2012 Experts Mock Draft (July) Results: FFToday.com

Experts Mock Draft Results: FFToday.com

Drafter: Mike MacGregor
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2012 Experts Mock Draft (July)

Draft took place July 16 - 27

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.08 FFToday.com Aaron Rodgers QB GB 31 7
The great thing about fantasy football in 2012 is you can start with any of the 4 skill positions to build your team around. I'm not in love with taking a QB this early (old habits), so it isnt something I planned going into the draft, but I do respect the advantage of Rodgers so I'll be flexible and tag him here.
2 2.05 FFToday.com Jamaal Charles RB KC 28 4
Really debated here between Andre Johnson and Jamaal Charles. Marshawn Lynch was also a consideration prior to his DUI charge. With the depth at WR this season, decided to grab the best RB on the board. Not very concerned with Jamaal's return from injury given how early it happened last season.
3 3.08 FFToday.com Dez Bryant WR DAL 26 2
With a QB-RB pairing through the first two rounds, and this being a PPR scoring league, now I'm getting a little nervous waiting at WR. I log off with pre-draft picks of Brandon Marshall, Hakeem Nicks and Dez Bryant, in that order. News breaks about Dez's domestic issues with his Mom involving the police, Marshall and Nicks get snatched up, and here I am left with Bryant. His value is down now and he should be had a little later in drafts, but really, I'm not sure the hit should be that significant. This guy continues to be drafted higher than his production through two seasons because of one reason - potential. He's still got that potential. He's inherently risky, and we know this, but one of these seasons he may just pay off huge for the risk takers. A suspension is possible, but given his mother's own apparent troubles, I wouldn't expect one long enough to be the deciding factor whether this pick was a mistake or not. He'll still play plenty of football. It is what he does in those games that will either wow us or underwhelm us once again.
4 4.05 FFToday.com Marques Colston WR NO 31 6
I'm not excited about the RB choices here, while the top available WR are getting a little thin. With Bryant in tow as my WR1, and recent news knocking his value down, if feels right to go back to the WR well with a more conservative and reliable option. Marques Colston represents that at this stage of this career: a consistent 80 catches, 1,000+ yards and 8-9 TD. Even with the turmoil hitting the Saints this offseason, Colston still has one of the best QBs in the league throwing to him, so I feel good about this pick.
5 6.05 FFToday.com Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 28 4
Drafting Jonathan Stewart seems to be a recurring theme for me in mock drafts this season. Through four seasons and less than expected results, people are shying away from Stewart because he has a tough time earning enough opportunity to be a reliable starting fantasy option. Opportunity can change quickly. Talent can't be taught. To that end - much like the Dez Bryant and Aaron Hernandez picks - I'll draft Stewart at this price for his talent and take my chances a better opportunity presents itself for him and he "literally" runs with it. This may end up being a good example of a risky, high upside team overall, but particularly with this pick if you're going to draft QB, WR and TE early, take your shots on upside in the mid to late rounds.
6 7.08 FFToday.com Reggie Wayne WR --- 36 11
Sure, Reggie Wayne is 33 which marks a downward trajectory to his career from here on out, but I love the value at this stage of the draft and happy to add him as my WR3. I essentially got another Marques Colston three rounds later. Wayne earned 75-960-4 last season with a complete disaster at QB last season when Peyton Manning couldn't guide the ship. Rookie Andrew Luck is an immediate upgrade, and while I'm sure the Colts will continue to struggle to a degree, Luck with Bruce Arians at OC will air it out and lean heavily on the established veteran receiver.
7 8.05 FFToday.com David Wilson RB --- 23 R
I wouldn't have minded James Starks falling to me at this pick, but he went three slots earlier. Peyton Hillis is another player I've drafted heavily this year, whether I've got Jamaal Charles or not. On the safe side, Hillis should have been the pick, but I decided to roll the dice and see how much further he might fall. The answer: hardly at all as he went right after this pick. Ben Tate was also a consideration as an important handcuff who produces as a backup. This goes to show waiting on RB can still be a good way to go because nabbing one or two of the RBs in this range can net some big results once the season gets going. Now finally on to David Wilson. Wilson is a rookie but steps into a nice immediate opportunity sharing the load with Ahmad Bradshaw. The Giants utilize two RBs effectively, and I've never felt they truly trusted Bradshaw to a great degree watching his career with the club since his rookie season. They were clearly sick of Brandon Jacobs' act so it was no surprise he wasn't resigned. They invested a first round pick in Wilson so clearly he's got some "it" factor the team likes. A very risky fantasy starting selection but a great RB3 to RB4 who could pay off handsomely sooner than many fantasy players think.
