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2013 FFToolbox Staff Mock Draft #1

Draft took place June 18th, 2013

Scoring System: PPR, 12 team
Using FFWC Rules

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Adrian Peterson RB MIN 30 5
After AP's comeback and great performances last season he had to go first. He is the one standout RB before you get to the next group - Foster, Martin, Rice and I have to agree with Ben on Charles.
2 1.02 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Jamaal Charles RB KC 28 4
Debated four RBs (and Calvin Johnson, ish). Could have justified Arian Foster, Doug Martin or Ray Rice, but I think the Charles offers the best combo of explosiveness, pass catching and upside in the form of Andy Reid's new attack/QB upgrade. If Foster looks tip-top by August, this might flip, but we love Charles regardless.
3 1.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Calvin Johnson WR DET 29 5
After Peterson, the first round RBs are pretty much all the same to me. So, in a PPR format, I decided to scoop up the best WR on the board. Hopefully my RB depth does not suffer as a result.
4 1.04 FFToolbox - George Bissell Ray Rice RB --- 28 4
5 1.05 - TheFFGhost Doug Martin RB TB 26 R
It's really hard to go wrong with Martin, I'm just a bit surprised that he fell to me.
6 1.06 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Arian Foster RB HOU 28 3
I love the mid round picks in round 1. You just take one of the top Rbs that fall to you and I was happy to have Foster slide to me. Many are predicting the demise of Foster. I am not one of them. I still have him as the #2 back on my board.
7 1.07 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain C.J. Spiller RB NO 27 2
Looking for a top tiered RB here at pick 7. Spiller should see plenty of action out of the backfield while EJ Manuel learns the new offense. I look for the Buffalo Bills to rely on Spiller even more in 2013.
8 1.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy LeSean McCoy RB BUF 26 3
I won't say you need to take a running back in the first round of EVERY draft you do, because there are some crazy scoring settings out there. But in most leagues, you really should open with an RB. My choice was pretty much a no-brainer. McCoy is a bounce-back candidate after a season in which he still gained more than 1,200 yards from scrimmage in 12 games. Marshawn Lynch doesn't carry the same value in a PPR league, and I wanted to eschew as much risk as possible in the first round, which is why I chose McCoy over Trent Richardson.
9 1.09 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Trent Richardson RB OAK 23 R
10 1.10 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins Dez Bryant WR DAL 26 2
The FFWC lineup rules are start 1-2-3-1 and 2 Flex. It's crucial to trot out 4, even 5 Wide receivers weekly in PPR leagues such as this. Dez can make the case for the #2 WR this season behind Mega.
11 1.11 FFToolbox - Rob Warner Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 28 5
Beast Mode is 27 years old, has amassed 23 rushing TDs over the past two seasons and will remain the focal point of an offense averaged 26 PPG (and that was without Percy Harvin). Granted Lynch has averaged just 25 catches during his 3 seasons in Seattle but he has missed just 1 game over the past 3 seasons and is solid value at #11 in round 1.
12 1.12 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Brandon Marshall WR NYJ 31 6
13 2.01 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Matt Forte RB CHI 29 4
14 2.02 FFToolbox - Rob Warner A.J. Green WR CIN 26 1
Imagine if he had a better QB than game manager Andy Dalton ? Green still had a monster season ranking 7th in receptions (97), 10th in yards (1,351) and 4th in receiving touchdowns (11). He should remain a top 5 WR for years to come.
15 2.03 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins Julio Jones WR ATL 26 1
It took me very little time to take Julio Jones who I have ranked the #3 WR overall for 2013. While my RB1 won't come until pick 3.10, I like the value I've been seeing drop at RB later in the draft.
16 2.04 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Aaron Rodgers QB GB 31 7
17 2.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Randall Cobb WR GB 24 1
Some may see this as a reach, but what's not to love about an explosive, 22-year-old wideout who gets the ball in his hands in different ways and will be Aaron Rodgers' No. 1 target this season? Rodgers said recently that Cobb could catch more than 100 passes this year. Make it happen, Aaron.
18 2.06 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 27 2
I was looking for an elite WR in the second round. Demaryius Thomas should see plenty of targets in 2013. With the addition of Wes Welker, Thomas should benefit now that the defense has to decide who to defend between Thomas, Welker and Eric Decker. All three WR's will be a great addition to any team.
