2012 Experts Mock Draft (July) Results: TheHuddle.com

Experts Mock Draft Results: TheHuddle.com

Drafter: John Tuvey
Born and raised in Minnesota, John Tuvey was scarred for life at an early age by multiple Vikings Super Bowl losses. While the anguish that accompanies the purple kool-aid continues, John has found other football triumphs to call his own. He played sparingly during four seasons at St. John


2012 Experts Mock Draft (July)

Draft took place July 16 - 27

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.09 TheHuddle.com Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 31 8
If you're looking for the 2012 draft stinkhole, here it is. ADP says I should take an aging, overworked running back with contract issues and a shaky offense; the sexy pick is a QB I don't trust to duplicate last year's rushing numbers. I'll play it safe with Fitz and take my risks elsewhere.
2 2.04 TheHuddle.com Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 5
Richardson was set to be the pick; nothing else on the board does much for me here. I still think AP defies the odds and is ready to go Week 1, but even if he he's not I'll settle for "only" 12 weeks of an elite back.
3 3.09 TheHuddle.com Doug Martin RB TB 26 R
There's enough talent remaining at the other positions I can reach a bit for Martin, who I am very high on this season given the new coach and upgraded o-line in Tampa.
4 4.04 TheHuddle.com Miles Austin WR CLE 30 6
While Dez Bryant chills in Goodell's doghouse, Austin goes back to being Tony Romo's BFF.
5 5.09 TheHuddle.com Reggie Bush RB SF 30 6
Was planning to go a different direction here, but Bush is far and away the best player left on my board. He can be AP insurance or my flex; I'll address those other needs after the turn.
6 6.04 TheHuddle.com Antonio Brown WR PIT 26 2
Was kind of hoping Stevie Johnson would make it back to me, but Brown is hardly a consolation prize.
7 7.09 TheHuddle.com Robert Griffin III QB WAS 25 R
Was afraid I was going to miss out on the QB run; fortunately RG3 and his potential are still on the board.
8 8.04 TheHuddle.com Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 33 8
Was considering pairing RG3 with Peyton; with that plan scuttled, I'll hope Big Ben can wrap his brain around the new offense.
9 9.09 TheHuddle.com Brandon Pettigrew TE DET 30 3
Would have toyed with DHB here and a TE next round, but I have no issue "settling" for a talented TE who could very well be the No. 2 receiver on his pass-happy team.
10 10.04 TheHuddle.com Toby Gerhart RB JAX 28 2
A 10th-round pick that hedges my bet against normal human physiology and helps me sleep better at night in case AP is in fact human after all.
11 11.09 TheHuddle.com Kendall Wright WR TEN 25 R
Chris Palmer has a history of putting rookie receivers to work right away; the fact that Kenny Britt can't stay out of trouble gives this pick even more upside.
12 12.04 TheHuddle.com Jacob Tamme TE ATL 30 4
Was hoping Jacquizz might make it back to me. That didn't happen, so I'll back up Pettigrew with Tamme, who has obvious upside with Manning under center.
13 13.09 TheHuddle.com Jerome Simpson WR SF 29 4
Feeling a bit homerish with my third Vikings, but Simpson wowed during OTAs and has the speed to take advantage of defenses crowding the box against Minnesota's running game.
14 14.04 TheHuddle.com Joe McKnight RB KC 26 2
McKnight is expected to take on an expanded role in the Jets' offense. Between Tony Sparano's penchant for running the ball, the potential for an upgraded o-line if Jeff Otah can stay healthy, and Shonn Greene's mediocrity there's more than enough upside to warrant investing a 14th-round pick.
15 15.09 TheHuddle.com Taiwan Jones CB OAK 26 1
I like Jones' upside as a change of pace guy who would see an uptick in touches if (when) McFadden gets hurt.
16 16.04 TheHuddle.com Josh Gordon WR CLE 23 R
When it's the 16th round you can't really call it getting sniped, but I did have the Bears D all queued up. The backup plan is a huge flier on a Browns rookie. The team is desperate for playmakers, and as my WR6 it's all upside.
17 17.09 TheHuddle.com Dan Bailey PK DAL 27 1
And we've come to the necessary evils portion of the draft.
18 18.04 TheHuddle.com Atlanta Def ATL    
19 19.09 TheHuddle.com Garrett Hartley PK CLE 28 4
20 20.04 TheHuddle.com Oakland Def OAK