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Experts Mock Draft Results


2012 Experts Mock Draft (July)

Draft took place July 16 - 27

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
51 5.03 @FansFantasy Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 30 5
Could hold out but 3 out of the last 4 years over 1000 yards and avg over 75 catches when healthy.
52 5.04 @Rotoworld_FB Percy Harvin WR BUF 26 3
53 5.05 @draftcalc C.J. Spiller RB NO 27 2
Spiller is the only RB/WR left capable of top 5 numbers at his position. That = steal right there. The great part is that there is very little risk at this draft slot, as he could produce this value even if he doesn't meet my lofty expectations.
54 5.06 (Matt) @FFToolbox Frank Gore RB IND 31 7
Gore isn't a sexy pick anymore, but he's on a run-oriented team and if the planets align, he could produce first round numbers.
55 5.07 @2MugsFF Jahvid Best RB --- 26 2
As my RB2, I'm taking the explosive talent over time-share scrubs.
56 5.08 @FF_Today Aaron Hernandez XX --- 25 2
Had Jahvid Best made it here he would have been a consideration to pair up with Jamaal Charles at RB, but the next best TE are turning into good value at this point. Ideally I would wait another round, but I don't think either Aaron Hernandez or Antonio Gates are making it back to me if I pass on them here. I like their catch and TD potential enough to pay a small premium over the next group at TE - Vernon Davis, Jason Witten and perhaps Jermichael Finley. I'll go with Hernandez even in a sharing role with Rob Gronkowski and the addition of Brandon Lloyd to the Patriots. Remember Hernandez was the youngest player in the league his rookie season, and talent-wise he is off the charts, so using the cream rises to the top philosophy, his 79-910-7 line last year may not be his high water mark.
57 5.09 @thehuddle Reggie Bush RB SF 30 6
Was planning to go a different direction here, but Bush is far and away the best player left on my board. He can be AP insurance or my flex; I'll address those other needs after the turn.
58 5.10 @JameyEisenberg Roy Helu RB OAK 26 1
I have no idea what Shanahan is going to do, but I do know Helu is the best RB on his roster. Hopefully talent rises up here.
59 5.11 (Ben) @BenStandig Stevie Johnson WR SD 28 4
Need a QB, but can wait after the turn since the team picking back-to-back has Brady. I need WR more than RB and no back is all that exciting, though I might have taken Helu. So, Little Stevie it is...
60 5.12 @FantasySharks DeSean Jackson WR WAS 28 4
I was looking at RB here too but felt DeSean was a little too good to pass up. Sure, he could turn back into a pumpkin but I think with a new contract and a new start, he'll be primed for one of his best efforts yet.
61 6.01 @FantasySharks Brandon Lloyd WR --- 33 9
I felt the Brady/Gronk lure reeling me in. Plus I feel that Lloyd can be a superstar on the Patriots. Week 9 is going to be a brutal bye week!
62 6.02 (Ben) @BenStandig Eli Manning QB NYG 34 8
Looks like about half the teams still need a QB so rather than settle for leftovers, I'll take the one I want. Now I have Eli and Cruz. That's some sweet action.
63 6.03 @JameyEisenberg Antonio Gates TE SD 34 9
All reports are that he's healthy (for now) but he could challenge Gronk and Graham for the No.1 TE spot if he plays close to 16 games.
64 6.04 @thehuddle Antonio Brown WR PIT 26 2
Was kind of hoping Stevie Johnson would make it back to me, but Brown is hardly a consolation prize.
65 6.05 @FF_Today Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 28 4
Drafting Jonathan Stewart seems to be a recurring theme for me in mock drafts this season. Through four seasons and less than expected results, people are shying away from Stewart because he has a tough time earning enough opportunity to be a reliable starting fantasy option. Opportunity can change quickly. Talent can't be taught. To that end - much like the Dez Bryant and Aaron Hernandez picks - I'll draft Stewart at this price for his talent and take my chances a better opportunity presents itself for him and he "literally" runs with it. This may end up being a good example of a risky, high upside team overall, but particularly with this pick if you're going to draft QB, WR and TE early, take your shots on upside in the mid to late rounds.
66 6.06 @2MugsFF Matt Ryan QB ATL 29 4
Grab my QB before the run starts. Love the upside of this offense this year.
