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2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 18th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
51 5.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Cam Newton QB CAR 25 1
Seemed like good value here. Can't see him regressing too much this season, and his legs make him a fairly safe bet as a QB in the 5th round. Even though QB is deep this season, I often feel that if I wait past the 5th or 6th round, I don't like what is left at the position, and wish I had pulled the trigger earlier. And I am not a fan of quarterback-by-committee... give me a starter with a high floor.
52 5.04 FFToolbox - George Bissell Eric Decker WR NYJ 28 2
53 5.05 - TheFFGhost Le'Veon Bell RB PIT 22 -1
Being able to grab a third starting running back should help my team a lot, especially one I was very high on even before the draft. Bell will likely be in play as the offensive rookie of the year and I've very happy to be able to grab him in the 5th!
54 5.06 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Tony Gonzalez TE --- 39 15
I was all set to go with my WR2 here but when Gonzo fell into my lap I had to grab him. He finished as the #2 TE in PPR scoring in 2012 and with all the drama around Gronkowski and Hernandez he was a no-brainer pick here. Even at 37 years old he continues to produce as an extremely high level.
55 5.07 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 30 5
With two WR's and two RB's on my team, I was looking for a top WR. With the addition of Andy Reid and Alex Smith in Kansas City, I think Bowe will bounce back and have a great season.
56 5.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 4
I was a little bummed that Dwayne Bowe didn't fall one more pick. Garcon's right foot is still a problem for him, and that's more risk than I like to take on this early in a draft. But if he can deal with the pain -- and he has said he will -- I think Garcon will post WR2 numbers this season. Yes, that hinges on the health of Robert Griffin III, but all reports out of that corner sound pretty rosy.
57 5.09 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Vernon Davis TE SF 31 6
58 5.10 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins Stevan Ridley RB --- 26 1
This is grand larceny. For a team like mine that only drafted one running back through 4 rounds, to see Stevan Ridley's name here was crazy. I had planned on taking a much riskier pick here, so to snag Ridley as my RB2 in the 5th round is extreme value. The Hernandez and Gronk issues should bode well for Ridley and his goalline opportunities.
59 5.11 FFToolbox - Rob Warner Aaron Hernandez XX --- 25 2
Whoops -- though this was great value especially with Gronk ailing and Welker in Denver but didn't factor in the potential Murder charges and release / potential lifetime jail sentence. Jake Ballard (former Giant) could be the starting Pats TE in week 1 unless the sign a free agent (Dallas Clark ??). Downgrade Tom Brady.
60 5.12 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Torrey Smith WR SF 26 1
61 6.01 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Antonio Brown WR PIT 26 2
62 6.02 FFToolbox - Rob Warner Chris Ivory RB NYJ 27 2
Injury concerns are a major red flag (played in just 24 games over first 3 seasons) but the Jets boast a solid O-line and will be one of the more run focused offenses whether they have Sanchize or rookie Geno Smith under center. The 25 year old has been mired in a crowded Saints backfield but posted an impressive 5.1 YPC (256 carries for 1,307 yards and eight touchdowns). Ivory is a solid RB2 with RB1 upside if he's able to stay healthy.
63 6.03 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins Josh Gordon WR CLE 23 R
Kid has to serve a suspension, but after that, he makes a very solid WR4 for my squad week in and week out. If he stays out of trouble, Gordon should prove to take that next step in fantasy star development.
64 6.04 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Vick Ballard RB IND 24 R
65 6.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Russell Wilson QB SEA 26 R
Wait on quarterbacks. Wait, wait, wait. Without any context, I have done that here. I have Wilson ranked as a top-five fantasy quarterback right now, and getting him in the sixth round brings major value. However, considering that Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick were still on the board, you could make an argument that I should have waited even longer. Knowing how the next couple of rounds transpired, I should have strengthened my running backs here with Ahmad Bradshaw, then drafted Ryan in the seventh round.
