2012 Experts Mock Draft (July) Results: FantasySharks.com

Experts Mock Draft Results: FantasySharks.com

Drafter: Tony Holm


2012 Experts Mock Draft (July)

Draft took place July 16 - 27

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.12 FantasySharks.com Tom Brady QB NE 37 12
Let's try this "maneuver" at the turn. Brady and Gronk. Ka-Pow.
2 2.01 FantasySharks.com Rob Gronkowski TE NE 25 2
Double Sham-wow Hi-yaa Ka-pow! I think QB and TE are so deep this year that picking a QB or TE with my 1st or 2nd pick make me ill. Though I'm going to test out a theory that either a Brady-Gronk pairing here or a Brees-Graham pairing if you so prefer, will open up certain opportunities in the draft later.
3 3.12 FantasySharks.com Jordy Nelson WR GB 29 4
I really like Jordy Nelson's big play ability. Many are predicting that Nelson won't be able to repeat his 15 TD total and I think that's a valid observation but he did amass 1,263 yards in the process and that is indicative of a player heavily involved in one of the top offenses in the league. Good enough for me.
4 4.01 FantasySharks.com Steven Jackson RB --- 31 8
Going with Tom Brady and Gronk to open this draft I had written in a RB and WR at this turn. I'll be picking from some scrubs next time I pick so wanted to try and anchor the two positions with something I can hang my hat on. Steven Jackson will continue to be involved as the cog in the Rams offense. That doesn't mean the Rams are going to put Jackson in position to score in bunches, but he will be involved. He's a solid PPR RB that is a do-it-all kind of feature back that are so rare in the NFL today. He may no longer be elite but he should be serviceable.
5 5.12 FantasySharks.com DeSean Jackson WR WAS 28 4
I was looking at RB here too but felt DeSean was a little too good to pass up. Sure, he could turn back into a pumpkin but I think with a new contract and a new start, he'll be primed for one of his best efforts yet.
6 6.01 FantasySharks.com Brandon Lloyd WR --- 33 9
I felt the Brady/Gronk lure reeling me in. Plus I feel that Lloyd can be a superstar on the Patriots. Week 9 is going to be a brutal bye week!
7 7.12 FantasySharks.com Mark Ingram RB NO 25 1
I need RBs after the Brady/Gronk open. It really puts you behind the 8-ball at RB or WR when you open QB/TE. It was an experiment, we'll see how it shakes out. I feel with only Steven Jackson on my roster at RB I need to grab a couple more while there's something to choose from. I get hives thinking about Mendenhall of Vereen as my two choices in a couple of rounds. I'm not a big fan of Ingram but he should get chances in a prolific offense.
8 8.01 FantasySharks.com Donald Brown RB SD 27 3
Reaching down a little for Donald Brown. I like him better than many of the RB choices ahead of him on the ADP list. He's a starting RB with speed. For those that have forgotten, Brown was a 2009 1st round draft pick of the Colts and was expected to be the man. Now he gets his chance.
9 9.12 FantasySharks.com Mike Williams WR --- 27 2
A couple of names come to mind here but there is something about Mike Williams that intrigues me this year. With the pressure off him needing to be a #1 and I believe the maturation of Josh Freeman as an NFL QB, adds up to a fine season for Mike Williams.
10 10.01 FantasySharks.com Malcom Floyd WR SD 33 8
Color me curious. Someone has to catch the ball, Floyd has nice size and the demise of Rivers is a little premature. Opportunity will be there, there is skill here, let's see how Floyd handles some of the better corners in the league.
11 11.12 FantasySharks.com Josh Freeman QB --- 27 3
I am a fan. I know he had a rough year but the talent is there with Freeman. He is someone I target in drafts and I am happy to add him for his bounce back year!
12 12.01 FantasySharks.com Randy Moss WR --- 38 14
I'll spin the wheel that in this best ball format, Randy Moss can still contribute an occasional week to this team. I think him capable of a few big games even if the 49'ers likely won't be airing it out a ton. Pure gamble here but it is late enough to take a chance.
13 13.12 FantasySharks.com Ryan Fitzpatrick QB NYJ 32 7
Fitzpatrick stands out to me as a player of value. Which is hard to say about what little is left on the bone.
14 14.01 FantasySharks.com Greg Olsen TE CAR 30 5
It was Olsen or Rudolph and while I really do like the youngster in Minnesota, John Carlson frightens me just a tad. Olsen is capable and makes a nice value add.
15 15.12 FantasySharks.com Chicago Def CHI    
Da-Bears. I like their return game and their ability to put up fantasy points.
16 16.01 FantasySharks.com Stephen Gostkowski PK NE 31 6
Let's grab a kicker here too. It comes down to Janikowski or Gostkowski for me. Since I can't spell or pronounce either, I'll go with the Patriot.
17 17.12 FantasySharks.com Mike Goodson RB --- 27 3
A backup to McFadden seems like a good option. Knowing early on that I'd be scraping the RB barrel late, I'd be looking for some goal line plungers and Goodson has that plus a little more potential given the fragility of McFadden.
18 18.01 FantasySharks.com Mike Tolbert RB CAR 29 4
Tolbert is easier to draft in a best ball format where you know you'll be getting his TD scores. Coupled with some receptions out of the backfield, I expect there should be some weeks where Tolbert contributes to my squad. As the FB, he'll be on the field more often than DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart so should see plenty of snaps. Most will be blocking plays for him but he will have his share of plays too.
19 19.12 FantasySharks.com Tennessee Def TEN    
The Titans are an up and coming defense having spent the majority of their draft on defensive players. After phenom receiver Kendall Wright in the 1st, the Titans went all defense sans a TE pick later in the draft. The Titans D is a favorite late round deep sleeper that I have been adding in deep drafts like this one.
20 20.01 FantasySharks.com Nate Kaeding PK --- 33 8
Going under the theory that season ending lightning can't strike twice to the same player, Kaeding can't burn me two years in a row in a best ball league. Can he?