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Experts Mock Draft Results


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 25th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
101 9.05 FFToolbox -Scott Jared Cook TE STL 27 3
Rave reviews coming out of St Louis about Cook and the role he'll have in the offense. Let's see if he can put together a solid season. Considered others but the questions surrounding the Rams wide receivers make me believe he's ready for a true breakout season.
102 9.06 DynastyLeague Football Jonathan Stewart RB CAR 28 4
UGH!!! Drafting Jonathan Stewart is like being in an abusive relationship. You swear its going to be different this time and he's changed. I hope that's the case and I don't take another shot to the chin.
103 9.07 BFDFantasy DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 22 -1
8.6- I was all set on taking my QB in round 8 but could have safely waited until 9.7. 9.7- Taking another shot at glory as I love this opportunity for this kid in this offense opposite Andre!
104 9.08 FFToolbox -Emil Colin Kaepernick QB SF 27 1
105 9.09 FFMagicMan Vincent Brown WR OAK 26 1
Vincent Brown was nothing short of spectacular in his preseason games last year. A broken ankle derailed his season, but he is healthy now and a new coaching regime will have that Chargers' offense hitting on cylinders they haven't dusted off in several years. I expect him to be a household name by the time this season is complete.
106 9.10 ESPN1090 Isaiah Pead RB --- 25 R
107 9.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Owen Daniels TE DEN 32 6
I BELIEVE. Owen Daniels is far enough removed from his injury trouble and is ready to step up and be a big contributor for Houston again. Andre Johnson gets a lot of attention from the defense and the addition of the rookie Hopkins will help Daniels find open space in the middle of the field. Schaub has always liked Daniels as a security blanket and if you can get this type of production from a TE in the 9th round, you have an incredible value and starter to lean on while loading up with other picks earlier in the draft.
108 9.12 Bruno Boys Alshon Jeffery WR CHI 25 R
I got myself into a world of trouble by not taking my WR3 sooner so these two picks are my best attempt at cutting the losses. I took the lone remaining receiver on the board I thought was capable of putting up starter caliber numbers. With Trestman now in Chicago, it?s been emphasized that Brandon Marshall will no longer be option number one, two and three in the passing game. The ball will be spread around and Jeffery is the one most likely to benefit. It?s unclear exactly to what extent he?ll benefit but looking at Trestman?s other offenses, WR2 numbers wouldn't be unheard of for a player in his position. This was a sizable reach and my WR corps is a liability but with some luck one of my next few picks will rise to the occasion and helpout.
109 10.01 Bruno Boys Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN 28 2
Getting Emmanuel Sanders here was too bad. He has yet to prove he can put up consistent fantasy numbers but he is the WR2 in a Pittsburgh offense that is as devoid of receiving options as anytime during Big Ben?s tenure. With Heath Miller still recovering from a brutal knee injury and Antonio Brown likely to be the focus of opposing secondaries someone needs to step up. It?s either going to be Sanders, Cotchery or Wheaton. I?ll be praying I guessed correctly.
110 10.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Brandon Pettigrew TE DET 30 3
If he could only stop dropping the football! I like the upside of Brandon Pettigrew from the 10th round and I believe he will be Matthew Stafford's second option. I see him catching between 70-80 passes this year even with Burleson coming back and Broyles coming back from injury. All he has to do is HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL!
111 10.03 ESPN1090 Aaron Hernandez XX --- 25 2
112 10.04 FFMagicMan Robert Griffin III QB WAS 25 R
RG3 is the second coming of Adrian Peterson. ACL? MCL? With all due respect to the Black Knight, it's just a flesh wound. Give me this guy in the 10th round on all of my teams this season. Even if he scales back the rushing aspect of his game, he has one of the best arms in the league and can be extremely effective, even from the pocket.
113 10.05 FFToolbox -Emil Chris Givens WR STL 25 R
114 10.06 BFDFantasy Tony Romo QB DAL 34 9
Didn't need another QB but in the 10th there was no one I couldn't live without as I will get another RB next round and Romo is still clear starter so I took him. Romo in 10 is insane value!
115 10.07 DynastyLeague Football Danny Woodhead RB SD 30 4
With multiple flex positions in a PPR league, Woodhead can be a poor man's Sproles in SD at worst. If Ryan Mathews can't get it together he has a chance to be much more than that. This pick has the possibility of being one of the steals of the draft, in my opinion.
116 10.08 FFToolbox -Scott Martellus Bennett TE CHI 28 4
It's always nice to have a solid second option at Tight End because you can flex them during bye weeks and injuries. Bennett has a real opportunity in Kromer's new offense. I can see Bennett becoming a quality option for Jay Cutler this season.
