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Experts Mock Draft Results


2012 Experts Mock Draft (August)

Draft took place Aug 14 - 24

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
51 5.03 @Football_Guys DeSean Jackson WR WAS 28 4
The Eagles have a high-powered passing game, and the flashy DeSean Jackson often overshadows the consistent performances of Jeremy Maclin. Jackson is the home run hitter who doesn't always connect every week, making Maclin the safer fantasy WR2 - but if you want big play potential and punt return options then DeSean is your guy. In best ball - big play players are your friend, so DeSean it is!
52 5.04 @FF_Today Antonio Gates TE SD 34 9
I had Michael Turner, Michael Vick and a pair of TE pre-drafted at this pick - in reverse order. Gates was my number one choice although it was really dead even between him and Aaron Hernandez. Already certain I'm going to get raked over the coals for this draft, I'm not going to settle for an average RB in Turner (had he made it) or C.J. Spiller just to finally address the position. I'd rather get players capable of being the best at their position while they are still available, of which Gates/Hernandez/Vick fit the bill.
53 5.05 @draftcalc C.J. Spiller RB NO 27 2
54 5.06 @mschauf63 Michael Vick QB --- 34 11
I almost took him last turn, so what the heck? The format obviously gives me all the ups while downplaying the downs. I think Vick is a strong value at this stage in regular leagues, too, though. He already showed that his per-game ceiling is likely higher than anyone else's at the position. (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Cam. Go pretend to rip your shirt open somewhere else.)
55 5.07 @2MugsFF Antonio Brown WR PIT 26 2
I had my eyes on Vick, but with him going the pick before this I'll shore up my WR spot with Brown as my WR3. After going RB-RB to start, I'm very happy ending up with Nicks, Lloyd, and Brown as my weekly starters. Seems like a good year to wait for your WRs if the RB talent is there at the beginning.
56 5.08 @JameyEisenberg Stevie Johnson WR SD 28 4
He's the Michael Turner of wide receivers. But he's been 75-1,000-7 the past two years and is the only good WR in Buffalo.
57 5.09 (Matt) @FFToolbox Roy Helu RB OAK 26 1
Helu has some upside despite the smoke and mirrors game played by Mike Shanahan. Hate to leave some of these WRs on the board right now but you've got to secure your starters at RB pretty early.
58 5.10 @kffl Vincent Jackson WR TB 32 7
The "price" of taking Cam Newton when he fell into my lap was that I'd probably miss out on a preferred player at WR2 because of how quickly players at the position were coming off the board. It was a worthwhile risk, and even though I'm not high on V-Jax, he's certainly a plenty serviceable WR2, the type I'd be happy to land were I to go QB earlier than I expected. There'll just be some weeks in which I'll need one of my late-round surprise picks to come through more than he does.
59 5.11 @FansFantasy Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 30 5
Bowe is the most talented of the WR's available. Will he or won't he report but when he does his numbers speak for themselves. TE is still very deep and RB at this point seems like a lost cause for my team so I will go for the biggest boom pick
60 5.12 @FantasySharks Aaron Hernandez XX --- 25 2
If Tom Brady is involved, it usually means solid numbers for anyone receiving the ball. Hernandez is as good as they come and will be relied upon to help move the chains in the Patriots offense. I don't like to draft a TE early this year but to my eye, Hernandez has fallen in this draft and represents good value here rolling into the 6th round.
61 6.01 @FantasySharks Shonn Greene RB TEN 29 3
RB is about to disappear completely so I'd like to get one while I still can. A couple of choices here but Greene I believe has some upside if the Jets finally get down to running the ball. I would have drafted 2 RB's here but the Hernandez selection before this was just too tempting.
62 6.02 @FansFantasy Willis McGahee RB --- 33 9
Have to get a RB as I agree not ruch left...McGahee is the clear starter with a Manning at QB
63 6.03 @kffl Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 4
Not ordinarily my type of guy, but again, in a situation about which I can't complain. Torrey Smith or Garcon? Wasn't an easy call for me, but it's clear that Garcon has developed a relationship with his rookie QB that should pay off, and he's the most dangerous receiver on a team that may have to pass more often than it'd like.
64 6.04 (Matt) @FFToolbox Kenny Britt WR STL 26 3
Britt can be a Top 5 receiver if he plays 16 games. I'll happily risk it with a sixth round pick that would otherwise be spent on what I perceive to be low-end WR2s.
65 6.05 @JameyEisenberg Torrey Smith WR SF 26 1
Should be in line for a breakout season as long as his ankle is OK. Considered him with the previous pick, glad he made it back around.
