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Experts Mock Draft Results


2012 Experts Mock Draft (July)

Draft took place July 16 - 27

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.01 @kffl Arian Foster RB HOU 28 3
It's unwise to blindly pick last year's top performer as the No. 1 pick. But even with his new diet and Ben Tate's presence, Foster has the perfect offensive scheme in which to continue flourishing.
2 1.02 @mschauf63 Ray Rice RB --- 28 4
I'm concerned a bit about the number of carries he's amassed between Rutgers and the past couple of years. But that's not enough reason to pass on the guaranteed touches as a runner and receiver -- as well as stellar production -- here.
3 1.03 @FansFantasy LeSean McCoy RB BUF 26 3
Well this pick was made easy as the Ray Rice saga in Baltimore has me a tad concerned. McCoy is a ppr stud...moving on
4 1.04 @Rotoworld_FB Ryan Mathews RB PHI 27 2
5 1.05 @draftcalc Chris Johnson RB NYJ 29 4
I usually go Calvin here, but I predict a monster bounce-back performance out of CJ2K this year, and in early mocks so far this year, I have not liked my running crew when I've gone WR in the first-round. It's time to test out a draft strategy built around CJ2K at the 1.05!
6 1.06 (Matt) @FFToolbox Calvin Johnson WR DET 29 5
There is no bad decision when picking between Calvin Johnson and Aaron Rodgers, unless of course you select neither.
7 1.07 @2MugsFF Matt Forte RB CHI 29 4
What was that tune back in the 80's? Oh yeah, JUST GOT PAID. He should flourish in this new offense.
8 1.08 @FF_Today Aaron Rodgers QB GB 31 7
The great thing about fantasy football in 2012 is you can start with any of the 4 skill positions to build your team around. I'm not in love with taking a QB this early (old habits), so it isnt something I planned going into the draft, but I do respect the advantage of Rodgers so I'll be flexible and tag him here.
9 1.09 @thehuddle Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 31 8
If you're looking for the 2012 draft stinkhole, here it is. ADP says I should take an aging, overworked running back with contract issues and a shaky offense; the sexy pick is a QB I don't trust to duplicate last year's rushing numbers. I'll play it safe with Fitz and take my risks elsewhere.
10 1.10 @JameyEisenberg Maurice Jones-Drew RB --- 30 6
I don't want to draft MJD this year, but I didn't want him last year either, which proved to be a mistake. He's worth the risk at No. 10 overall right now, but if he's a holdout then he'll easily fall below McFadden, Richardson, Lynch and Murray.
11 1.11 (Ben) @BenStandig Darren McFadden RB DAL 27 4
As I stare at this board I really struggle to understand why I hear/read folks insisting on going RB/RB early in this draft position. Nothing safe on the board, IMO and that includes the injury-prone DMac. I'm tempted to go QB/TE, but since I didn't go RB early last draft, I will this time to offer a different perspective. Still concerned the Raiders rebuild could limit the offense's upside, but I love McFadden in general, it sounds like he's healthy (for now) and at least the vulturing Michael Bush is adios.
12 1.12 @FantasySharks Tom Brady QB NE 37 12
Let's try this "maneuver" at the turn. Brady and Gronk. Ka-Pow.
13 2.01 @FantasySharks Rob Gronkowski TE NE 25 2
Double Sham-wow Hi-yaa Ka-pow! I think QB and TE are so deep this year that picking a QB or TE with my 1st or 2nd pick make me ill. Though I'm going to test out a theory that either a Brady-Gronk pairing here or a Brees-Graham pairing if you so prefer, will open up certain opportunities in the draft later.
14 2.02 (Ben) @BenStandig Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 2
Yeah, I like the 'draft Graham or Gronk" strategy early. Very tempted to take Cam or Brees, but now I'll do the "wait on a QB" strategy. Double strategy at work!
15 2.03 @JameyEisenberg Trent Richardson RB OAK 23 R
Easy selection here. Too much depth at QB and WR but elite RB options will get thin real quick.
16 2.04 @thehuddle Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 5
Richardson was set to be the pick; nothing else on the board does much for me here. I still think AP defies the odds and is ready to go Week 1, but even if he he's not I'll settle for "only" 12 weeks of an elite back.
