do you want? Miracles?
19 19.06 FantasySharks.com Heath Miller TE PIT 32 7
TE is once again deep this year. I've waited till now to backup my TE because there would be options available and in reality, I could wait till the 20th round and still get someone I'd like to have. I looked at Ed Dickson, Tony Moeaki, Dallas Clark, Marcedes Lewis and Heath Miller and after some contemplation, am going to run with Miller. The offense the Steelers are putting in place should suit him and I think there's potential for an up year from him.
20 20.07 FantasySharks.com Tennessee Def TEN