2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1 Results: Bruno Boys

Experts Mock Draft Results: Bruno Boys

Drafter: Marc Caviglia & Sean Morris


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 25th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.12 Bruno Boys Trent Richardson RB OAK 23 R
The 3 starting WR PPR format steered more of the first round picks toward early receiver picks than I was anticipating. Four of the five picks preceding mine were wide receivers which signaled that value was elsewhere. I was ecstatic to see Trent Richardson on the board here and happily selected him. By all accounts he may be in for one of the heaviest dual purpose running back workloads in recent memory. Richardson is on track to be at full health by Week 1 and given how ridiculously successful his injury-riddled rookie campaign was, the sky is the limit now that Pat ?Can?t Buy a First Down? Shurmur is gone.
2 2.01 Bruno Boys Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 28 5
As I stated above the value at the turn in this draft was of the running back variety. This pick still gave me some pause though. On the one hand I had several valuable PPR options in Matt Forte and Steven Jackson but on the other hand Marshawn Lynch, a notably anti-PPR back, was available. Lynch has an absolute stranglehold on his role in Seattle and the expected growth of the offense was too tempting to pass up. The potential boost to goal line touches was enough for me to take him as a safe option here after his two consecutive top 6 PPR RB finishes. The DUI case is a concern but not enough of one to pass on elite talent.
3 3.12 Bruno Boys Andre Johnson WR IND 33 9
As with my earlier picks the idea here was to pick against the grain. After only one wide receiver went during the 12 prior picks, the value was there. It was a complete surprise to see someone like Andre Johnson still out there. He has been going before the 4th round in 2 starting WR formats so there is no way he should have fell to me there in a 3WR format. The addition of DeAndre Hopkins to the offense will likely free Johnson up for even more opportunities. The wear on Foster makes it likely the Texans will shift towards the pass in 2013. Getting a legitimate top 8 WR here is just another example of the benefits of waiting on WR this season.
4 4.01 Bruno Boys Darren McFadden RB DAL 27 4
I regretted this pick immediately after making it. I was already strong at running back and the format dictates that it?s preferable to play WRs at the flex positions. The problem is that I really like McFadden this season and I quite honestly don?t want others to have him. With the zone blocking system abolished and the power running scheme reinstalled, McFadden should flirt with elite numbers again for as many games as he can stay on the field. I think what really makes him valuable in ppr formats is that if he ever finishes a season, DMC?s a lock for 50+ receptions. Looking back, the pick here was Victor Cruz, the last of the really elite young PPR receivers.
5 5.12 Bruno Boys Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 4
Again the value at the turn was at WR. The problem was that I didn't really like any of the options on the board. I ended up taking an early upside pick. Garcon battled injury literally all of last season and it looks as if he?s unlikely to ever fully heal which makes him a risk. His upside, however, is immense. Garcon managed to put up near WR2 PPG numbers despite playing through injury. His chemistry with Robert Griffin is unparalleled and no other receiver on the team has really stepped up. Garcon will lead the Redskins? receiving corps yet again and 75+ receptions is a very achievable number. Relying on him as a WR2 shouldn't be too much of a stretch.
6 6.01 Bruno Boys Ahmad Bradshaw RB --- 29 5
I was surprised that Bradshaw remained on the board into the 6th round of an Experts league. The hard running back isn?t known for staying healthy but he is known for solid pass blocking and explosive running ability, both of which are skills the Colts desperately need. Bradshaw will come in as the full time starter because of his blocking ability and will have every chance to succeed against light run defenses thanks to the threat posed by Andrew Luck?s arm. Over the last 3 years Bradshaw has averaged the 13th most PPR PPG of any back in the league. Bradshaw won?t see as much work as he did in New York but he?ll get plenty more looks in the passing game making him a PPR commodity. If he?s stay healthy and keeps Ballard in check, it wouldn?t be too shocking to see him finish the year as a high end RB2. That?s not bad for a 6th round RB4!