17 2.05 @FF_Today Jamaal Charles RB KC 28 4
Really debated here between Andre Johnson and Jamaal Charles. Marshawn Lynch was also a consideration prior to his DUI charge. With the depth at WR this season, decided to grab the best RB on the board. Not very concerned with Jamaal's return from injury given how early it happened last season.
18 2.06 @2MugsFF Andre Johnson WR IND 33 9
Return to form? That's the hope. RB value isn't there, I can wait on a QB.
19 2.07 (Matt) @FFToolbox DeMarco Murray RB PHI 27 1
Murray feels like a nice value in the middle of the second. Can't argue that his health is a concern though.
20 2.08 @draftcalc A.J. Green WR CIN 26 1
I believe AJ Green may very well finish as this year's top fantasy WR!
21 2.09 @Rotoworld_FB Julio Jones WR ATL 26 1
22 2.10 @FansFantasy Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 28 5
All these QB's are sooo tempting here, as well as the WR's, but as its been said before with QB and WR very deep...and RB thin fast, I go with one of the few one back guys here. The DUI last night is a concern but Lynch will get the ball a ton.
23 2.11 @mschauf63 Darren Sproles RB PHI 31 7
I'm not tempted by the QBs. And the WRs are bunched and deep. I want the RB I know will get touches every week, because to cliff lies not far ahead. And it is steep.
24 2.12 @kffl Wes Welker WR --- 33 8
I'm not worried about how many mouths the Patriots have to feed, nor am I worried about him not getting a new contract. He'll still log close to 100 catches, making him a PPR stud standby.
25 3.01 @kffl Roddy White WR ATL 33 7
Not gonna lie that Julio Jones concerns me enough that I wavered a bit here, but White and Matt Ryan have one of the best rapports in the league, and White should remain among the target leaders. He's led the category among WRs in each of the last two seasons.
26 3.02 @mschauf63 Greg Jennings WR --- 31 6
Jennings was on his way to a top-8 season before injury last year. His targets might not prove as consistent week-to-week as some of the others in his range, but his situation makes him as good a bet to score as anyone at the position not named Calvin.
27 3.03 @FansFantasy Drew Brees QB NO 36 11
So I took the RB that may be suspended last round and lookie here those QB's are still there. I have to go with what I preach and that is never take a QB in round 1, but if one of the top 3 are there in rounds 2 or 3 then grab them. I went slightly against that with a RB in round 2 but Brees in round 3 is too much to pass up. WR still deep and I will get RB depth later. I have Brees ahead of Cam so lets hope Mr. Moneybags earns his new found wealth.
28 3.04 @Rotoworld_FB Matthew Stafford QB DET 27 3
29 3.05 @draftcalc Cam Newton QB CAR 25 1
Cam is a top 10 pick to me, so this is a steal.
30 3.06 (Matt) @FFToolbox Brandon Marshall WR NYJ 31 6
There's been a small run on QBs but I'm not biting.
31 3.07 @2MugsFF Hakeem Nicks WR --- 27 3
32 3.08 @FF_Today Dez Bryant WR DAL 26 2
With a QB-RB pairing through the first two rounds, and this being a PPR scoring league, now I'm getting a little nervous waiting at WR. I log off with pre-draft picks of Brandon Marshall, Hakeem Nicks and Dez Bryant, in that order. News breaks about Dez's domestic issues with his Mom involving the police, Marshall and Nicks get snatched up, and here I am left with Bryant. His value is down now and he should be had a little later in drafts, but really, I'm not sure the hit should be that significant. This guy continues to be drafted higher than his production through two seasons because of one reason - potential. He's still got that potential. He's inherently risky, and we know this, but one of these seasons he may just pay off huge for the risk takers. A suspension is possible, but given his mother's own apparent troubles, I wouldn't expect one long enough to be the deciding factor whether this pick was a mistake or not. He'll still play plenty of football. It is what he does in those games that will either wow us or underwhelm us once again.
33 3.09 @thehuddle Doug Martin RB TB 26 R
There's enough talent remaining at the other positions I can reach a bit for Martin, who I am very high on this season given the new coach and upgraded o-line in Tampa.