67 6.07 (Matt) @FFToolbox Vernon Davis TE SF 31 6
Davis should see less coverage with an improved receiving corps around him this season.
68 6.08 @draftcalc Jermichael Finley TE --- 28 4
I had both Graham and Finley pegged for the kind of season Graham had last year. Finley is just late to the party!
69 6.09 @Rotoworld_FB Jason Witten TE DAL 32 9
70 6.10 @FansFantasy BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB --- 29 4
So I had TE all ready here but the TE run has me changing gears...side note end of the 6th and Romo, Rivers and Manning still on the board, great argument for waiting on a QB there. I am thinking RB here with Beastmode maybe getting suspended, I reach a bit for the one with I think the most upside of the next RB run.
71 6.11 @mschauf63 Eric Decker WR NYJ 28 2
I think he comes with top-10 upside thanks to some 6-5, 230-pound quarterback with a laser, rocket arm.
72 6.12 @kffl Willis McGahee RB --- 33 9
A solid RB3 with Peyton Manning under center. Isn't a "wow" guy but has a great opportunity to repeat his 2011 surprise.
73 7.01 @kffl Tony Romo QB DAL 34 9
Not a bad Round 7 get: 26-plus TD tosses over his last four full seasons, and even if the run game becomes heavier, nothing tells me that streak will end in 2012.
74 7.02 @mschauf63 Robert Meachem WR --- 30 5
Too many fantasy owners seem to look at Meachem and see a guy let them down the last time (or two) he was trusted. Get over it, and realize he could do the same stuff Vincent Jackson did in this spot.
75 7.03 @FansFantasy Torrey Smith WR SF 26 1
He may be listed as a WR2 in the Baltimore depth chart, but if he builds on his rookie year he will wind up as an WR1
76 7.04 @Rotoworld_FB Shonn Greene RB TEN 29 3
77 7.05 @draftcalc Denarius Moore WR OAK 26 1
Moore can earn this kind of value on even a disappointing season. I think he could outplay this value by a ton.
78 7.06 (Matt) @FFToolbox Philip Rivers QB SD 33 8
Rivers has to play better than last year, right? Even without Vincent Jackson, a rebound feels imminent.
79 7.07 @2MugsFF Fred Davis TE --- 29 4
I've said it before, bears repeating: The Skins WR corps is a crap shoot, but Fred Davis should be a consistent target for RG3. Waiting on a TE makes sense this year.
80 7.08 @FF_Today Reggie Wayne WR --- 36 11
Sure, Reggie Wayne is 33 which marks a downward trajectory to his career from here on out, but I love the value at this stage of the draft and happy to add him as my WR3. I essentially got another Marques Colston three rounds later. Wayne earned 75-960-4 last season with a complete disaster at QB last season when Peyton Manning couldn't guide the ship. Rookie Andrew Luck is an immediate upgrade, and while I'm sure the Colts will continue to struggle to a degree, Luck with Bruce Arians at OC will air it out and lean heavily on the established veteran receiver.
81 7.09 @thehuddle Robert Griffin III QB WAS 25 R
Was afraid I was going to miss out on the QB run; fortunately RG3 and his potential are still on the board.
82 7.10 @JameyEisenberg Titus Young WR --- 25 1
Seems like a good spot for him here. Hopefully he will do what most expect and outplay Nate Burleson in what should once again be an explosive passing offense.
83 7.11 (Ben) @BenStandig Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 4
The one Redskins wide receiver with a defined role. If you believe RGIII produces as a rookie - which clearly one of mock drafters does - than projecting Garcon finishing the season higher than his current ADP is not a stretch.
84 7.12 @FantasySharks Mark Ingram RB NO 25 1
I need RBs after the Brady/Gronk open. It really puts you behind the 8-ball at RB or WR when you open QB/TE. It was an experiment, we'll see how it shakes out. I feel with only Steven Jackson on my roster at RB I need to grab a couple more while there's something to choose from. I get hives thinking about Mendenhall of Vereen as my two choices in a couple of rounds. I'm not a big fan of Ingram but he should get chances in a prolific offense.
