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Experts Mock Draft Results


2012 Experts Mock Draft (June)

Draft took place June 6, 2012 - June 25, 2012

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
151 13.07 (Ben) @BenStandig Davone Bess WR --- 29 4
Yeah, not so thrilled right now since all the players I wanted just went ahead of me. Oh well. Bess is hardly exciting, but the Dolphins don't have much else and he averaged 77.5 catches during 2009-10.
152 13.08 @thehuddle Rueben Randle WR NYG 23 R
Had a couple options here, but I like the combo of Randle's "floor" as the Giants WR3 and upside if Cruz falters or Nicks' foot injury lingers.
153 13.09 @kffl Lance Kendricks TE STL 27 1
I rarely draft a No. 2 tight end in such a shallow format, but the best-ball design makes it a must. Kendricks could be the heart and soul of the Rams' passing game in 2012. St. Louis has little to speak of at wide receiver, at least when it comes to proven players, so the young tight end should be the focal point when Sam Bradford is trying to get out of sticky situations.
154 13.10 @mschauf63 Jon Baldwin WR --- 25 1
I'd favor Doug Baldwin here easily if looking for a player I could insert into a PPR lineup when needed. Given the format, though, these late spots are all about upside. It's tough to imagine a consistent year from Jon Baldwin, but it's not hard to envision the occasional 2-TD outing.
155 13.11 @Rotoworld_FB Baltimore Def BAL    
156 13.12 (Matt) @FFToolbox Alex Smith QB KC 30 7
Smith won't have any huge games, hopefully I won't need him to.
157 14.01 (Matt) @FFToolbox Houston Def HOU    
158 14.02 @Rotoworld_FB Joe McKnight RB KC 26 2
159 14.03 @mschauf63 Philadelphia Def PHI    
There was so much negativity surrounding this D last year that it's easy to overlook the fact that it finished top-5 in fantasy. The Birds only added to the pass rush and picked up the best MLB they've had in a long time. Philly has a shot at being No. 1 in 2012.
160 14.04 @kffl Danny Amendola WR NE 29 4
Amendola could be a key factor in the Rams' passing game and is the only receiver Sam Bradford has shown to have chemistry with. I don't expect a lot from him, but he is worth a flier at this stage of the draft. I considered similar players like Eddie Royal, Austin Collie and Golden Tate.
161 14.05 @thehuddle Green Bay Def GB    
Can't really call it getting sniped in R14, but I did think Joe McKnight would still be available here. So I'll shift gears and go with the defense I project with the most fantasy points this season.
162 14.06 (Ben) @BenStandig New England Def NE    
Should be improved across the board this season plus they have games against the entire NFC West, Jaguars, Colts plus two games against the so-so (at best) AFC East quarterbacks.
163 14.07 @FantasySharks David Akers PK --- 40 14
I want a pair of quality kickers and have learned if I don't jump in and grab them, it does get a little dicey later on. I know there are 32 starting defenses to choose from and I will have two "starters" but with kicker battles and various unknowns at this point early in the drafting season, I want a couple of sure bets and Akers is certainly one of them.
164 14.08 @draftcalc Kevin Smith RB --- 28 4
165 14.09 @FF_Today James Jones WR OAK 30 5
This is a best-ball strategy pick, adding Jones to team with Randall Cobb in the hope between the two of them they can produce starter worthy fantasy numbers most weeks.
166 14.10 @JameyEisenberg Mike Goodson RB --- 27 3
I think I've seen Darren McFadden get hurt once or twice so getting his backup is never a back idea. Only thing that could impact Goodson would be a Cedric Benson signing. Goodson won't be on the level of Michael Bush, but he could play well if given a chance. He's worth the risk here.
167 14.11 @2MugsFF Tim Hightower RB NO 28 4
Everyone loves Roy Helu, and they should. However, Shanahan can't be trusted, so even though he's coming off a knee injury, Hightower will get reps. In RD 14? Why not.
168 14.12 @FansFantasy Vincent Brown WR OAK 26 1
He showed flashes last year. High powered offense with a healthy Rivers should be a nice 60 catch or better year.
169 15.01 @FansFantasy LaMichael James RB MIA 25 R
Hunter may be the next guy up if Gore goes down, but I like the upside of James here.
170 15.02 @2MugsFF Austin Collie WR --- 29 3
Little risk in RD15, and only upside.
171 15.03 @JameyEisenberg Nate Washington WR TEN 31 7
Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright are banged up, and Washington had a career year last season with 74 catches, 1,023 yards and seven touchdowns. He won't come close to those stats again, but he does have 19 touchdowns in three years with the Titans. I'll stick with the theme of Round 15, why not?
