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User Comments for Week 7 DEF Rankings

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Why is the Ravens defense ranked so high going up against Texans along with the loss of Lewis and Webb?
Not to mention, the Texans are out to prove something after that beat down received by Green Bay.

Posted by:
King Creole 10/17/12 11:00 AM

Is GB really that good this week? What happened that they got so good now?

Posted by:
edittman1 10/17/12 09:17 PM

Green Bay isn't necessarily any better than previous weeks, it's just the match up. STL can't run, which is GB's primary weakness. STL should fall down into a hole early and be forced to pass a ton. As a result Clay Matthews should have free will to rush the passer (STL O-Line is horrific) the entire game. This should look a lot like the GB - Chicago game.

Posted by:
dcschess05 10/18/12 11:33 AM
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