117 10.09 FFToday Ben Tate RB --- 26 2
This is an upside pick for a player that will have a great chance to be a top ten fantasy star at his position should the first-stringer miss significant time.
118 10.10 KFFL Antonio Gates TE SD 34 9
Just a pick after taking Vernon Davis, Gates was too good of a gamble to pass up in the late 10th round. He has been brilliant in offseason workouts, looking spry. Gates certainly isn't the player of five years ago, yet he can contribute around the stripe.
119 10.11 CBSSports Ryan Broyles WR DET 26 R
Put Broyles on all your sleeper lists, especially in PPR formats, since he's expected to at least be the slot receiver for the Lions. Keep in mind Matthew Stafford set an NFL record last year in pass attempts, and Broyles looked great when healthy. Of course, two ACL tears in as many years is a risk, but his upside makes him worth it in this spot.
120 10.12 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Sidney Rice WR --- 28 5
Rice will never again be the receiver he was in 2009, but the addition of Harvin should only help him going forward. No longer will he be facing the other team's top CBs and that should open up the space around him a little more. I am high on Russell Wilson as he grows into his role and I think this offense will be one of the best in the league. Love Rice as my #4 WR.
121 11.01 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Brandon Myers TE TB 29 3
Myers burst onto the scene last year and put up some strong numbers, in fact he ended up as the #7 scorer in this system. I don't expect him to replicate those numbers, but Eli always uses his TE and Myers should have another solid showing. I am expecting close to 60 receptions, 600+ yards and 5-6 touchdowns, which will put him as a very high #2 TE.
122 11.02 CBSSports Bryce Brown RB BUF 23 R
This is a lottery ticket in case LeSean McCoy gets hurt again. As we saw last year, when McCoy went down with a concussion, Brown could be a star. He's inconsistent, but he also has more experience this season in what should be a run-heavy offense for the Eagles. I'll gladly let him sit on my bench and see what develops under Chip Kelly.
123 11.03 KFFL Daryl Richardson RB NYJ 24 R
Early word has Richardson running as the starter, and even if he loses the job at some point he'll have a role in the offense. I believe St. Louis sees something in him that the public may not, and D-Rich could be a steal at this point.
124 11.04 FFToday Jacquizz Rodgers RB --- 25 1
125 11.05 FFToolbox -Scott Ronnie Hillman RB DEN 23 R
Here's a candidate for most improved player. He's getting 3/4ths of the reps with the starters. There's little doubt that Ball will be the starter at some point this year, probably pretty early on, but Hillman added weight in the off-season conditioning program and represents somebody I can flex every once in a while due to his value catching balls out of the backfield.
126 11.06 DynastyLeague Football Jordan Cameron TE MIA 26 1
I needed a TE and with all the buzz around Cameron in Chud and Norv's offense, I went with big time upside here. Taking Cameron sorta forced me to take my TE2 a little earlier than I usually do but I'm ok with it if he puts up Greg Olsen type numbers.
127 11.07 BFDFantasy DeAngelo Williams RB PIT 31 6
Deangelo was not my fav here but was last solid guy I saw. Wanted Woodhead, Tate or Richardson
128 11.08 FFToolbox -Emil Joseph Randle RB DAL 23 -1
129 11.09 FFMagicMan Brian Hartline WR CLE 28 3
One of my favorite late-round picks this year. Hartline was woefully mis-cast as a WR1 last year - bring in 60 Minutes and give Ryan Tannehill another year to mature and I see Hartline as a guy who could be a solid WR3 this year, almost always available in the 11th round and later.
130 11.10 ESPN1090 Shonn Greene RB TEN 29 3
131 11.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Eli Manning QB NYG 34 8
I used to avoid Eli Manning in drafts but as he has gotten older, I have come around to his FF potential. He was lackluster without a healthy Nicks last year but that will not be a problem in 2013. If David Wilson is the explosive player we think he will be, it should open up more passing lanes and play action passes downfield for Manning. You may even get a few cheap long TD's from Eli "dumpers" to Wilson, much like Jamaal Charles has done in KC.
132 11.12 Bruno Boys Fred Jackson RB BUF 34 6
My draft value sense kicked in here. Fred Jackson is going in the early 8th in most PPR leagues and for good reason. He?s already proven he can be an elite PPR commodity and he?s backing up a smallish running back that will be seeing his first truly heavy workload. I don?t buy into the thinking that Fred Jackson will be relegated to true backup duties. Jackson has been a productive complementary back his entire career and he?s perfectly suited for keeping Spiller fresh. Jackson finished RB34 last year in PPR formats despite playing only 10 games, all of them second fiddle to Spiller. I?d be willing to bet that is his floor which makes him an RB3 in this format. I now have a running back corps deeper than most two team pairs which is never a bad thing.