66 6.06 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain T.Y. Hilton WR IND 25 R
With an aging Reggie Wayne on the opposite side of the field, I believe T.Y. Hilton will have a solid season. It was between Hilton and Tavon Austin here and I elected to go with the player who already has one season under his belt.
67 6.07 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Steve Smith WR BAL 35 11
Steve Smith continues to be the forgotten man in fantasy but he makes a solid #2 receiver at this point in the draft. If Cam continues to play in 2013 the way he finished 2012 then Smith could even see an uptick in points this year. I would've taken Smith over several of the receivers taken before him.
68 6.08 - TheFFGhost Tavon Austin WR STL 24 -1
I have every belief that Austin will be a PPR monster. Even if he produces exactly as much as Amendola per game then this pick will be well above it's value.
69 6.09 FFToolbox - George Bissell Colin Kaepernick QB SF 27 1
70 6.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Ahmad Bradshaw RB --- 29 5
This seemed like an absolute steal here. Assuming his chronic foot injuries are behind him, this is about as good as you can do in the 6th round for a PPR RB3. I really like the flex potential here. Between CJ2K, Sproles, and Bradshaw, my RBs should catch a ton of passes. Not buying the Vick Ballard stuff... I think Indy wants Bradshaw to be the man, but Ballard is serviceable enough to keep Bradshaw from getting overworked.
71 6.11 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Greg Jennings WR --- 31 6
72 6.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Jeremy Maclin WR KC 26 3
Last season Maclin was a 4th/5th round draft pick. Getting him late in the 6th this season seemed solid and I think he will have a better go this season.
73 7.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Cecil Shorts WR HOU 27 1
Shorts averaged almost 70 yards and about 4 receptions per game with 7 TDs last season. If you take out his two low performing games these numbers jump significantly (about 81 yards and 4.5 receptions per game). First pick of the seventh round felt really good here. I would like to see his TDs jump this season, but all-in-all I can deal with his numbers and he is fairly consistent.
74 7.02 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Eddie Lacy RB GB 24 -1
75 7.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Danario Alexander WR --- 26 2
Many people seem to be forgetting what a monster Alexander was last season. Unless Vincent Brown reemerges early, I'm pretty confident Alexander will continue to be Rivers' main weapon in the outside/vertical passing game. Maybe not a high volume of targets, but the yardage and TDs should definitely be there. Feeling pretty good about Megatron, Amendola, and Alexander as my starters.
76 7.04 FFToolbox - George Bissell James Jones WR OAK 31 5
77 7.05 - TheFFGhost Stevie Johnson WR SD 28 4
Stevie J should be the beneficiary of a revamped passing attack this season. I am loving the ability to grab a value like this in the 7th.
78 7.06 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Mike Williams WR --- 27 2
Was hoping James Jones would continue to fall, but after he got taken I went to my #2 choice in Williams. He, like Steve Smith, continue to get no respect in the fantasy community and I am not sure why. He finished 2012 as the 18th best WR yet he came off the board here as the 26th WR taken. Love that value.
79 7.07 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain Andrew Luck QB IND 25 R
You would think I was a Colts fan with back to back picks! It was between Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan and I elected to go for Luck who will not only post solid passing yards but also rushing yards as well.
80 7.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Kenny Britt WR STL 26 3
The equation is simple with Britt: No suspensions plus no injuries equal possibility for big numbers. He has shown flashes of greatness, but knee surgeries and really bad decisions have stunted his career. Britt is just 24 years old and excessively talented. In a perfect world, he would have a more-accurate quarterback throwing to him, but I am very happy to have a healthy Britt as my WR4.
81 7.09 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 28 4
82 7.10 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins Matt Ryan QB ATL 29 4
Okay, more highway robbery. Letting Matt Ryan slip to the 7th while some are paying 2nd round price for Peyton. Hmm, there's a good chance IMO, that Ryan outscores Peyton Manning this year. I'm just sayin...
83 7.11 FFToolbox - Rob Warner DeSean Jackson WR WAS 28 4
Chip Kelly's fast past offense figures to be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate D-Jax's career after he a rib injury ended his season after just 11 disappointing games (45 catches for 700 yards and two touchdowns). Kelly has vowed to use D-Jax speed more by using him in the rushing game - not an ideal scenario for avoiding injury.