8 9.08 FFToday.com Darrius Heyward-Bey WR PIT 28 3
I've been drafting DHB as a WR3 in a few mock drafts, so I'm happy to add him as a WR4 here. Denarius Moore is getting a lot of props as a potential breakout candidate, and while I think Moore is perhaps the more likely to do that, I'd say the competition is a lot closer than most people think. That makes grabbing DHB two rounds later a value pick to me. Since Carson Palmer was on board for the second half of last season, there was a clear uptick in DHB's targets, output, and he was more consistent. I'm expecting that to carry over into this season.
9 10.05 FFToday.com Brian Quick WR STL 25 R
Pure upside pick here, I have visions (note the word "visions", not the same as "expectations") of a possible Anquan-esque rookie season from Brian Quick. He's going to start out of the gate. I still think Sam Bradford is a good QB. Bradford could easily lean on this guy for target practice. For a WR5, why not take the chance? Other good picks at this spot included another risky QB in a much better offense but further down the depth chart, Randall Cobb, a quality backup TE Brent Celek or a talented depth RB in Pierre Thomas.
10 11.08 FFToday.com Daniel Thomas RB --- 27 1
At the last pick I had Pierre Thomas pretty high on my cheat sheet relative to other available RB, but really thought he was completely off the radar of most fantasy people. In fact, I'd say he is pretty far off the radar, but he did get snapped up. With a do-over I take Thomas (Pierre) first and see if Quick falls to the 11th round. I'll settle for Daniel Thomas, who backs up Reggie Bush and will compete with Lamar Miller for playing time. Thomas (Daniel) seems to me to be a little unfairly evaluated from last season. He played hurt and as is common with too many rookie RBs to list in recent years, just wasn't ready to make an impact in his first year. He should have learned a lot from that experience which will give him a leg up holding off Miller. Even though we aren't expecting much of anything from the Dolphins offense, Reggie Bush's backup is a position battle to pay attention to as there are good odds that player's value will shoot up quickly.
11 12.05 FFToday.com Vincent Brown WR OAK 26 1
I'm not a fan of Robert Meachem in the least and I could give or take Malcom Floyd. Floyd has played in 16 games once in his eight year career, and never started 10 or more. In extremely limited playing time, I liked what I saw from Vincent Brown. He's on the smallish side for a WR but the opportunity is there in his second year to catch passes from a very good QB.
12 13.08 FFToday.com Joe Flacco QB BAL 30 4
Certainly not the most exciting of backup QBs to grab, but when you invest in a first round QB, you can afford to wait and wait at the position. In fact, you'd be silly not to, otherwise you're counteracting the benefit of taking a QB so early. To Flacco's credit, he doesn't miss time, he's got that cannon arm and pretty darn good skill players to work with, too. On the plus side, his defense might be on the downside, possibly resulting in more pass attempts in 2012.
13 14.05 FFToday.com Philadelphia Def PHI    
The high expectations and subsequent crash and burn of the 2011 Dream Team hopefully humbled the Eagles enough to get them back to playing solid football in 2012. I suspect it will for this talented group.
14 15.08 FFToday.com Rashad Jennings RB NYG 30 3
I'm not really investing in Rashad Jennings because on a possible Maurice Jones-Drew holdout. I honestly don't think MJD will holdout and miss the real season. Jennings is a talented RB in his own right, so this late in the draft I'll take a chance he can return to form from injury that sidelined him last year. If he can, he's a valuable backup and handcuff regardless of MJD's contract situation.
15 16.05 FFToday.com Lance Kendricks TE STL 27 1
You could certainly do better for a backup TE, but this late in the draft when most teams already have two, you could certainly do worse than the upside of second year Lance Kendricks. Kendricks looked great in preseason a year ago and then floundered badly once the season started. I don't think he'll be just an annual preseason performer. I think he just needs more time to adjust to the NFL and get on the same page with Sam Bradford.
16 17.08 FFToday.com Mason Crosby PK GB 30 5
Add one talented kicker from high-powered offense, check.
17 18.05 FFToday.com Buffalo Def BUF    
Follow up prior defensive selection with a team that could surprise after some bold off-season acquisitions . . . and a little bit of homerism in this pick, to boot, check.
18 19.08 FFToday.com Christian Ponder QB OAK 27 1
19 20.05 FFToday.com Robbie Gould PK CHI 32 7