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User Comments for Week 10 QB Rankings

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i need help with who to put in this week Matthew Stafford or Eli Manning

Posted by:
shane321 11/06/12 07:36 PM

I am having a hard time deciding between:
Romo (I'm afraid of my league it is -2pts, but OTOH he is facing the Eagles and was solid last week); and
Alex Smith (a bit inconsistent and very run-heavy, but OTOH he is facing the Rams)

What do you guys think?

Posted by:
joeomega 11/06/12 08:51 PM

I like Stafford and Romo

Who do yall like Luck or Freeman?

Posted by:
jhstewart 11/07/12 08:08 AM

i like stafford and romo as well, id go with luck jags d is just awful

who would u go with Alex Smith vs StL or schaub @ Chi

Posted by:
Diesel0332 11/07/12 08:31 AM

Eli @ Cin --or-- Big Big VS KC (MNF) ??

Posted by:
DirtDogs818 11/07/12 10:24 AM

Schaub has more upside, but floor is higher for Smith...Schaub

Big Ben on MNF

Posted by:
jhstewart 11/07/12 10:27 AM

Newton or luck this week. I like Luck, but Newton is again ranked higher?

Posted by:
Kpierce40 11/07/12 06:08 PM

What do y'all think of Romo vs Fitzpatrick in a league where we get 1 pt per completion? I like Romo but figure Fitz may have to pass an awful lot.

Posted by:
pyackog 11/08/12 11:08 AM

I'm looking at Eli or Romo.. What do you guys think?

Posted by:
oldmuttonhead 11/08/12 01:05 PM

Just looking for advice or an educated opinion. I have a lot of big time players on bye this week plus Harvin's injury. Looking at projections I look like a heavy underdog. I managed to pick up TY Hilton should I roll the dice and start him over Lloyd? I also have bradshaw, spiller and Rashad Jennings in the lineup that can be taken out as well as I can have 3RB and 1 WR or 2 and 2 etc. Thanks, Darryl

Posted by:
dlop2085 11/08/12 01:13 PM

I've got Eli Manning and Cam Newton. Who do you like this week after Eli's a** beating last week?


Posted by:
Chitowngal 11/08/12 02:14 PM

Cam Newton or Josh Freeman

Posted by:
giwarriors12 11/08/12 11:09 PM

eli or tannehill

Posted by:
dhorva 11/09/12 08:45 AM
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