84 7.12 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Matthew Stafford QB DET 27 3
85 8.01 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Rashard Mendenhall RB --- 27 4
86 8.02 FFToolbox - Rob Warner Robert Griffin III QB WAS 25 R
The ultimate risk reward pick and a gamble well worth taking in round 8 as the Skins expect him to be ready for week 1 following ACL/LCL surgery. RGIII finished his rookie season with 3,200 passing yards, 815 rushing yards, 27 total touchdowns and just seven turnovers. Should be a solid QB1 especially if Garcon and Fred Davis prove to be healthy.
87 8.03 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins Giovani Bernard RB CIN 23 -1
My announced 2013 Skyrocket RB. This is the running back whose fantasy value will skyrocket by the time September comes. Why? He's already announced as the 3rd down guy catching Dalton's dumpers. Throw in a few pre-season runs, and this kid is bringing twice the lightning that the Law Firm does. By week 8, he could be challenging for serious carries. I think he's just much more explosive than BJGE and the coaching staff will see it.
88 8.04 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Miles Austin WR PHI 30 6
89 8.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Jared Cook TE STL 27 3
I was very annoyed that Miles Austin was taken one spot ahead of me here. I settled for Cook because we are able to start two tight ends in this league, and because I didn't really like any of the running backs in this area. We know Cook has plenty of potential, but now he is part of a team with a coaching staff that actually wants to unlock it. Cook could be Sam Bradford's top target, and it wouldn't shock me if he finishes the year inside the top seven in fantasy points among tight ends.
90 8.06 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain Shane Vereen RB NYG 26 1
This pick looks even better today now that it appears that Aaron Hernandez is looking at significant legal troubles in the immediate future. Couple that with Gronkowski's injury history and I think Shane Vereen might be my best pick of the draft thus far.
91 8.07 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Tony Romo QB DAL 34 9
This is definitely the year to wait on QB, whether others want to buy into the strategy or not. Some still feel the need to jump on QBs early, but when you can get a QB who finished 8th in 2012 in the middle of the 8th round, it is pure value. Let others jump on the big names early, stay the course, build up your other skill positions then grab a starting QB late and your team will be much stronger for it.
92 8.08 - TheFFGhost DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 22 -1
Hopkins has all the potential in the world. If the Texans can use him right early then this pick could turn out to be one of the best in this draft at the end of the season.
93 8.09 FFToolbox - George Bissell BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB --- 29 4
94 8.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Jermichael Finley TE --- 28 4
I'll be honest, I am targeting Vernon Davis as my TE in every draft this season, but he was snatched from me in this mock, so I decided to wait. TE is very deep this season. Finley still has a lot to prove, but any TE tied to Aaron Rodgers has some upside. My slight lack of confidence in Finley will most likely necessitate my drafting another TE later, if I can find some value
95 8.11 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Eli Manning QB NYG 34 8
96 8.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Ronnie Hillman RB DEN 23 R
Monte Ball and Hillman will be dueling it out for the starting gig in Denver. Ball looks good and he went early in this draft. I think Hillman, who has been gaining weight and strength in the offseason, will get more touches than most think this season and he might get third down and goal line work. Hillman was a steal at 8.12 in my opinion.
97 9.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Dennis Pitta TE BAL 29 2
I waited on the TE position as the big names went earlier. Pitta has solidified his value as the stop gap for Flacco and seems to end up with the ball more often than not. I like his play-making ability and think he was a solid 9th rounder.
98 9.02 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Mark Ingram RB NO 25 1
99 9.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Anquan Boldin WR SF 34 9
With Crabtree out indefinitely, taking a teams' #1 WR in the 9th round seems pretty sweet to me. I know he's old, but he has Kapernick's trust, and will continue to produce. Not sure I could find a better backup WR at this point in the draft, and one with starter potential.
100 9.04 FFToolbox - George Bissell Lance Moore WR --- 31 7