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Experts Mock Draft Results


2013 FFToolbox Expert Mock Draft #2

Draft took place July 2nd 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.01 FFToolbox Calvin Johnson WR DET 29 5
According to our FFToolbox "Box Score" Calvin is the #1 player in the game in PPR formats for 2013. I'll take a stab that I can find the depth at RB later in the draft.
2 1.02 Scout PRO Doug Martin RB TB 26 R
3 1.03 Gridiron Experts Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 5
I figured I'd choose between Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster here, but was pleasantly surprised to have the consensus #1 guy in the land be available.
4 1.04 Zach Law on Sports LeSean McCoy RB BUF 26 3
5 1.05 Fantasy Sharks Trent Richardson RB OAK 23 R
6 1.06 World Ranked Player #26 Jamaal Charles RB KC 28 4
With Any Reid aboard expect McCoy/Westbrook type numbers with increases in receptions for Charles. Should be a top 5 RB.
7 1.07 The Huddle Arian Foster RB HOU 28 3
Foster is easily a top-5 guy; I wasn't expecting him to fall to me here, but I'm glad he did as there were six guys I was excited about landing at this spot--and he was one of them.
8 1.08 Draft TV C.J. Spiller RB NO 27 2
CJ Spiller is my #3 rated player so super happy to get him at 1.08. Remember what Chris Johnson did with a young, mediocre, mobile QB in Vince Young? 2,000 yards and the top fantasy RB. I expect Spiller to blow up with EJ Manuel at the helm.
9 1.09 KFFL A.J. Green WR CIN 26 1
Running back is deep this year, so I decided to go with arguably the top wide receiver talent in the league, other than Calvin Johnson. I have high hopes for Cincy's offense this year with more weapons to take the attention off of Green.
10 1.10 Fantasy Football QB Brandon Marshall WR NYJ 31 6
WR is deep, but truly consistent WRs are not. In my opinion, their value goes up in a FFWC format where you have to start a minimum of 3 and up to 5 WRs. It's a close call between Marshall and Dez Bryant here. Both are PPR monsters who can produce with high consistency on a weekly basis, and that is key to all my high rounds draft picks; however, both have also been known to be head cases. Apparently, the new coaching regime would like Marshall's targets to go down, but since when does Cutler listen to coaches? [Other considerations: Lynch - need to know more about the risk of a suspension; Ray Rice - B. Pierce, loss of FB, worst schedule for RBs = tic, tac, toe? Maybe not, but it's starting to feel like a Happy Meal with a lot of missing parts; Forte - in case Cutler actually listens to his coach; and, finally somebody that I actually took at 2.03...]
11 1.11 BFD Fantasy Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 28 5
Call me crazy but the top RB on a team that loathes throwing the football looks pretty darn good to me at #11. Marshawn seems to have some people worried, I wouldn't be.
12 1.12 KFFSC Ray Rice RB --- 28 4
I was surprised Rice fell this far. He's still the #1 back for the Ravens and a great pass catcher. Pierce may take some touches, but not enough to make Rice anything less than a top 10 RB. He still has top 3 potential. I'd like to draft Pierce as a handcuff but his price may be higher than I'm willing to pay.
13 2.01 KFFSC Julio Jones WR ATL 26 1
When I found out I was picking 12th I immediately thought of a Lynch-Marshall combo. I'm thrilled that it ended up being Rice-Jones instead. Julio's in a prolific offense with a QB that loves to get him the ball. He'll receive a lot of attention from opposing defenses but with Gonzalez, Roddy White, and now Steven Jackson on the field it will be hard to shut Jones down. I thought about going with Jimmy Graham or Dez Bryant here but in a ppr contest that starts at least 3 WRs and can start up to 5 WRs it was important to me to build an intimidating WR corps. I picked Jones over Bryant because he has less injury issues, less off the field problems, and is in a more dynamic offense.