172 15.04 @FF_Today Christian Ponder QB OAK 27 1
173 15.05 @draftcalc Stephen Gostkowski PK NE 31 6
174 15.06 @FantasySharks Chicago Def CHI    
I know the Ravens are out there, as are the Steelers, but I lean the Bears given the defensive heavy draft they had and the constant threat for their special teams to return touchdowns.
175 15.07 (Ben) @BenStandig Evan Royster RB --- 27 1
Debated taking Hightower last round more as a Helu hedge than actually thinking Timmy will be a factor. Seeing as Hightower is an injury waiting to happen and the Redskins would be wise not to overwork Helu on a weekly basis, I'll go with the next back up. Royster's final two games of 2011 might prove to be the best of his career, but you don't need a map to see how he could be a factor this season.
176 15.08 @thehuddle Alex Green RB --- 26 1
The Packers look to be standing pat with their current backfield, which leads me to believe they think Green will be healthy sooner rather than later--and that he'll be a contributor. Even if he's not ready for the start of training camp, or even kickoff weekend, a fresh back in an explosive offense is a nice add for the fantasy homestretch.
177 15.09 @kffl New York Def NYG    
I probably should have taken Green Bay last time around, but I feel NYG makes for a respectable consolation prize. They have an aggressive DC and plenty of pass rush.
178 15.10 @mschauf63 Sebastian Janikowski PK OAK 37 12
Tony Holm lured me into drafting a kicker earlier with his purdy words. That and I think we all realize the extreme upside on Janikowski when you're in a format that mitigates his down weeks.
179 15.11 @Rotoworld_FB Baltimore Def BAL    
180 15.12 (Matt) @FFToolbox Pittsburgh Def PIT    
181 16.01 (Matt) @FFToolbox Kendall Hunter RB SF 26 1
182 16.02 @Rotoworld_FB Martellus Bennett TE CHI 28 4
183 16.03 @mschauf63 Marcel Reece RB OAK 29 4
A fullback who played receiver in college, Reece SHOULD remain a factor in the Oakland backfield whether McFadden is healthy or not. He COULD be a big factor, but we'll see what the coaches actually do.
184 16.04 @kffl Taiwan Jones CB OAK 26 1
I think Taiwan Jones has the most upside of any back behind McFadden, and being an owner of DMC, I could do worse than cover my bases with this speedster.
185 16.05 @thehuddle Jerome Simpson WR SF 29 4
The obvious pick here would have been Owen Schmitt to make sure the entire Raiders backfield was covered, but after back-to-back Packers the past two rounds this lifelong Vikings fan needed to get the bad taste out of his mouth. Sure, Simpson will miss the first three games but he made big plays in limited opportunities in Cincy and will be the field-stretcher for a Vikings team that will likely need to go deep often.
186 16.06 (Ben) @BenStandig Detroit Def DET    
187 16.07 @FantasySharks Mason Crosby PK GB 30 5
There's nothing like 7 XP's a week to bolster your fantasy squad. Crosby is obviously a solid kicker on a high octane offense that will get a lot of opportunity to kick extra points with an occasional field goal sprinkled in. I know the job is his so I'll take him here.
188 16.08 @draftcalc Knowshon Moreno RB --- 27 3
189 16.09 @FF_Today Buffalo Def BUF    
190 16.10 @JameyEisenberg New York Def NYJ    
191 16.11 @2MugsFF Kansas City Def KC    
192 16.12 @FansFantasy Denver Def DEN    
193 17.01 @FansFantasy Seattle Def SEA    
I would never take a second D in a draft league but this format requires it and Seattle hasa week 11 bye :)
194 17.02 @2MugsFF Cincinnati Def CIN    
195 17.03 @JameyEisenberg Dallas Def DAL    
196 17.04 @FF_Today Dan Bailey PK DAL 27 1
197 17.05 @draftcalc Brandon Jacobs RB --- 32 7
198 17.06 @FantasySharks Cedric Benson RB --- 32 7
With every possible Raiders backup RB to Darren McFadden going in a dizzying flurry, I figure now is a good time to roll the dice on the rumored Raider, Cedric Benson. If Benson were to sign with the Raiders, it would be a good situation for him and he would likely be the first one to get the chance at running the ball if McFadden were to go down. I had a couple of late draft RB gambles on my last and Benson is one of them.
199 17.07 (Ben) @BenStandig Mohamed Sanu WR CIN 25 R
Won't surprise me if the 6-foot-2 target starts opposite A.J. Green as a rookie. I'll go this route over Leonard Hankerson or Mario Manningham in part because those teams have more options at WR.
200 17.08 @thehuddle Matt Bryant PK ATL 39 10
Indoor kicker on an explosive offense without training camp competition. It's that last bit that makes Bryant the pick here rather than waiting another round or two.