7 7.12 Bruno Boys Matthew Stafford QB DET 27 3
I started getting a little nervous after seeing a few QBs come off the board and decided to grab Stafford here. I could have waited until the 9th but with everyone picking twice before me it was tough to hold off. The scoring settings are yardage and interception friendly so I really wanted a QB that could threaten to throw for 5000 yards and his share of multi TD games. Stafford easily meets those requirements and should destroy his 2012 numbers. He adds Reggie Bush as a safety valve and gets a healthy receiving corps to throw to. Titus Young is gone and Ryan Broyles is poised to breakout alongside Burleson and Megatron. Top 5 seems to be a probable finish if everything holds together.
8 8.01 Bruno Boys Dennis Pitta TE BAL 29 2
This draft presented an interesting new perspective on drafting a tight end. It?s extremely rare that I don?t end up with Graham, Witten or Gronk on my team but it happened that way here. Pitta is the next best option now that he is the most reliable option left in Baltimore. On a per route run basis Pitta was elite last season. His main fantasy impediment was Boldin who split time with him in the slot, where he was most productive. Now that Boldin is gone, Pitta will run far more routes and be in the slot more regularly. He?ll easily eclipse his numbers last season and is stupid good value in the 8th. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up my team?s best pick of the draft.
9 9.12 Bruno Boys Alshon Jeffery WR CHI 25 R
I got myself into a world of trouble by not taking my WR3 sooner so these two picks are my best attempt at cutting the losses. I took the lone remaining receiver on the board I thought was capable of putting up starter caliber numbers. With Trestman now in Chicago, it?s been emphasized that Brandon Marshall will no longer be option number one, two and three in the passing game. The ball will be spread around and Jeffery is the one most likely to benefit. It?s unclear exactly to what extent he?ll benefit but looking at Trestman?s other offenses, WR2 numbers wouldn't be unheard of for a player in his position. This was a sizable reach and my WR corps is a liability but with some luck one of my next few picks will rise to the occasion and helpout.
10 10.01 Bruno Boys Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN 28 2
Getting Emmanuel Sanders here was too bad. He has yet to prove he can put up consistent fantasy numbers but he is the WR2 in a Pittsburgh offense that is as devoid of receiving options as anytime during Big Ben?s tenure. With Heath Miller still recovering from a brutal knee injury and Antonio Brown likely to be the focus of opposing secondaries someone needs to step up. It?s either going to be Sanders, Cotchery or Wheaton. I?ll be praying I guessed correctly.
11 11.12 Bruno Boys Fred Jackson RB BUF 34 6
My draft value sense kicked in here. Fred Jackson is going in the early 8th in most PPR leagues and for good reason. He?s already proven he can be an elite PPR commodity and he?s backing up a smallish running back that will be seeing his first truly heavy workload. I don?t buy into the thinking that Fred Jackson will be relegated to true backup duties. Jackson has been a productive complementary back his entire career and he?s perfectly suited for keeping Spiller fresh. Jackson finished RB34 last year in PPR formats despite playing only 10 games, all of them second fiddle to Spiller. I?d be willing to bet that is his floor which makes him an RB3 in this format. I now have a running back corps deeper than most two team pairs which is never a bad thing.
12 12.01 Bruno Boys Santonio Holmes WR --- 31 6
With this pick I continued my quest for potential WR3s by landing a guy that when healthy could easily be a WR2. Problem is, Santonio Holmes is not healthy. Coming off a severe Lisfranc fracture, Holmes is reportedly finally ?learning to walk again?. Still, he?s the Jets clearcut WR1 and the passing game can?t possibly get worse than last season. There is no guarantee Holmes even plays Week 1 but if/when he does start playing he should put up good enough numbers to justify his draft position here. After all, he was on pace for 80recs for 1088 yards and 4 TDs before he was injured last season.
