2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1 Results: DLF.com - TheFFGhost

Experts Mock Draft Results: DLF.com - TheFFGhost

Drafter: TheFFGhost


2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 18th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Doug Martin RB TB 26 R
It's really hard to go wrong with Martin, I'm just a bit surprised that he fell to me.
2 2.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 2
Grabbing what looks like the top TE this season at 2.08 is very tough to pass on. While this isn't a TE premium league many of the super elite WRs are gone and the drop-off between TE1 and TE2 this season could be very significant.
3 3.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Maurice Jones-Drew RB --- 30 6
At this point RBs were coming off the board very quickly so MJD was a quick grab here. He is certainly in decline but his production should be enough to justify his selection here.
4 4.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Tom Brady QB NE 37 12
The true core of a strong team is a strong QB. Brady just flat out finds ways to win and with several of the super-elite QBs off the board I needed to take Brady here. This pick occurred before the Hernandez trouble and may hurt Brady's production some but I still stand by it.
5 5.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Le'Veon Bell RB PIT 22 -1
Being able to grab a third starting running back should help my team a lot, especially one I was very high on even before the draft. Bell will likely be in play as the offensive rookie of the year and I've very happy to be able to grab him in the 5th!
6 6.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Tavon Austin WR STL 24 -1
I have every belief that Austin will be a PPR monster. Even if he produces exactly as much as Amendola per game then this pick will be well above it's value.
7 7.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Stevie Johnson WR SD 28 4
Stevie J should be the beneficiary of a revamped passing attack this season. I am loving the ability to grab a value like this in the 7th.
8 8.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 22 -1
Hopkins has all the potential in the world. If the Texans can use him right early then this pick could turn out to be one of the best in this draft at the end of the season.
9 9.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Kyle Rudolph TE MIN 25 1
With Ponder's lack of arm strength, Harvin's departure from Minnesota and Rudolph's continuing comfort with the pro game I think Rudolph will be a big beneficiary of this situation. I expect a big year from him and possible emergence as an elite tight end.
10 10.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Vincent Brown WR OAK 26 1
Brown is a bit of risky pick here but his upside is undeniable. If he performs even halfway up to his expectations then grabbing him in the 10th could help my team a lot.
11 11.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Ryan Broyles WR DET 26 R
Pick made based on My Draft Queue
12 12.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Robert Housler TE --- 27 1
Pick made based on My Draft Queue
13 13.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Antonio Gates TE SD 34 9
My draft experienced "technical difficulties" with a computer crash. This pick had to be made immediately upon my log-in and I was unable to see my previous two auto-picks. As such I wouldn't have drafted a *4th* TE but it is what it is, Gates in the 13th round could by dividends if he returns to the seasons he saw 2-3 years ago.
14 14.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost San Francisco Def SF    
15 15.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Leonard Hankerson WR ATL 26 1
Pick made based on My Draft Queue
16 16.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 26 R
Tannehill could be a very sneaky pick when this season is all said and done. He will be at the controls of a revamped and suddenly potent offensive unit in Miami. He may be a bye weak filler but if Brady does falter I think Tannehill will keep me competitive.
17 17.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost A.J. Jenkins WR --- 24 R
With Crabtree out for most (or all) of the season Jenkins looks to be in-line, or at least in strong competition, for his spot. A possible WR2-WR3 in the 17th is nothing to sneeze at.
18 18.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Quinton Patton WR SF 24 -1
So just to be safe, I drafted Patton a round after Jenkins to make sure I got Crabtree's replacement. With this pick I can feel confident that I've grabbed a solid WR to help offset the issues I had in the middle of the draft.
19 19.05 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Brandon Gibson WR NE 27 3
Gibson will likely surprise a lot of people. He has always been just under the radar in a Rams offense that has often lacked a legitimate WR1. When the Rams had Lloyd Gibson was often a WR2 to WR3 startable option. With Wallace in Miami Gibson should be a nice spot starter or quality back-up.
20 20.08 DLF.com - TheFFGhost Connor Barth PK DEN 28 4
He's a kicker, and I needed one. 'Nuff said! Thanks to FFToolbox for having me! I had a really fun time and you guys (and gal) are great!