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User Comments for Week 15 QB Rankings

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i have Eli Manning vs ATL @ATL. Than i have Matthew Stafford vs ARI @ ARI. which one would you guys play thanks for helping.

Posted by:
shane321 12/11/12 03:16 PM

Peyton Manning@BAL or Josh Freeman@NO for Week 15

Posted by:
sportsbydre12 12/11/12 11:41 PM

I need you guys more than anything. I have Maclin, Austin, Gordon, Fitz, Boldin, Blackmon and Shorts. Which 3 do you start in a PPR?

Posted by:
oblivion08 12/12/12 05:10 AM

NON PPR/10 Team/Standard Scoring League
Matt Stafford
Josh Freeman
Colin Kaepernick
Pick 1 out of These 3 QB's for Week 15?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 12/12/12 05:31 AM

Shane-stafford. Dre-freeman. Oblivion-austin,gordon, blackmon. Matt-stafford

Posted by:
moonwalker31 12/12/12 08:36 AM

RG3 possibly out... who do i pick up? Foles, Weeden, wilson, bradford, locker.... or cousins??

Posted by:
vassillios 12/12/12 09:10 AM

Palmer or Rivers? Avant or Hartline? Ballard, Danario Alexander, or Shorts in the flex? Thanks...!!

Posted by:
tazdaddy23 12/12/12 10:15 AM

Shane-Stafford is probably a safer bet, I think ATL wants revenge from last year.
Sportsbydre- Josh Freeman, but if you don't believe, Peyton will get his 20 points
Oblivion- I'd go Maclin, Austin, and probably Gordon or Boldin
Matt-Freeman, do not go kaepernick whatever you do.
Vassillios- Probably Wilson, if not maybe Bradford.

I have Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman. I have rolled with Matt Ryan every game except his bye week. Josh Freeman is so enticing, I will roll with my boy who got me here and I have Josh Freeman in another league so I hope I at least get to the Championship in one league as a 2nd seed. Good luck all!

Posted by:
saland34 12/12/12 10:22 AM

tazdaddy- Rivers slight edge over Palmer but do not think you could go wrong with either, Hartline, Alexander has been hot so I would probably roll with him.

Posted by:
saland34 12/12/12 10:31 AM

NEED HELP FOR PLAYOFFS....Advice on a starting lineup

Week 15 PPR League



TE-Brandon Myers

Posted by:
sportsbydre12 12/12/12 11:42 AM

For those who said Boldin or Maclin, why? I'm scared of their matchups. From what I have noticed so far, I should definitely start Gordon and maybe start Austin.

More comments the better guys! Thank you so much

I need you guys more than anything. I have Maclin, Austin, Gordon, Fitz, Boldin, Blackmon and Shorts. Which 3 do you start in a PPR?

Posted by:
oblivion08 12/12/12 02:26 PM

Boldin because he had a solid week last week and Torrey Smith will probably get Champ Bailey all over him. Maclin has had a good connection with Foles and is their best talent as of right now besides Bryce Brown. Thinking about it now Gordon would probably be a good start over Boldin, he does pretty well against crappy pass defenses and has been getting a lot of targets as of late.

Posted by:
saland34 12/12/12 04:23 PM

So Maclin Gordon Miles? or Maclin Gordon Shorts?

Posted by:
oblivion08 12/12/12 04:36 PM

Greg Jennings , miles Austin or James jones?

Posted by:
Fniette 12/12/12 05:09 PM

Week 15 Starters_NON PPR/10 Team/Standard Scoring League
Pick 2 RB's>(Jamaal Charles),(Alfred Morris),(Bryce Brown)also(LeSean McCoy)?
Pick 2 WR's>(Andre Johnson),(Josh Gordon),(Danario Alexander),(Mike Williams)also(Jordy Nelson)?
Also Pick Flex(RB/WR) from players listed above?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 12/13/12 06:57 AM

oblivion08-I personally would go Maclin, Gordon, Austin. Shorts has been great but I may be a slight homer just because I am unfortunately a Dolphins fan and our D is pretty good, plus they have a good scouting report on what Henne likes to do. If Dez doesn't play I think you have to play Austin, so monitor that. GL

Posted by:
saland34 12/13/12 10:23 AM

Matt214racer- RB's - Morris (going to get a lot of touches especially if Kirk Cousins starts) and Charles WR's-Andre Johnson and Alexander (been hot). I say go with Bryce Brown in your flex I doubt he has a repeat like last week, plus I like RB's in my flex all the time. GL

Posted by:
saland34 12/13/12 10:28 AM

Need help with Playoffs ! I have a tough opponent !