133 12.01 Bruno Boys Santonio Holmes WR --- 31 6
With this pick I continued my quest for potential WR3s by landing a guy that when healthy could easily be a WR2. Problem is, Santonio Holmes is not healthy. Coming off a severe Lisfranc fracture, Holmes is reportedly finally ?learning to walk again?. Still, he?s the Jets clearcut WR1 and the passing game can?t possibly get worse than last season. There is no guarantee Holmes even plays Week 1 but if/when he does start playing he should put up good enough numbers to justify his draft position here. After all, he was on pace for 80recs for 1088 yards and 4 TDs before he was injured last season.
134 12.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Rueben Randle WR NYG 23 R
How many guys in FF backup their #1 WR? In certain situations I think it is key. It worked years ago with Joey Galloway/Antonio Bryant in Tampa Bay, it worked with Anquan Boldin/Steve Breaston in AZ and it will work in NY. I can start Randle and Nicks together if need be but if Nicks goes down with an injury, I have a talented WR stepping into an explosive position in the NY Giants offense from the 12th round. Sometimes it can be the position almost as much as the player. Don't be afraid to handcuff a WR if the next guy in line has big upside, no different than handcuffing your top RB.
135 12.03 ESPN1090 Jake Ballard TE --- 27 2
136 12.04 FFMagicMan Zac Stacy RB STL 23 -1
Considered another WR here, but really feeling good about the WRs on the team so far so I opted for more RB depth. I don't envision Stacy being the lead Rams' back this season, but I do think he leaps Richardson for the 2nd spot on the depth chart. If Pead falters, especially around the goal line, look for Stacy to be a sneaky play from week to week.
137 12.05 FFToolbox -Emil Pierre Thomas RB --- 30 5
138 12.06 BFDFantasy Darrius Heyward-Bey WR PIT 28 3
Potential sleeper here in great offense. Thought about Dobson here...
139 12.07 DynastyLeague Football Brian Quick WR STL 25 R
The lone big body in a Rams receiving corp full of small burners. My hope is Quick is a serious red zone presence.
140 12.08 FFToolbox -Scott Johnathan Franklin RB --- 25 -1
Pre-draft, Franklin was being discussed as the #1 rookie RB. Then he lands in Green Bay after Lacy. Well, with Lacy's potential injury situation and the fact that he landed in a high powered offense like GB, makes me confident Franklin will not only be a 3rd down contributor but he has potential to start a few games if something were to happen to Lacy.
141 12.09 FFToday Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 33 8
142 12.10 KFFL Andy Dalton QB CIN 27 1
I think Dalton could have a top-10 fantasy season in 2013. He'll back up Matt Ryan for me, so in this format I get the best of both worlds.
143 12.11 CBSSports Brandon LaFell WR NE 28 2
He's still the No. 2 receiver for Cam Newton, and he flashed some signs of potential last year before getting hurt. He's marginal talent, but he's in an exceptional spot.
144 12.12 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Cordarrelle Patterson WR MIN 24 -1
At this point I am just looking for pure upside. Patterson is raw and I don't love his QB, but he should have some solid games even as a rookie. The problem will be knowing when those weeks will come. I would rather take the chance that he flashes as a rookie then take a guy with very limited upside, just makes no sense to grab a player that has a very low ceiling as a WR5. Safe is not always smart.
145 13.01 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Carson Palmer QB ARI 35 9
I was high on Palmer last year and he didn't disappoint. In the 1st 14 weeks of 2012 he was the 10th best QB in this scoring, ahead of Tony Romo and Andy Dalton. This year he moves to Arizona where they have been dying for decent QB play. Arizona has taken steps to improve the play of their oline and with the addition of coach Bruce Arians, I expect this passing offense to take a major step forward in 2013.
146 13.02 CBSSports Michael Vick QB --- 34 11
Hey, you never know. If he beats out Nick Foles as expected then all he has to do is stay healthy, right?
147 13.03 KFFL Knile Davis RB KC 23 -1
Davis should be the top backup for my previously drafted Jamaal Charles. The rookie may even become a bit of a touchdown vulture because of his size.
148 13.04 FFToday Robert Turbin RB SEA 25 R
149 13.05 FFToolbox -Scott Aaron Dobson WR NE 23 -1
With all the craziness going on in New England, Dobson couldn't have found a better opportunity. He has a real shot at being the #2 or 3 option depending on if Gronk is healthy. Even as Brady's 3rd option, crazy value in the 13th round.
150 13.06 DynastyLeague Football Joique Bell RB DET 28 2
I think Bell, not Leshoure, is the compliment to Reggie Bush in Detroit and if Bush goes down it will be Bell sees his value increase more than anyone.