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2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 25th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
151 13.07 BFDFantasy Greg Little WR CIN 25 1
Value and potential to be decent bye week fill in with any improvement in this offense
152 13.08 FFToolbox -Emil Sam Bradford QB STL 27 2
153 13.09 FFMagicMan Dustin Keller TE --- 30 4
Ordinarily I wouldn't draft a second TE after taking Graham early, but this is a 20-round draft and I can flex a TE if I want to so I'll back up Graham with my favorite late-round TE, Keller. People tend to forget Keller was a Top 10 TE in 2010 and 2011 before a dismal 2012. I look for a nice bounce-back year from a man playing for a new contract.
154 13.10 ESPN1090 Denard Robinson RB JAX 24 -1
155 13.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Keenan Allen WR SD 22 -1
Not Happy here. I was banking on Joique Bell being available and think he is massively undervalued. He is better than LeShoure and will prove it beyond a doubt this season. His yards after contact and his receiving ability make him a no brainer. Instead, I got a talented rookie with the drive and ability to succeed in San Diego. They need WR help so my fingers are crossed.
156 13.12 Bruno Boys Jermaine Gresham TE CIN 26 2
I didn't need to back Pitta up in the draft but given how many roster slots we have it was prudent. Gresham flew under the radar last season as the TE10 in PPR formats with numbers virtually identical to his sophomore season. He outscored names like Rudolph, Bennett, Gates and Finley by 11+ points. Dennis Pitta only surpassed him by 2 points in 2012. Even after the addition of Eifert (who doesn't really pose a threat), Gresham should remain one of the most reliable low end starting TEs in the league. He?s great to have around as a matchup play and any growth he manages is a bonus.
157 14.01 Bruno Boys Philip Rivers QB SD 33 8
Rivers is far and away my favorite sleeper and comeback player this season. It seems that his 2012 season was so bad that people forgot just how good he was the four years prior. Rivers is currently being drafted as if he is expected to finish the same as last season. Yes, his offensive line is garbage but his receiving corps is finally starting to recover from the loss of VJax. The emergence of Danario Alexander, return of Vincent Brown and addition of Danny Woodhead all mean that Rivers has some weapons to throw to again. Over the final five weeks of 2012, Rivers threw 8TDs versus only 1INT which is hardly exciting but proves that his game recovered late last season. I?m drafting Rivers as a low-end backup (based on ADP) but that?s his floor. This pick has virtually no risk and tons of upside.
158 14.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Josh Freeman QB --- 27 3
I knew Freeman would last because people never give him any credit. It seems strange so many people like Vjax, Like Mike Williams and love Doug Martin but nobody says anything about Freeman. How can Vjax and Williams get their numbers without Freeman throwing them the ball? Martin can take a screen pass to the house and those plays are the ones that turn a 250 yard 2 TD game into a 300 yard 3 TD game. Freeman is a great backup with starter potential.
159 14.03 ESPN1090 San Francisco Def SF    
160 14.04 FFMagicMan Rod Streater WR OAK 27 R
A young receiver who made some great strides in his game during his rookie season. We used to talk about the 3rd-year breakout receiver; I think that is becoming more common for 2nd-year receivers in today's NFL. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Streater seized the #2 job behind Denarius Moore in Oakland and while the QB situation is murky, the Raiders will be playing a lot of catch-up this season and Streater may very well flourish in that role.
161 14.05 FFToolbox -Emil LaMichael James RB MIA 25 R
162 14.06 BFDFantasy Bilal Powell RB NYJ 26 1
Needed RB depth and he has a chance to be decent even with Ivory, especially if Ivory gets hurt like he has in past
163 14.07 DynastyLeague Football Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 6
Trust in Trestmann. An innovative play caller using a QB friendly system with Marshall, Jeffrey, and Forte make Cutler a solid QB2.
164 14.08 FFToolbox -Scott Robert Woods WR BUF 22 -1
Total flyer pick here. Probably won't do me any good, but I'm just throwing darts. I don't want safe contributors, I can get that off the waiver wire. I'm looking for a potential injury to Stevie Johnson and this pick goes through the roof.
165 14.09 FFToday Jacoby Jones WR --- 30 5
166 14.10 KFFL Mohamed Sanu WR CIN 25 R
Sanu has crazy upside and is healthy to start the year. This is an all-upside selection.
167 14.11 CBSSports Seattle Def SEA    
168 14.12 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Kendall Hunter RB SF 26 1
I am usually not a big believer in handcuffs and this pick wasn't made simply because I have Gore. I am high on Hunter as the guy to take over in SF when Gore is done and if fully healthy this year he should get a decent amount of touches and this team finds ways to get a good play-maker on the field. I think he has much more upside than LaMichael James.
169 15.01 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Tyler Eifert TE CIN 24 -1
With deep rosters like this league I felt it prudent to hedge my bets on the selection of Gronk, If I'm wrong and he misses a lot of time I wanted another TE that I feel has upside. Eifert is a player that Cincinnati has already moved all around the field in OTAs as he has that kind of ability. He should take over as the main TE in Cincy before Week 8 and he could be a real steal here.
170 15.02 CBSSports Mike Gillislee RB MIA 24 -1
This is another lottery ticket. Lamar Miller should be a star, but if he falters or gets hurt I could see Gillislee getting the nod over Daniel Thomas.
171 15.03 KFFL Latavius Murray RB OAK 24 -1
Pick made based on My Draft Queue
172 15.04 FFToday Houston Def HOU    
173 15.05 FFToolbox -Scott Ryan Williams RB DAL 24 1
Williams had a disappointing sophomore campaign. Many of us had him pegged as a breakout player last year, but that noise is all but over. With Mendenhall reunited with Arians, it looks as if Williams needs an injury to make an impact and even then, I'm not so sure.
