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Experts Mock Draft Results


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #3

Draft took place July 9th, 2013

Scoring System:

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.01 FantasySharks Arian Foster RB HOU 28 3
2 1.02 Rotoexperts - Tony Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 5
3 1.03 FFToolbox Doug Martin RB TB 26 R
4 1.04 ProFootballFocus Jamaal Charles RB KC 28 4
5 1.05 TheHuddle Trent Richardson RB OAK 23 R
I'm high on Richardson in Norv's offense this year, but I am higher on Jamaal Charles who Jeff took right in front of me.
6 1.06 FantasyTaz LeSean McCoy RB BUF 26 3
7 1.07 RotoExperts - Scott Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 28 5
8 1.08 DraftSharks Calvin Johnson WR DET 29 5
Calvin obviously tops everyone's WR board. But if I could do this over, I'd take Ray Rice instead. I've skipped RB in the 1st 2 rounds twice recently, and neither left me comfy with the results. That said, I'd still take Calvin on the redo if Engel takes Rice instead of Lynch -- then perhaps make the tough decision to skip over Jimmy Graham in Round 2.
9 1.09 World Ranked #20 Ray Rice RB --- 28 4
10 1.10 FootballDiehards C.J. Spiller RB NO 27 2
Spiller's 6.0 yards per carry average tied Adrian Peterson for best in the NFL. He's a solid receiving threat and better between the tackles than he's given credit for. He's a player new HC Doug Marrone will build his offense around until he settles on a QB.
11 1.11 DynastyLeagueFootball Alfred Morris RB WAS 26 R
12 1.12 KFFL - Tim A.J. Green WR CIN 26 1
Green is in the top three at his position and should approach 100 receptions while logging double-digit touchdowns. Besides Megatron, he's as money as you can get.
13 2.01 KFFL - Tim Steven Jackson RB --- 31 8
I'm more optimistic than most on S-Jax. It's a fine offense for red-zone chances -- a welcome feeling following his Rams days -- and his pass protection should keep him in on three downs. He looked fresh at the end of last year. He takes care of his body, and his rep as "injury-prone" is overstated. He has one more elite year left in him.
14 2.02 DynastyLeagueFootball Matt Forte RB CHI 29 4
15 2.03 FootballDiehards Dez Bryant WR DAL 26 2
Bryant had 50 catches for 879 yards and 10 touchdowns in the final eight games last season, numbers that would be among the best in NFL history if projected over a full season. He looks like a guy who's turned the corner. I'm eager to cash in on that.
16 2.04 World Ranked #20 Brandon Marshall WR NYJ 31 6
17 2.05 DraftSharks Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 2
Graham shouldn't stay on the board this long. Gronk's back trouble makes the Saints' TE the most dominant #1 at any fantasy position heading into this season. Despite skipping the RBs in Round 1, I can't say that I regret this pick at all. He belongs in the 2nd half of Round 1 in PPR drafts.
18 2.06 RotoExperts - Scott Reggie Bush RB SF 30 6
19 2.07 FantasyTaz Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 27 2
20 2.08 TheHuddle Darren Sproles RB PHI 31 7
Sproles just doesn't get the love he deserves, even in PPR scoring. I'll gladly take him as my RB2 each and every time I can. Expectation is for him to finish as a RB1. Not to far fetched if you look at what he has done in this format each of the past two years.
21 2.09 ProFootballFocus David Wilson RB --- 23 R
22 2.10 FFToolbox Chris Johnson RB NYJ 29 4
23 2.11 Rotoexperts - Tony Julio Jones WR ATL 26 1
24 2.12 FantasySharks Maurice Jones-Drew RB --- 30 6
25 3.01 FantasySharks Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 31 8
26 3.02 Rotoexperts - Tony Stevan Ridley RB --- 26 1
27 3.03 FFToolbox DeMarco Murray RB PHI 27 1
28 3.04 ProFootballFocus Frank Gore RB IND 31 7
29 3.05 TheHuddle Randall Cobb WR GB 24 1
Thought about White with this pick, but went with Cobb who I think presents tremendous upside for 2013.
30 3.06 FantasyTaz Darren McFadden RB DAL 27 4
31 3.07 RotoExperts - Scott Roddy White WR ATL 33 7
32 3.08 DraftSharks Lamar Miller RB MIA 23 R
This is a reach, driven by my WR-TE start. I wanted McFadden but obviously sat just a little too far into Round 3 for him. All that said, Miller brings breakout potential into 2013. The Dolphins are giving him the job with weak options behind him. Miller's long speed adds intrigue, though his outlook may depend on the O-line improving significantly over last season.
33 3.09 World Ranked #20 Victor Cruz WR NYG 28 2
34 3.10 FootballDiehards Le'Veon Bell RB PIT 22 -1
The Steelers slipped from 11th and 14th in the league in rushing the two previous seasons to 26th in 2012. The team is dead set on changing that. Enter Bell, who is in line to be a three-down weapon. I expect big things based on opportunity alone. Worthy of RB2 status for me.
35 3.11 DynastyLeagueFootball Andre Johnson WR IND 33 9
36 3.12 KFFL - Tim Vincent Jackson WR TB 32 7
V-Jax isn't very PPRey, but he's a consistent big-play threat that counts for plenty in best-ball formats like this one.
37 4.01 KFFL - Tim Montee Ball RB DEN 24 -1
Probably should've gone with Ryan Mathews here, but I like Ball's chances for success if he can play behind Peyton Manning. He's their best option near the goal line and is the presumptive favorite for lead carries.
38 4.02 DynastyLeagueFootball Rob Gronkowski TE NE 25 2
39 4.03 FootballDiehards Percy Harvin WR BUF 26 3
The plan in Seattle is to use Harvin as the same kind of multi-purpose threat he was in Minnesota. The difference? Adrian Peterson notwithstanding, the Seahawks have a much better cast surrounding Harvin. It could make him even more effective than we saw last season.
40 4.04 World Ranked #20 Ryan Mathews RB PHI 27 2
41 4.05 DraftSharks Danny Amendola WR NE 29 4
Wes Welker went from a 67-687-1 line in Miami to leading the NFL with 112 catches in his 1st Patriots season. And that came with Randy Moss starting on the other side. Amendola brings the same obscenely high PPR ceiling in an offense full of question marks. And his injury history doesn't worry me at all. The collarbone and elbow were freak-type injuries. Not like he had recurring knee trouble or something.
42 4.06 RotoExperts - Scott Jordy Nelson WR GB 29 4
43 4.07 FantasyTaz Reggie Wayne WR --- 36 11
44 4.08 TheHuddle Hakeem Nicks WR --- 27 3
Nicks has all the talent to be something special...if only he can stay healthy. He's in a contract year so a healthy Nicks could be huge.
45 4.09 ProFootballFocus Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 30 5
46 4.10 FFToolbox Wes Welker WR --- 33 8
47 4.11 Rotoexperts - Tony Marques Colston WR NO 31 6
48 4.12 FantasySharks Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 4
49 5.01 FantasySharks Rashard Mendenhall RB --- 27 4
50 5.02 Rotoexperts - Tony Ahmad Bradshaw RB --- 29 5