19 2.07 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Steven Jackson RB --- 31 8
Some are skeptical about what Jackson will do now that he has turned 30, but he has moved into the perfect position. From Week 10 on last season he was the #6 back in PPR scoring. Now he lands in a much better situation and should see increased receptions as well as more chances to score. He has every chance to finish as a top 10 back in 2013.
20 2.08 - TheFFGhost Jimmy Graham TE SEA 28 2
Grabbing what looks like the top TE this season at 2.08 is very tough to pass on. While this isn't a TE premium league many of the super elite WRs are gone and the drop-off between TE1 and TE2 this season could be very significant.
21 2.09 FFToolbox - George Bissell Drew Brees QB NO 36 11
22 2.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Chris Johnson RB NYJ 29 4
This was the risk of taking Calvin Johnson in the first round. I do like CJ2K to rebound this season, because I really like the offseason OL moves that the Titans made, and Johnson will be their main weapon, but with enough WR threats to keep defenses honest. He should be active in the passing game as well.
23 2.11 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Alfred Morris RB WAS 26 R
PPR isn't the ideal format for the Redskins runner, but Morris is a safer bet then the remaining options. Oh, he's also really good and should receive plenty of opportunities.
24 2.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Peyton Manning QB DEN 39 14
You have to look at Manning's receiving core - Thomas, Welker, Decker, Tamme and the fact that he will have some younger RBs to mix things up in Ball and Hillman. In my opinion, Manning had to go at this stage given the fact that Brees and Rodgers went early in this draft.
25 3.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham David Wilson RB --- 23 R
The elite wide outs were gone at this point. I was hoping Jimmy Graham might slip to this pick, but he did not. Wilson has had his issues with possession, etc. but he has the potential to be a stud RB in the league. I like his speed and it appears he is going to get the chance to show his worth. I am betting that he has a solid season and he would be a nice RB 2 with AP.
26 3.02 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 31 8
27 3.03 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Darren Sproles RB PHI 31 7
In a PPR format, give me Sproles as my RB2 anyday, and twice on Sundays (I wish). He and Graham will continue to be Brees' main weapons.
28 3.04 FFToolbox - George Bissell Wes Welker WR --- 33 8
29 3.05 - TheFFGhost Maurice Jones-Drew RB --- 30 6
At this point RBs were coming off the board very quickly so MJD was a quick grab here. He is certainly in decline but his production should be enough to justify his selection here.
30 3.06 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Reggie Bush RB SF 30 6
Definitely looking to go RB-heavy to start my drafts this season, something I was very much against last year. With Foster and Jackson already on the roster I was happy to get Bush here. Bush has every chance to catch 70 balls in this offense and I love getting him as my RB3.
31 3.07 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain Roddy White WR ATL 33 7
While most will covet Julio Jones and pay a higher price tag by drafting him in the second round, I will take the better value with Roddy White who is always very consistent. Roddy White is a solid WR2 for my team.
32 3.08 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Andre Johnson WR IND 33 9
If I had been enjoying a beverage during this draft, I would have done a spit-take upon seeing that Andre Johnson was available after 31 picks in a PPR draft. He's getting up there in age, and it's fine to still worry about his hamstrings. But after he was so dominant for much of last season, it's improper to expect another round of misfortune. This was a straight steal.
33 3.09 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Victor Cruz WR NYG 28 2
34 3.10 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins DeMarco Murray RB PHI 27 1
DeMarco Murray represents "through the roof" potential in PPR fantasy leagues. The only question is health, which has been an issue following Murray his entire career, not unlike Reggie Bush who in his early career couldn't shake the stigma of injury prone, however look no further than his last two years of becoming NFL tough. I'm projecting Murray on what he can do, and that's all I can really do. There's only a handful of backs that bring his potential workload in a high powered offense to the table. He is a top 5 RB in PPR if he plays 16 games.
35 3.11 FFToolbox - Rob Warner Vincent Jackson WR TB 32 7
The 30 year old enjoyed a career year during his first season in Tampa posting a career-best 72 catches for 1,384 yards and 8 TDs - finished as a top-10 fantasy receiver for the 3rd time in his career.