85 8.01 @FantasySharks Donald Brown RB SD 27 3
Reaching down a little for Donald Brown. I like him better than many of the RB choices ahead of him on the ADP list. He's a starting RB with speed. For those that have forgotten, Brown was a 2009 1st round draft pick of the Colts and was expected to be the man. Now he gets his chance.
86 8.02 (Ben) @BenStandig James Starks RB GB 29 2
Yeah, the Packers are hardly a run-heavy team, but there is still pretty much only one RB option worth considering. If Starks can get even just a little more goal line love and avoids injury, could be major surprise in this offense.
87 8.03 @JameyEisenberg Peyton Manning QB DEN 39 14
As the last team to draft a QB, you're left with slim pickings in terms of starting Fantasy options. While Peyton Manning is a huge risk, he also presents amazing value at this spot if he returns to form. Taking a backup QB soon has now become a priority.
88 8.04 @thehuddle Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 33 8
Was considering pairing RG3 with Peyton; with that plan scuttled, I'll hope Big Ben can wrap his brain around the new offense.
89 8.05 @FF_Today David Wilson RB --- 23 R
I wouldn't have minded James Starks falling to me at this pick, but he went three slots earlier. Peyton Hillis is another player I've drafted heavily this year, whether I've got Jamaal Charles or not. On the safe side, Hillis should have been the pick, but I decided to roll the dice and see how much further he might fall. The answer: hardly at all as he went right after this pick. Ben Tate was also a consideration as an important handcuff who produces as a backup. This goes to show waiting on RB can still be a good way to go because nabbing one or two of the RBs in this range can net some big results once the season gets going. Now finally on to David Wilson. Wilson is a rookie but steps into a nice immediate opportunity sharing the load with Ahmad Bradshaw. The Giants utilize two RBs effectively, and I've never felt they truly trusted Bradshaw to a great degree watching his career with the club since his rookie season. They were clearly sick of Brandon Jacobs' act so it was no surprise he wasn't resigned. They invested a first round pick in Wilson so clearly he's got some "it" factor the team likes. A very risky fantasy starting selection but a great RB3 to RB4 who could pay off handsomely sooner than many fantasy players think.
90 8.06 @2MugsFF Peyton Hillis RB --- 29 4
Anyone who scores (when healthy) in the pathetic CLE offense, is worth a spec add, especially considering Charles will likely forgo GL work to him.
91 8.07 (Matt) @FFToolbox Sidney Rice WR --- 28 5
Fantasy can be a game of hypothetical scenarios. With that in mind, what if Sidney Rice can stay healthy? I think a near All-Pro year is possible if he plays 16 games.
92 8.08 @draftcalc Ben Tate RB --- 26 2
Landing Tate is critical for all Foster owners, but I like grabbing him even in leagues/drafts where i don't own Foster. Tate is the one NFL back-up rusher that can play like a low-end RB1 if his starter ever went down.
93 8.09 @Rotoworld_FB Justin Blackmon WR JAX 25 R
94 8.10 @FansFantasy Michael Bush RB --- 30 5
Seems like the one play away backups are going here, so I will join in the fun. Forte was a GL nightmare last year so I expect Bush to be used in that role in the very least.
95 8.11 @mschauf63 Lance Moore WR --- 31 7
Replacement pick made by Commissioner
96 8.12 @kffl DeAngelo Williams RB PIT 31 6
Grabbing a piece of this elite running game makes for decent RB depth. DAW will have plenty of flex-worthy weeks despite Cam Newton's TD vulturing.
97 9.01 @kffl Matt Schaub QB --- 33 8
Decent value for a backup that, though his team is run-first, still has Andre Johnson to throw to. Also considered Jay Cutler, who went in the very next pick.
98 9.02 @mschauf63 Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 6
This feels a bit early for a second QB, but I don't feel the need to chase TE -- or the other positions -- here. The format means I'll use Cutler more than just on Vick's bye, and I like the Bear's big-game potential better than others remaining. Of course, Vick's injury risk also makes a strong backup worth securing.
99 9.03 @FansFantasy Stevan Ridley RB --- 26 1
Pick Skipped By Commissioner Replacement pick made by Commissioner
100 9.04 @Rotoworld_FB Michael Crabtree WR --- 27 3
Pick Skipped By Commissioner Replacement pick made by Commissioner