14 2.02 BFD Fantasy Matt Forte RB CHI 29 4
I'm not locked in to a starting RB at the #1 and #2 picks but the two players selected look like great building blocks of a fantasy roster. Forte in a PPR league has Top 5 ability.
15 2.03 Fantasy Football QB Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 2
The TE position is often the weakest in terms of elite options and consistent fantasy production. With the Patriots TE situation, Jimmy Graham's value may only go up from here. I see him creep to the 1st round as we get closer to September (even in non-TE premium leagues).
16 2.04 KFFL Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 31 8
17 2.05 Draft TV Dez Bryant WR DAL 26 2
In a league that requires so much from WRs, I love Dez Bryant's huge upside. Showed he is one of the most talented WRs in the league last year, and should only continue that trend. Could even be the top scoring WR this year.
18 2.06 The Huddle Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 27 2
I was fully expecting to take Larry Fitzgerald here, with Dez Bryant as my fallback plan. I'm okay with Thomas--he was the last of my top tier WRs--but with him there is significantly more threat of sharing the wealth.
19 2.07 World Ranked Player #26 Andre Johnson WR IND 33 9
Andre barring health is a top 5 WR. He will approach 100 receptions and in a league you have to start 3 WRs and up to 5 figured it was a good selection to get a WR anchor.
20 2.08 Fantasy Sharks Randall Cobb WR GB 24 1
21 2.09 Zach Law on Sports Alfred Morris RB WAS 26 R
22 2.10 Gridiron Experts Steven Jackson RB --- 31 8
I was one of the first guys to vault Steven Jackson into my top ten, thinking that if a stiff like Michael Turner could punch in double digit TD's for the Falcons, a talented back like S-JAX should be fantasy gold. Love starting off with two top ten runners.
23 2.11 Scout PRO Reggie Bush RB SF 30 6
24 2.12 FFToolbox David Wilson RB --- 23 R
David Wilson is our FFToolbox Breakout Player of the Year. While his ADP suggests he's a 3rd round option, we feel come September his ADP will be somewhere mid round 2. Being on the turn requires that you "go get" your guys that won't make it back to me.
25 3.01 FFToolbox Percy Harvin WR BUF 26 3
Most would grab a second back here and in hindsight, maybe that was the right call, but Harvin is an explosive player who should be featured in the passing game.
26 3.02 Scout PRO Chris Johnson RB NYJ 29 4
27 3.03 Gridiron Experts Rob Gronkowski TE NE 25 2
Now I generally never take a tight end before the middle rounds, but the recent, and justified, injury woes are causing Gronkowski's ADP to slip. For me, it's starting to reek of value, so I grabbed him instead of a group of talented, but deep receivers. My strategy in all future drafts will be similar to this- if I like the value of Graham or Gronk, I'll grab them. Otherwise, you'll see me take a tight end in about round 8.
28 3.04 Zach Law on Sports Victor Cruz WR NYG 28 2
29 3.05 Fantasy Sharks Maurice Jones-Drew RB --- 30 6
30 3.06 World Ranked Player #26 Darren Sproles RB PHI 31 7
Sproles is a PPR machine and in a high octane offense. 70-80 receptions are in order again and I will gladly take that for my RB2.
31 3.07 The Huddle Darren McFadden RB DAL 27 4
When healthy, McFadden is a top-5 talent; of course, he's never managed to stay healthy, which is why he's still on the board here. But with running backs being picked clean and a plethora of second-tier WRs still available, he's an acceptable risk.
32 3.08 Draft TV Roddy White WR ATL 33 7
Man, people really forget Roddy White. He is one of only 3 WRs to finish top 10 in WR scoring in each of the last three seasons. With a more explosive offense, I think he is an amazing WR2
33 3.09 KFFL Stevan Ridley RB --- 26 1
34 3.10 Fantasy Football QB DeMarco Murray RB PHI 27 1
DeMarco Murray is getting a lot of hate in fantasy circles, and I love it for one simple overlooked fact: when playing, he's one of the most consistent fantasy RB. The problem is that he is also consistently injured, so by picking my poison I also created a need, i.e. I'll need to pick up more depth at RB given that it is questionable whether I'll be able to rely on Murray for a full season.