36 3.12 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Darren McFadden RB DAL 27 4
37 4.01 FFToolbox - Ian Ritchie Hakeem Nicks WR --- 27 3
38 4.02 FFToolbox - Rob Warner Frank Gore RB IND 31 7
Gore will be 30 years old but runs behind the #1 run blocking offensive line according to Pro Football Focus and has been a model of consistency that past two seasons rushing for 1200 yards and 8 TDs in 2011 and 2012. His receptions have tailed off (topped 40 catches from 2006-2010) but has just 45 catches over the past two seasons following the additions of Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James.
39 4.03 FFToolbox - Scott Atkins Percy Harvin WR BUF 26 3
I was all set to take my RB2 Lamar Miller but all the other owners forgot to draft Percy Harvin! Yes there will be an adjustment period between he and Russell Wilson, but it shouldn't take long for Percy to be one of the top weapons on the field.
40 4.04 FFToolbox - Chris Weeks Jordy Nelson WR GB 29 4
41 4.05 FFToolbox - Brian Murphy Lamar Miller RB MIA 23 R
I think this is the pick that will make-or-break my draft. I am a fan of Miller's -- I'm not obsessed with him, but I think he will be stellar as the Dolphins' lead runner. Recent reports about his improvements as a blocker mean he is putting himself in a position to stay on the field for all three downs, which should help his receptions total. He is a big-play threat. But there's a conundrum with this pick. Given the extremely deep talent pool at wide receiver (see: Johnson, Andre), should I have gone RB-RB with my first two selections? If so, that would have left me with Johnson and then the need to take another wide receiver here, such as Marques Colston or Danny Amendola or Reggie Wayne, instead of a running back. Looking over my draft, I have asked myself whether I like the top four I chose -- LeSean McCoy, Randall Cobb, Johnson, Miller -- or if I should have employed the RB-RB-WR-WR strategy. That would have left me with the possible quartet of McCoy, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, and Marques Colston. Which squad would you rather have for a PPR league? You see what I decided here, but I've had thoughts that it could have been the wrong move.
42 4.06 FFToolbox - Cindie Crain Montee Ball RB DEN 24 -1
I missed Lamar Miller by one pick so I settled with Montee Ball. Although he is a rookie, I see Ball becoming the lead RB in Denver by the end of the season.
43 4.07 Fantasytaz - Jim Day Marques Colston WR NO 31 6
With 3 RBs on my squad it was time to turn to the WRs. Colston didn't finish as a top 12 WR in 2012, but the return of Sean Payton to play calling duties should make this offense even more potent again. With a strong RB start I feel comfortable with Colston as my #1 WR.
44 4.08 - TheFFGhost Tom Brady QB NE 37 12
The true core of a strong team is a strong QB. Brady just flat out finds ways to win and with several of the super-elite QBs off the board I needed to take Brady here. This pick occurred before the Hernandez trouble and may hurt Brady's production some but I still stand by it.
45 4.09 FFToolbox - George Bissell Rob Gronkowski TE NE 25 2
46 4.10 FFToolbox - Jamie Blackburn Danny Amendola WR NE 29 4
In my opinion, Amendola will far exceed Welker's production this season, assuming he stays healthy. Bold, I know. With the TE issues in New England now, and question marks at the other WR spots, Brady will lean on Amendola and his RBs early and often. Also, Amendola can be a vertical threat for this offense as well. In a PPR, I think Danny is a steal at the end of the 4th round, especially with Calvin Johnson as my WR1.
47 4.11 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Jason Witten TE DAL 32 9
48 4.12 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Ryan Mathews RB PHI 27 2
Jamie grabbed Danny Amendola at 4.10 and he was next on my list. I figured that Ryan Mathews had dropped this far and was worth a last pick 4th round - might be a steal. Was a top RB pick last season's drafts.
49 5.01 FFToolbox - Jeb Gorham Mike Wallace WR MIN 28 3
Wallace will be with a new team, but he is a #1 receiver on the depth chart. He has his risks/rewards with the likelihood that he will have up and down games given his QB situation. However, I like his upside and figure there is enough depth at wide out to grab several and play the match-ups.
50 5.02 FFToolbox - Ben Standig Reggie Wayne WR --- 36 11