66 6.06 @2MugsFF Peyton Hillis RB --- 29 4
As long as he stays healthy, I'll take the over on 230 carries. Hillis offers a versatile flex option. He'll probably have a small role in the passing game, but he'll make up for his lack of receptions with touchdowns hopefully.
67 6.07 @mschauf63 Robert Meachem WR --- 30 5
The talent has always been there. The accurate, consistent QB is still there (though a different one). Now Meachem adds opportunity under a coach who has said he believes strongly in the former Saint.
68 6.08 @draftcalc Vernon Davis TE SF 31 6
69 6.09 @FF_Today Kevin Smith RB --- 28 4
Smith surprised everyone when he was pulled off the street midseason last year and performed well. Off the street people! Now look at him, the last guy standing between him, Jahvid Best and Mikel Leshoure to start the season, and with a full training camp under his belt. Smith showed his talent as a rookie and has clearly re-dedicated himself to the game with his comeback. Staying healthy has always been a concern for Smith, but with so many pros in his favor - talent, opportunity, high powered offense, pass catcher - he is a good bet to produce what I need, and perhaps then some, getting him at this point in the draft when RB pickings are slim.
70 6.10 @Football_Guys Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 28 4
Purely looking for TD opportunities here. I think the Panthers will try and protect Newton more, giving the rock to Stewart at the goal line.
71 6.11 (Ben) @BenStandig Jermichael Finley TE --- 28 4
Didn't really want to go TE here, but there's no WR jumping out at me. Instead I'll shore up the receiving corps with Finley, the best TE left - and I kind of think by a decent amount.
72 6.12 @thehuddle Matt Ryan QB ATL 29 4
Big fan of the Dirty Birds offense this year, and I know QBs will be picked clean so I'd better get one at this turn.
73 7.01 @thehuddle BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB --- 29 4
Not sure if BJGE can take on Ced Benson's carries in Cincy, but I'm willing to risk a mid-round pick and a flex spot that he can--especially compared to other backs left on the board.
74 7.02 (Ben) @BenStandig Stevan Ridley RB --- 26 1
Just not in love with the remaining receivers. We'll see if only having two at this point bites me. The backs will be gone by the time I pick again. Since this is my fourth, I'll shoot for the moon with the Patriots young buck.
75 7.03 @Football_Guys Reggie Wayne WR --- 36 11
Savvy veteran wide receiver who is the Colts #1 guy, and he has a good QB again in Luck. Garbage time counts too :)
76 7.04 @FF_Today Donald Brown RB SD 27 3
With two of the three teams to the left of me passing at QB, that opens the door for me to pass too and wait until the next round. Of course I have my preferences at the position of those still available, and anything could happen in this draft, but playing the odds I should be in line for a decent starter. This allows me to keep digging for a decent RB after my early WR hoarding. Donald Brown - yeah, never been a big fan, but the opportunity is there and he is a good pass catcher. He's the most experienced RB on the Colts and the team should lean on him to protect their new prized asset. He's a worthwhile bet at this price.
77 7.05 @draftcalc Mark Ingram RB NO 25 1
78 7.06 @mschauf63 Fred Davis TE --- 29 4
I don't like the fit of any WR here, so I'll go for a high-upside TE instead of reaching there. It doesn't seem like Davis is drawing raves this preseason, but he was top-5 before his suspension last year despite having Rex Grossman and John Beck at QB.
79 7.07 @2MugsFF Peyton Manning QB DEN 39 14
The hardest part here was trying to decide which QB to take since a lot of them have fallen here. I've found that Manning has ended up on a lot of my teams this year, and that I'm absolutely fine with. As most people are projecting Decker and Thomas to both have pretty big seasons, I'll take the guy who is going to be responsible for making that happen.
80 7.08 @JameyEisenberg Isaac Redman RB --- 30 3
If his groin is a huge issue then this pick is a waste. If he's fine, then this is a steal. Not expecting much from Rashard Mendenhall this year, and Redman has the chance to be a Top 20 RB.
81 7.09 (Matt) @FFToolbox Titus Young WR --- 25 1
When you like a player, sometimes you have to get him a round early. That's the case here as I like Young's sleeper potential, even though everybody considers him a sleeper.
82 7.10 @kffl DeAngelo Williams RB PIT 31 6
If I had to set a lineup every week, no way I'd take him here because, obviously, he's part of a crowded backfield and it's very difficult to predict which weeks to play him. The Panthers still love his homer-hitting ability, and he'll get the rock enough to stick in my corner-infield spot in several weeks. If someone in Carolina's backfield gets hurt (hopefully not Cam, and besides Mike Tolbert), DAW's value skyrockets.