35 3.11 BFD Fantasy Vincent Jackson WR TB 32 7
This is the price you pay for two RBs to start a draft in 2013. V-Jax is hardly an ideal #1 FF WR, he's not bad. Just not a model of consistency catching the ball or scoring TDs.
36 3.12 KFFSC Danny Amendola WR NE 29 4
I was glad to see Amendola available here. His ADP is going to rise the closer we get to the start of the season. I know he has an injury history but the ceiling is too high for him to go any later in your draft. Don't let talk of Vereen being split out or Gronk not being ready. Brady will get Amendola the ball.
37 4.01 KFFSC Ryan Mathews RB PHI 27 2
I'm a glutton for punishment. I've been burned by Mathews for 3 seasons on various rosters. But he is going to see a lot of carries and although his receptions may be down, he still is a RB2 with RB1 potential. I put a lot of thought into taking Frank Gore here and wouldn't begrudge anyone who does, but I think Matthews is going to be relied on heavily.
38 4.02 BFD Fantasy Wes Welker WR --- 33 8
I'm not scared of nothing! Welker will outscore Decker this season and this is a PPR league. I love Wes again and again for his receptions.
39 4.03 Fantasy Football QB Lamar Miller RB MIA 23 R
Another player that I see creeping up in the draft boards by September; however, this one will likely be more situation and ADP hype driven. While I like what I saw from Miller on game tape, I also took note that has Miami with the 2nd easiest schedule for RB. I took a chance on passing on a RB in the 1st round, so now I have to take a chance with the unknowns that Miller brings.
40 4.04 KFFL Reggie Wayne WR --- 36 11
Pick made based on My Draft Queue
41 4.05 Draft TV Frank Gore RB IND 31 7
Steady Frank Gore. By going WR in rounds 2 and 3, I thought my RBs would be awful. I was wrong. Gore has at least one more great year left in him. I don't expect Hunter or James to challenge much, and Gore has been healthier than you think
42 4.06 The Huddle Dwayne Bowe WR CLE 30 5
Bowe has significant upside as the lead receiver in an Andy Reid offense, though truth be told I would have preferred Vincent Jackson slipping a few more notches down the board.
43 4.07 World Ranked Player #26 Hakeem Nicks WR --- 27 3
Nicks has battled some injuries lately but when healthy is a beast. Playing for a contract and finally healthy a top 10 season should be in order.
44 4.08 Fantasy Sharks Marques Colston WR NO 31 6
45 4.09 Zach Law on Sports Aaron Rodgers QB GB 31 7
46 4.10 Gridiron Experts Drew Brees QB NO 36 11
Drew Brees is out #1 quarterback, and for good reason. Nothing wrong with Rodgers, of course, but his number could drop off just a tad because of the Packers finally investing into their lagging backfield. Meanwhile, Brees comes off back to back 5000+ yards, 40+ passing touchdown seasons. With Sean Payton back in the fold, there's no reason to thing that the Saints offense won't continue to put up fantastic numbers... (insert John Lovett voice) "And I'm reaping all the benefits..."
47 4.11 Scout PRO Jordy Nelson WR GB 29 4
48 4.12 FFToolbox Eric Decker WR NYJ 28 2
Decker represents value at 4.12. I don't think he'll see as much of a downgrade as others are predicting. With Welker, I think Mannings numbers rise and the tight ends along with the WRs 3-4 and 5, all see a downgrade but not Decker, he's too good to be ignored.
49 5.01 FFToolbox Eddie Lacy RB GB 24 -1
Eddie Lacy is a "value play" right now. Some are scared off by injury history, and maybe its a concern, but not for me. He's healthy, and he's a legitimate RB2 that should receive 200 carries+ for Green Bay.
50 5.02 Scout PRO Pierre Garcon WR WAS 28 4