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User Comments for Week 16 QB Rankings

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A team of QB's-Vick, Romo, Freeman WR's Stevie Johnson, Desean Jackson, Antonio Brown, Lance Moore, Denarius Moore, Cecil Shorts RB's Chris Johnson, Doug Martin, Ahmad Bradshaw, De'angelo Williams, TE-Jimmy Graham K-Hansen. Individual defense players. Now tell me that isn't one of the worst teams ever, guess they just played well together lol my RB's had some huge games this year. This was an experiment draft by the way because I tried the Vick game which I didn't like at all. My other team of Matty Ice, Julio, Brandon Marshall, Ray Rice, Alfred Morris, Jimmy Graham, Ridley in the flex K-Matt Bryant Def-Broncos got ousted last week, boy I loved that team! Fantasy football is crazy and some luck. That's why we love it!

Posted by:
saland34 12/19/12 10:16 AM

Oh yeah, I am in the championship with that first team and I have no chance this week, or so I think.

Posted by:
saland34 12/19/12 10:18 AM

Ok I need some help. QB is not one of the strengths of my team but with that said all I'm looking for is 18-20 points. My RBs and WRs tend to carry my team. I have Kaepernick, A. Luck and just picked up S. Bradford as an insurance policy. Who do you believe has the highest floor, if you will? I think Luck is my best option but Bradford's matchup is very intriguing. Or am I missing on both and do you think Kaep can follow up with another clutch, road victory at one of the toughest places to play...again.

Posted by:
nl1088 12/19/12 05:30 PM

Championship week. Do I go Newton, Rodgers, or Brady.
Brady has kept me going the whole season, should I ride the hot streak of Cam into the playoffs or let last years MVP take over?

Posted by:
Ace8th 12/20/12 05:53 AM

If you somehow had Newton, Rodgers, and Brady on your team, then why didn't you trade one of them away?

Posted by:
matthoen 12/20/12 03:55 PM

I picked him up from a dead team. I also picked up a.j green and Brandon marshal. I got rice, Morris, Martin, Charles, and cj2k who got me in the finals. On TE it's Hernandez. Deffence and kicker are the Bears and gostkowski. To me, I look set for the finals, I just needed a second opinion on the QB position.

Posted by:
Ace8th 12/20/12 04:43 PM


Go with your gut, choose Luck.

Posted by:
Ace8th 12/20/12 04:48 PM

Wow! Thats a helluva team there, Ace. What kind of league is that? 6 team? I'd choose Rodgers this week in a thin tie breaker between him and Brady. Why? because Rodgers has absolutely NO run support and will get almost ALL of his team's offensive yards and TDs through the air. Newton I'd rank third in the group because, regardless of recent weeks, hes more likely to disappoint any given week than Brady or Rodgers.

Posted by:
steveswanzy 12/22/12 03:02 AM

By the way, I want to send out a BIG thanks to the guys who do the rankings and post their opinions on player news/rumors on this site. I decided to give this site a try and use the rankings and other information provided to draft my players and set my lineups every week this year.

Out of the nine leagues I played in this year... I made the play-offs in EIGHT, took first in one league so far that ended last week, and am playing in the championship game in 5 other leagues this week.

You guys made my fantasy season AWESOME! Big thumbs up to this site.

Posted by:
steveswanzy 12/22/12 03:10 AM

The individual defensive player projections were extremely accurate just about every week.

Posted by:
steveswanzy 12/22/12 03:12 AM

I'm in the big dance, for QB I have Matt Ryan & RGIII. Who do I start????

Posted by:
keithdunton 12/22/12 11:40 AM

Bradford, Flacco or Palmer? I can start two QB's.

Posted by:
TJC Roughriders 12/22/12 12:11 PM


Posted by:
CBen24 12/22/12 04:01 PM

@steveswanzy thnx for the advice, yea your right it's between Brady and Rodgers. I wanna go Brady because he did great for me all season long but your right about Rodgers. I just hope a.j or Marshall come through for me for not starting White. 153 yards 2 touchdowns!!

Posted by:
Ace8th 12/23/12 01:30 AM

Pick 2 Lynch, Morris, Moreno?

Posted by:
purple44 12/23/12 08:44 AM

Flacco or palmer?

Posted by:
TJC Roughriders 12/23/12 10:57 AM
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