2012 Experts Mock Draft (July) Results: DraftSharks.com

Experts Mock Draft Results: DraftSharks.com

Drafter: Matt Schauf


2012 Experts Mock Draft (July)

Draft took place July 16 - 27

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.02 DraftSharks.com Ray Rice RB --- 28 4
I'm concerned a bit about the number of carries he's amassed between Rutgers and the past couple of years. But that's not enough reason to pass on the guaranteed touches as a runner and receiver -- as well as stellar production -- here.
2 2.11 DraftSharks.com Darren Sproles RB PHI 31 7
I'm not tempted by the QBs. And the WRs are bunched and deep. I want the RB I know will get touches every week, because to cliff lies not far ahead. And it is steep.
3 3.02 DraftSharks.com Greg Jennings WR --- 31 6
Jennings was on his way to a top-8 season before injury last year. His targets might not prove as consistent week-to-week as some of the others in his range, but his situation makes him as good a bet to score as anyone at the position not named Calvin.
4 4.11 DraftSharks.com Ahmad Bradshaw RB --- 29 5
I'm uncomfortable with Bradshaw in Round 2. I am thoroughly comfortable with him as my RB3 at the end of Round 4. I figure he's a near-lock to miss time, but that's a whole lot easier to manage with 2 RBs already on hand. When he's healthy, Bradshaw has already proved he'll produce. Plenty of value remains at WR and QB.
5 5.02 DraftSharks.com Michael Vick QB --- 34 11
This is a good spot for a guy who can lead all QBs in scoring average ... and did by a wide margin in 2010. The format obviously mitigates the injury risk.
6 6.11 DraftSharks.com Eric Decker WR NYJ 28 2
I think he comes with top-10 upside thanks to some 6-5, 230-pound quarterback with a laser, rocket arm.
7 7.02 DraftSharks.com Robert Meachem WR --- 30 5
Too many fantasy owners seem to look at Meachem and see a guy let them down the last time (or two) he was trusted. Get over it, and realize he could do the same stuff Vincent Jackson did in this spot.
8 8.11 DraftSharks.com Lance Moore WR --- 31 7
Replacement pick made by Commissioner
9 9.02 DraftSharks.com Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 6
This feels a bit early for a second QB, but I don't feel the need to chase TE -- or the other positions -- here. The format means I'll use Cutler more than just on Vick's bye, and I like the Bear's big-game potential better than others remaining. Of course, Vick's injury risk also makes a strong backup worth securing.
10 10.11 DraftSharks.com Pierre Thomas RB --- 30 5
He's awesome. At some point, he'll get the chance to prove it again the way he did late in 2008. Perhaps the absence of both Sean Payton and Mark Ingram's knee cartilage will make it this year.
11 11.02 DraftSharks.com Brent Celek TE PHI 30 5
Health and situation delivers a high ceiling, especially as a red-zone option on a team with smallish receivers. And he's one of 4 starter-worthy options I still see on the board.
12 12.11 DraftSharks.com Felix Jones RB --- 27 4
Two things we know: DeMarco Murray has a serious injury history. Felix Jones always comes with big-play ability. Nice best-ball combo. In redraft leagues, I think Jones is one of the most important handcuffs.
13 13.02 DraftSharks.com Owen Daniels TE DEN 32 6
Tight end is RIDICULOUSLY deep this year. I strongly considered Keller last turn and think he's a redraft starter. I strongly considered Greg Olsen here and like his upside. I wound up with Daniels because I want to have him somewhere. He has posted big reception numbers when on the field with Schaub. The Texans let Joel Dreessen walk and didn't pursue a WR2 upgrade as many expected. They're leaving that position to Kevin Walter and a few guys with made-up names. Even Andre Johnson might be wearing down. Daniels, meanwhile, won't turn 30 until November and could turn in a surprise season -- especially in PPR.
14 14.11 DraftSharks.com Rueben Randle WR NYG 23 R
It shouldn't be difficult for Randle to become one of the Giants' top-3 WRs. And if it were difficult for that guy to at least approximate Mario Manningham's role, well, the Giants wouldn't have let the other guy leave.
15 15.02 DraftSharks.com Kyle Rudolph TE MIN 25 1
I was big on Rudolph's breakout potential before the John Carlson signing. I have a much tougher time liking him at all in redraft now, but he's a good chance to take as a best-ball TE3 where TEs work at flex.
16 16.11 DraftSharks.com Sebastian Janikowski PK OAK 37 12
17 17.02 DraftSharks.com Detroit Def DET    
18 18.11 DraftSharks.com Arizona Def ARI    
From sacks to turnovers to the return game, there is so much upside to this D, which began putting it together under the new DC in the 2nd half of last year.
19 19.02 DraftSharks.com Mark Sanchez QB PHI 28 3
Count me strongly against the idea that Tebow takes over for a healthy Sanchez at all this year. I wouldn't want Sanchez leading my favorite team, but I seem to be in the minority in remembering that the guy has proved he can put up sporadic big fantasy outings.
20 20.11 DraftSharks.com Rian Lindell PK --- 38 12