2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #3 Results: DraftSharks

Experts Mock Draft Results: DraftSharks

Drafter: Matt Schauf


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #3

Draft took place July 9th, 2013

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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.08 DraftSharks Calvin Johnson WR DET 29 5
Calvin obviously tops everyone's WR board. But if I could do this over, I'd take Ray Rice instead. I've skipped RB in the 1st 2 rounds twice recently, and neither left me comfy with the results. That said, I'd still take Calvin on the redo if Engel takes Rice instead of Lynch -- then perhaps make the tough decision to skip over Jimmy Graham in Round 2.
2 2.05 DraftSharks Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 2
Graham shouldn't stay on the board this long. Gronk's back trouble makes the Saints' TE the most dominant #1 at any fantasy position heading into this season. Despite skipping the RBs in Round 1, I can't say that I regret this pick at all. He belongs in the 2nd half of Round 1 in PPR drafts.
3 3.08 DraftSharks Lamar Miller RB MIA 23 R
This is a reach, driven by my WR-TE start. I wanted McFadden but obviously sat just a little too far into Round 3 for him. All that said, Miller brings breakout potential into 2013. The Dolphins are giving him the job with weak options behind him. Miller's long speed adds intrigue, though his outlook may depend on the O-line improving significantly over last season.
4 4.05 DraftSharks Danny Amendola WR NE 29 4
Wes Welker went from a 67-687-1 line in Miami to leading the NFL with 112 catches in his 1st Patriots season. And that came with Randy Moss starting on the other side. Amendola brings the same obscenely high PPR ceiling in an offense full of question marks. And his injury history doesn't worry me at all. The collarbone and elbow were freak-type injuries. Not like he had recurring knee trouble or something.
5 5.08 DraftSharks Chris Ivory RB NYJ 27 2
This one felt like a reach, but Ivory could definitely provide this type of value if he stays healthy. The Jets' line remains good, and the team should showcase that again after getting rid of the plodding Shonn Greene. Ivory is the "runs angry" type.
6 6.05 DraftSharks Cam Newton QB CAR 25 1
If you can get Newton as your starter in normal drafts, go for it. I certainly followed the value board here. As the draft went on, I found myself wishing I'd waited for Tony Romo. But looking back at the results, I don't love any of the RBs or WRs who went between this pick and my next. QBs will rarely slide like they did here.
7 7.08 DraftSharks Andre Brown RB --- 28 3
I like Wilson's talent the same as most folks. But I also won't forget the fact that he spent most of last year on the sideline, with coaches saying he wasn't ready for even a complementary backfield role. Brown, meanwhile, looked terrific when he got the ball. I'd bet on Wilson putting up bigger numbers, but I'm also open to the possibility of Brown outscoring him. At the least, he should be the goal-line back under a coach who has long favored a 2-RB approach.
8 8.05 DraftSharks Michael Floyd WR ARI 25 R
Floyd didn't do a whole lot as a rookie, but Bruce Arians has had a lot of nice things to say about him since taking over the head job this offseason. Floyd took over a starting role in team workouts and gets a boost from the attention necessarily paid to Larry Fitzgerald. This tall speedster brings loads of 2013 upside.
9 9.08 DraftSharks Pierre Thomas RB --- 30 5
I love this guy. He is New Orleans' best RB. I only hope Sean Payton finally treats him as such. If he does and Thomas stays healthy, he'll be among the most talked-about players in fantasy this year.
10 10.05 DraftSharks Vincent Brown WR OAK 26 1
A broken ankle wiped out Brown's 2nd season. But the whole team gets a restart under the new staff of HC Mike McCoy. Brown has drawn praise and climbed the depth chart this offseason. The next Danario Alexander injury might be the only thing standing between Brown and San Diego's #1 WR spot in 2013.
11 11.08 DraftSharks Brandon Pettigrew TE DET 30 3
I don't love Pettigrew, but he catches a lot of passes for a team that forgot you're allowed to hand it off. I picked him here simply because of the 2 flex spots.
12 12.05 DraftSharks Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 6
This felt early for a backup in a draft that saw QBs slid so much, but there's no better value in the players who went behind Cutler. If he gets comfy with Marc Trestman's scheme this summer, Cutler could finish among the top 12 QBs. I'd take him as a low-end starter.
13 13.08 DraftSharks Mike Goodson RB --- 27 3
Each passing day makes the gun-and-drugs arrest look less like it will impact this season. Goodson brings game-breaking speed and caught 40 passes for the Panthers back in 2010. He also outperformed Darren McFadden in Oakland last year. He just needs touches. And the Jets need playmakers. Handcuffing him to Ivory serves as a bonus for me here.
14 14.05 DraftSharks Brandon LaFell WR NE 28 2
Sometimes you just have to take the guy at the top of your draft list. LaFell improved his receptions per game and TDs last year despite missing 2 weeks. He might have to beat out Domenik Hixon to keep a starting job, but opportunity and a good QB await.
15 15.08 DraftSharks Robert Housler TE --- 27 1
No way would I take a 3rd TE in a typical league. But there could be weeks where Housler and Pettigrew both fill flex spots here with Graham starting. Housler has breakout-type talent, and defenses could lose him between the dynamic outside WRs.
16 16.05 DraftSharks Jeremy Kerley WR NYJ 26 1
Kerley caught 27 more passes than any other Jet last season, and they haven't done much to improve that area.
17 17.08 DraftSharks Justin Forsett RB BAL 29 4
I totally (and mistakenly) bought into Forsett as the Seattle starter in 2010 after a terrific finish to 2009. But he performed well behind Houston's zone blocking last year and will find a similar scheme under the new Jacksonville coaches. Opportunities should arise playing behind the deteriorating MJD, and I don't believe in Denard Robinson debuting as a #2 RB in the NFL. I think he'll need more time to transition.
18 18.05 DraftSharks Chicago Def CHI    
I'll take a shot on fantasy's dominant #1 D from a year ago. The team almost certainly won't score 9 defensive TDs again, but turnover potential remains. And losing an aged Brian Urlacher shouldn't hurt much.
19 19.08 DraftSharks Leonard Hankerson WR ATL 26 1
I don't believe in Hankerson, but there's not a lot of other upside in Washington's WR corps. RG3 made all of his pass-catcher better last season and should do so again. The question will be whether Hankerson can seize the bigger role his coaches hope for or prove he's just a big, fast guy who can't turn into an NFL starter.
20 20.05 DraftSharks Phil Dawson PK SF 40 14
Add a huge team upgrade to a big leg -- 14 of 15 from 50+ over the past 2 years -- and you get a potential #1 overall fantasy kicker for 2013. No reason Dawson can't replicate David Akers' 2011 in San Fran.