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User Comments for Week 9 DEF Rankings

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the saints D is ranked above the Chargers D, huh??

Posted by:
t2much 10/30/12 06:26 PM

week 9 wr in a non-ppr. Nelson, Fitzgerald, Maclin, Denarius Moore, Titus Young, and Anquan Boldin. I need to start 3. I'm thinking Nelson, Fitzgerald and Moore?

Posted by:
longbear99 10/30/12 07:51 PM

I think you guys reached with NYG Defense; I would rank ATL higher than NYG typically, but considering their matchups, even more so this week!

Premise? DAL has given up double digit fantasy points in 5 out of 7 games. PIT in the meantime has only given up double digit fantasy points in 1 of 7 games. Want an average?

DAL surrenders 15 fpts/game to opposing DEF
PIT surrenders 7.9 fpts/game to opposin DEF.

Now, we just saw an inconsistent NYG defense put up huge fantasy points against DAL, and I'm betting we see the same thing again this week with ATL.

Personally, If I were the starting NYG, I would take a pass this week. I'm not one to believe in random sporadic outliers. No one has put up big fantasy points over PIT in terms of fantasy points.

I'm very surprised you guys think NYG is the better play.

Posted by:
Barends83 10/31/12 01:01 AM

And the Skins are ranked above the Vikings..hmmm

Posted by:
Jsams82 10/31/12 03:59 PM

San Diego or Miami def this week??

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 10/31/12 08:17 PM

@longbear99 ... fitz and moore and young....dont play nelson

Posted by:
WastelandMike 11/02/12 03:41 PM

Maybe maclin..toss up

Posted by:
WastelandMike 11/02/12 03:42 PM

Packers or Broncos def? I think the Bengals coming off a bye @ home will score more against Denver. Matthews 2sack min.

Posted by:
jusford 11/02/12 08:14 PM

now I see the charger D is ranked #3 --- did you do that before or after the game on Thursday?

Posted by:
t2much 11/03/12 01:53 PM
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