QB - Peyton or Freeman - i chose Peyton
DEF - Broncos or Dolphins - i chose Broncos
2 RB - Rice or Matthews or Ridley - i chose Rice & Matthews
3 WR - J Gordon or TY Hilton or T.Smith or L.Moore - i chose Gordon/Hilton/Moore

Posted by:
DjJojo 12/13/12 01:18 PM

Yea I'm in same boat. I've only started Freeman once this year and it was on Brees's bye week. This week is Division Championships next week the bowl. I have Brees and Freeman and I'm going to start my stud Brees but I have that little feeling in my gut saying Freeman may be the one with more points at the end of the game. When your faced with toss ups in the playoffs when it means so much the best thing to do is what got you there. Start your stud who got you to where you are. I also got M.Lynch, T.Richardson, K.Moreno and J.Rodgers. A few places have Moreno ahead of Richardson but I got to go with my stud. Which will be M.Lynch and Richardson. WR is where I've always had my doubts all year. It's tough starting 3 when you got 4-5 really good WRs. I have Welker, Cobb (best 15th round pick of my career), Colston, Bryant and Crabtree. Do I go with broken finger who's on fire and saying he's gonna play? Do I start Welker with a tough match up? Colston is locked in and i have to start Cobb as well. That 3rd spot is killing me.

Posted by:
skiznilz 12/13/12 03:56 PM

Who to start at flex.....Bryce Brown or Cobb?

Posted by:
ptd323 12/13/12 07:56 PM

I am wondering who should be my RB2? I have CJ Spiller vs Seattle at home or Alfred Morris at Cleveland.

Any help is appreciated.

Posted by:
tkrcma 12/14/12 12:14 PM

ptd323 - I hope you made the right decision and chose Cobb over B. Brown lol. Ouch.

skiznilz - I would go with Cobb, Colston and *Welker*. The 49ers are very hard to run against and so Brady is going to be throwing... alot. And with Alton Smith trying to steam-roll Brady on every down, he's going to be dropping the ball off to Welker ALOT up the middle.

Posted by:
liquid2012 12/14/12 12:27 PM

ok fellas im in three ppr leagues 2 semis and one championship.
I need to choose 3 out of these wideouts please help.
Pierre Garcon,Roddy white,Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, Josh Gordon. I usually roll with the middle three but injuries have me second guessing the lineup. Thanks for any help

Posted by:
bigdub 12/14/12 07:06 PM

ppr league cj spiller or demaco murray?

Posted by:
mercitor29 12/14/12 07:53 PM

C.J. for sure

Posted by:
bigdub 12/14/12 09:55 PM

Need some PPR league

Need to fill RB2, Flex, and 2 WRs

Who I have.. chris johnson, david Wilson, steve smith, danario Alexander, Pierre garcon, and m crab tree

Let me know your thoughts

Posted by:
Jsambuca 12/15/12 04:17 PM

okay i need major help.
pick 1-Freeman or RG3
pick 2-(ray rice, ryan matthews, doug martin, darren sproles, mikel leshoure)
pick 2-(randall Cobb, Michael Crabtree, Hakeem Nicks, Jordy Nelson, T.Y Hilton)
pick 1-Dallas cark, Heath miller, Antonio Gates
and I need a flex which will probably end up being one o the rbs not starting

Posted by:
srey23 12/15/12 08:24 PM

btw last comment^ non ppr

Posted by:
srey23 12/15/12 08:25 PM

Phillip Rivers or Andrew Luck??? Who do I start??

Posted by:
bmwsoxfan 12/16/12 12:42 AM

Who should I start, Ben Rosth, Colin Kaep, or Russel Wilson?

Posted by:
Mita 12/16/12 10:09 AM

Who to start, Big Ben, Russel Wilson or Colin Kaepernick?

Posted by:
Mita 12/16/12 10:22 AM

^^^I'd start Kaepernick over Ben and Wilson.

Posted by:
bmwsoxfan 12/16/12 11:44 AM
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