83 7.11 @FansFantasy Denarius Moore WR OAK 26 1
love the upside as my WR4
84 7.12 @FantasySharks Beanie Wells RB --- 26 3
Running backs are hard to come by this year so you have to gamble here and there. Beanie Wells is coming off a solid year, had some minor'ish surgery this off-season and has a brand sparkling new rookie to contend with at the position. But somehow, I still like him as a fantasy player. Go figure.
85 8.01 @FantasySharks Eli Manning QB NYG 34 8
This pick is a little easier for me to digest in a best-ball format like this having already drafted Drew Brees. Manning will have his big days and between the two, I feel pretty good about having my quarterback position nailed down.
86 8.02 @FansFantasy Ben Tate RB --- 26 2
Tate has as much upside as any RB at the is point and since I have gone WR heavy, I need RB's with upside. Tate is one play away from being a super stud
87 8.03 @kffl Philip Rivers QB SD 33 8
Ordinarily, I wouldn't seek QB security this early, especially because I have one of the top five options at the position already. Cam Newton, you might say, is in harm's way a bit more often than other top fantasy passers. Plus, I can't ignore the value of a Rivers when I'd be considering a backup QB in a round or two anyway. His numbers in his final nine games (2,540 passing yards, 20 TD passes, 9 INTs) suggested that he'd about turned it around. There are plenty of WRs and TEs left, and many are similar, at this point.
88 8.04 (Matt) @FFToolbox David Wilson RB --- 23 R
Love the rookie's upside, particularly in PPR leagues. Ahmad Bradshaw seems to miss a few games per year as well.
89 8.05 @JameyEisenberg Tony Romo QB DAL 34 9
Wasn't expecting to see both Eli and Rivers come off the board. I'll settle for Romo even with all his problems right now.
90 8.06 @2MugsFF Ryan Williams RB DAL 24 1
At this point I feel good about taking someone like Williams who could emerge as a decent RB2 option. When (not if) Beanie gets hurt, there will be a couple of weeks where he'll be very valuable.
91 8.07 @mschauf63 Malcom Floyd WR SD 33 8
I don't like Floyd in a lineup-setting format -- especially with Meachem already in tow. I'll take his big games with Philip Rivers here, though. The combo serves as fantasy insurance with a passing game that doesn't have too many down weeks.
92 8.08 @draftcalc Jacquizz Rodgers RB --- 25 1
93 8.09 @FF_Today Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 33 8
Not the QB I was hoping for on the way back but still pretty satisfied with Roethlisberger as a late drafted starter. He's got a trio of good receivers, now Wallace is back, and the running game looks like a bit of a mess plus the defense is showing its age. Big Ben could be in line for more passing attempts than we are accustomed to seeing from him. Here is hoping his stats trend upwards too and his body can handle the wear and tear, a legitimate concern, for sure.
94 8.10 @Football_Guys Robert Griffin III QB WAS 25 R
Hard to believe that the "experts" are taking QB2s in Round 7 and 8 of a 4pt per pass league, but whatever... I will take a young QB who could run for several TDs this year, giving him Cam Newton upside.
95 8.11 (Ben) @BenStandig Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 6
Other than echoing the surprise from others about backup QBs being selected so early in such a league, I'll move on and take one (I'm scared to wait even with just two picks in between my next selection). I actually like Cutler a touch more than normal and I love that I can pair him with Marshall. So, there's that.
96 8.12 @thehuddle Brandon Pettigrew TE DET 30 3
Pettigrew is the guy I hope to grab right around this portion of the draft if I miss out on the elite four TEs. More upside than what's left at his position.
97 9.01 @thehuddle Darrius Heyward-Bey WR PIT 28 3
Love DHB's upside with a full offseason of work with Carson Palmer. And two years ago if you told me I'd ever use the words "love" and "DHB" in the same sentence I would have fitted you for a straight jacket.
98 9.02 (Ben) @BenStandig Anquan Boldin WR SF 34 9
Looking for some safety with WR3 slot. Welcome to the team Anquan Boldin.
99 9.03 @Football_Guys Santonio Holmes WR --- 31 6
Another WR where you would hate to have him in a weekly lineup, but in best ball? Sure, since he should be good for 7 or 8 TDs.
100 9.04 @FF_Today Cedric Benson RB --- 32 7
Not loving this pick but since I've backed myself into a corner here having to take a RB and Benson seems like a reasonable risk at this point compared to the other options.