174 15.06 DynastyLeague Football A.J. Jenkins WR --- 24 R
Total flier at this point. With Crabtree's injury and Boldin on the other side, Kaepernick needs a downfield threat like Jenkins. Hopefully his "red shirt" season got him ready to make an impact in year 2.
175 15.07 BFDFantasy Andre Roberts WR WAS 27 2
Potential sleeper with improved QB play. They use 3 WRs often and they will throw a ton and big upside if Floyd slips for any reason
176 15.08 FFToolbox -Emil Michael Bush RB ARI 30 5
177 15.09 FFMagicMan Julian Edelman WR NE 28 3
Edelman has had some fluky injuries, but outside of Gronkowski he is pretty much the only receiver in New England with any sort of rapport with Tom Brady. Edelman showed flashes of excellence at times in 2012, I think things are aligning for him to be a key part of the Patriot attack in 2013. Love him as a late-round pick.
178 15.10 ESPN1090 Dexter McCluster RB TEN 26 2
179 15.11 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Knowshon Moreno RB MIA 27 3
I lost both of my RB handcuffs right before I got to pick. I was extremely confident one would still be available but Ryan Williams was gone as was Michael Bush. OUCH. I took a chance and went with a great offense hoping he would get a chance. At this point, I am looking for guys, if given the opportunity, could be productive players and not a roster casualty.
180 15.12 Bruno Boys Golden Tate WR DET 26 2
This is the first of several late round fliers that I?m using on wide receivers. Golden Tate was outstanding last season given how few targets he received. On a per touch basis he made Sidney Rice look terrible in comparison. Tate emerged as a favorite red zone target of Russell Wilson. If rumors are to be believed, the addition of Percy Harvin means that Seattle is planning to pass more in 2013. If that is the case it would not be the least bit surprising to see Tate pass Rice on the depth chart especially after Carroll vowed to get him the ball more last month. At worst he?ll be the #3 option in the passing game which shouldn?t be bad since he?ll see very little good coverage. In the 15th round I?ll risk him.
181 16.01 Bruno Boys Chicago Def CHI    
182 16.02 World Fantasy Rankings #4 Kenjon Barner RB PHI 25 -1
I love me some Kenjon Barner. I have been sold on his abilty for quite some time and after seeing the Sports Science piece on him ( will be sold as well. He is an amazing athlete with great football speed, agility and power that is rarely seen in backs his size. Great buy low guy, if given the opportunity, will be a huge contributor.
183 16.03 ESPN1090 Fred Davis TE --- 29 4
184 16.04 FFMagicMan Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 26 R
Since I've touted two of his weapons in Hartline and Keller, I'll grab the trigger-master as my QB2 in case RG3 stumbles in his comeback. Tannehill offers a lot of potential, and only losing one point per interception versus two (or three), makes me fine with him as my backup.
185 16.05 FFToolbox -Emil Joseph Morgan WR --- 26 1
186 16.06 BFDFantasy Denver Def DEN    
187 16.07 DynastyLeague Football Dwayne Allen TE IND 25 R
I REALLY wanted to take Housler here but needed someone I could trust to pair my boom or bust Cameron selection.
188 16.08 FFToolbox -Scott Markus Wheaton WR PIT 24 -1
Another flier pick. I'm not sold on the fact that Antonio Brown can handle the WR1 duties. Wheaton may have a chance to contribute this season.
189 16.09 FFToday Robert Housler TE ARI 26 1
190 16.10 KFFL New England Def NE    
191 16.11 CBSSports Heath Miller TE PIT 32 7
He's a risky pick coming off the torn ACL, but he should be fine by the time I need a backup tight end for Jason Witten on his bye in Week 11.
192 16.12 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Brandon Lloyd WR SF 33 9
Purely a flier pick here. No team yet, but eventually someone will bring him in. Most talk about his disappointing season in 2012, but he still had 73 receptions, 904 yards and 4 touchdowns. If he lands in the right situation he could see numbers close to that, if he doesn't then losing a late 16th round choice in not devastating to my team.
193 17.01 FantasyTaz @@FantasyTaz Quinton Patton WR SF 24 -1
Another pick based purely on "what if." I am not a fan of AJ Jenkins and I wont be surprised if Patton quickly passes him in training camp. If that happens and he can secure the #2 role in SF then this pick will be a huge steal. But even if he doesn't, I could see him getting a decent amount of chances as this team looks to fill the void of Crabtree.
194 17.02 CBSSports Terrance Williams WR DAL 25 -1
He should be the Cowboys No. 3 receiver, and if something happens to Dez Bryant or, more likely, Miles Austin then he could be in the starting lineup. The Cowboys like his upside, and so do I.
195 17.03 KFFL Tandon Doss WR JAX 25 1
In PPR, Doss has potential. He should become Baltimore's possession receiver since Jacoby Jones has hands of stone, and Torrey Smith is a one-trick pony.
196 17.04 FFToday Nate Washington WR TEN 31 7
197 17.05 FFToolbox -Scott Joe Flacco QB BAL 30 4
I have Peyton, so I just need a bye week guy and Flacco is fine insurance in the event the unspeakable happens to Peyton. Expect Flacco to have to throw more due to the defense taking major steps backwards this season.
198 17.06 DynastyLeague Football Jon Baldwin WR --- 25 1
Andy Reid likes restoration projects so hopefully Baldwin is his personal project in KC. Even though nobody gets excited about Alex Smith, he can run an offense and Reid has done more with a lot less.
199 17.07 BFDFantasy Coby Fleener TE IND 26 R
Value this late in this system
200 17.08 FFToolbox -Emil St. Louis Def STL    


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