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User Comments for Week 18 DEF Rankings

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I can't believe you guys actually think these defensive rankings are viable. Do you guys watch these teams at all? Seattle should be first, followed by Cincinnati. I bet both get over 10 fantasy points this weekend. As for the rest, it will be a toss-up which gets burnt the most. Minny and GB will probably do worse than the others due to their playing each other for the 3rd time in the last month. I think Wilson will be able to take advantage of the Washington D, and I think Indy will do better than Baltimore in that game. Houston will be in this group of losers as well. Just my humble opinion.

Posted by:
JUNGLE_KAT_60 01/04/13 08:55 PM Owner

Our defense projections are only for fumble recoveries, interceptions, sacks, safeties and TDs (punts, kickoffs, fumble recoveries, interceptions). We do not take into account points or yards allowed.

Posted by:
FFToolbox 01/05/13 02:11 PM
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