13 13.12 Bruno Boys Jermaine Gresham TE --- 26 2
I didn't need to back Pitta up in the draft but given how many roster slots we have it was prudent. Gresham flew under the radar last season as the TE10 in PPR formats with numbers virtually identical to his sophomore season. He outscored names like Rudolph, Bennett, Gates and Finley by 11+ points. Dennis Pitta only surpassed him by 2 points in 2012. Even after the addition of Eifert (who doesn't really pose a threat), Gresham should remain one of the most reliable low end starting TEs in the league. He?s great to have around as a matchup play and any growth he manages is a bonus.
14 14.01 Bruno Boys Philip Rivers QB SD 33 8
Rivers is far and away my favorite sleeper and comeback player this season. It seems that his 2012 season was so bad that people forgot just how good he was the four years prior. Rivers is currently being drafted as if he is expected to finish the same as last season. Yes, his offensive line is garbage but his receiving corps is finally starting to recover from the loss of VJax. The emergence of Danario Alexander, return of Vincent Brown and addition of Danny Woodhead all mean that Rivers has some weapons to throw to again. Over the final five weeks of 2012, Rivers threw 8TDs versus only 1INT which is hardly exciting but proves that his game recovered late last season. I?m drafting Rivers as a low-end backup (based on ADP) but that?s his floor. This pick has virtually no risk and tons of upside.
15 15.12 Bruno Boys Golden Tate WR DET 26 2
This is the first of several late round fliers that I?m using on wide receivers. Golden Tate was outstanding last season given how few targets he received. On a per touch basis he made Sidney Rice look terrible in comparison. Tate emerged as a favorite red zone target of Russell Wilson. If rumors are to be believed, the addition of Percy Harvin means that Seattle is planning to pass more in 2013. If that is the case it would not be the least bit surprising to see Tate pass Rice on the depth chart especially after Carroll vowed to get him the ball more last month. At worst he?ll be the #3 option in the passing game which shouldn?t be bad since he?ll see very little good coverage. In the 15th round I?ll risk him.
16 16.01 Bruno Boys Chicago Def CHI    
17 17.12 Bruno Boys Stephen Hill WR CAR 23 R
Again I?m fishing for wide receivers. I don?t particularly like Hill but his failure as a rookie draws more from his raw nature coming into the NFL than anything else. There should be at least some improvement after a year in the league. I already have Holmes on the squad and Kerley offers no upside so I figured I?d take a shot on Hill. Someone has to emerge for the Jets in 2013, and I have the better half of the receiving corps so I should have a decent shot at attaining some production.
18 18.01 Bruno Boys Mike Goodson RB --- 27 3
Goodson is another backup that I see as very underrated and he?s absolute gold in the 18th round. He?s been productive every chance he?s been given in the NFL. He?s been stuck as a backup forever yet his current situation may be his best yet. He?s behind a completely unproven and injury prone Chris Ivory on a team that runs the ball religiously. The problem with this pick is the pending court case against Goodson for drug possession. His case has already been pushed back until September and much like Lynch?s DUI problem, it may take over a year to resolve. If convicted, Goodson will certainly be suspended but if not, Goodson will be one of the most valuable backups in the league this year.
19 19.12 Bruno Boys Randy Bullock PK HOU 25 R
Bullock is an under the radar pick at kicker this season but in my mind he is one of the safest bets this season. Outside of the Patriots, the Texans are the only team in football that has finished top 10 in kicking points for the past three seasons. The Texans have finished 5th and 6th the past two years and look like a lock for another solid fantasy kicking season in 2013.
20 20.01 Bruno Boys DuJuan Harris RB MIN 26 1
DuJuan Harris played only 4 games last season and averaged 11.25 PPR fantasy points in those games. He?s not likely to enter the season as Green Bay?s starter but he?s a virtual lock to beat out one of the rookies for change of pace role. Rookies typically struggle in pass protection so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Harris get a fair amount of work on passing downs. Harris is a natural out of the backfield so don?t rule him out as a fantasy commodity this season. He?s a flier pick right now but it wouldn't be a surprise to see both him and Green ahead of the rookies on the depth chart come week one.