34 3.10 @JameyEisenberg Mike Wallace WR MIN 28 3
As long as he doesn't hold out Wallace should continue to post outstanding production.
35 3.11 (Ben) @BenStandig Victor Cruz WR NYG 28 2
Every team needs a good Salsa dancer. I admit to some fear regarding Cruz reaching his 2011 level, but also has the most scoring potential of the remaining options.
36 3.12 @FantasySharks Jordy Nelson WR GB 29 4
I really like Jordy Nelson's big play ability. Many are predicting that Nelson won't be able to repeat his 15 TD total and I think that's a valid observation but he did amass 1,263 yards in the process and that is indicative of a player heavily involved in one of the top offenses in the league. Good enough for me.
37 4.01 @FantasySharks Steven Jackson RB --- 31 8
Going with Tom Brady and Gronk to open this draft I had written in a RB and WR at this turn. I'll be picking from some scrubs next time I pick so wanted to try and anchor the two positions with something I can hang my hat on. Steven Jackson will continue to be involved as the cog in the Rams offense. That doesn't mean the Rams are going to put Jackson in position to score in bunches, but he will be involved. He's a solid PPR RB that is a do-it-all kind of feature back that are so rare in the NFL today. He may no longer be elite but he should be serviceable.
38 4.02 (Ben) @BenStandig Fred Jackson RB BUF 34 6
Tempted to select Vick, but I want to play out the waiting on a QB thing. Plus, F-Jax has skills.
39 4.03 @JameyEisenberg Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 27 2
Love the upside with Peyton and in his third year.
40 4.04 @thehuddle Miles Austin WR CLE 30 6
While Dez Bryant chills in Goodell's doghouse, Austin goes back to being Tony Romo's BFF.
41 4.05 @FF_Today Marques Colston WR NO 31 6
I'm not excited about the RB choices here, while the top available WR are getting a little thin. With Bryant in tow as my WR1, and recent news knocking his value down, if feels right to go back to the WR well with a more conservative and reliable option. Marques Colston represents that at this stage of this career: a consistent 80 catches, 1,000+ yards and 8-9 TD. Even with the turmoil hitting the Saints this offseason, Colston still has one of the best QBs in the league throwing to him, so I feel good about this pick.
42 4.06 @2MugsFF Steve Smith WR BAL 35 11
Solidifying my WR corps. No flinching.
43 4.07 (Matt) @FFToolbox Michael Turner RB --- 33 8
Turner doesn't have any PPR value but he's been a tremendously reliable back in recent years.
44 4.08 @draftcalc Kenny Britt WR STL 26 3
Britt comes with a whole lot of risk, but at 4.08, it's tough not taking the chance. He has low-end WR1 upside during his first year back from injury.
45 4.09 @Rotoworld_FB Beanie Wells RB --- 26 3
46 4.10 @FansFantasy Vincent Jackson WR TB 32 7
I think VJ is highly undervalued this year. Upgraded offense in TB
47 4.11 @mschauf63 Ahmad Bradshaw RB --- 29 5
I'm uncomfortable with Bradshaw in Round 2. I am thoroughly comfortable with him as my RB3 at the end of Round 4. I figure he's a near-lock to miss time, but that's a whole lot easier to manage with 2 RBs already on hand. When he's healthy, Bradshaw has already proved he'll produce. Plenty of value remains at WR and QB.
48 4.12 @kffl Isaac Redman RB --- 30 3
Todd Haley won't be as pass-happy as many think. He adapts to his personnel, which this year will be headlined by a versatile toter who'll be a surprisingly effective PPR RB2.
49 5.01 @kffl Jeremy Maclin WR KC 26 3
Hindered by a preseason ailment and a few late-season injuries in 2011, Maclin didn't have a fair chance to break out. Expect a 75-reception season or better with a full training camp and a clean bill of health in what should be a resurgent offense.
50 5.02 @mschauf63 Michael Vick QB --- 34 11
This is a good spot for a guy who can lead all QBs in scoring average ... and did by a wide margin in 2010. The format obviously mitigates the injury risk.