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User Comments for Week 4 QB Rankings

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Just wondering how you could have Romo ranked as high as fifth among QB's and Dalton not even in the top twenty? Dalton is playing the Jags and Romo the Bears? What am I missing here?

Posted by:
russrealtor 09/25/12 03:11 PM

And Cam continues to get over ranked. There's no way he's the 6th best QB this week, especially on the road against Atlanta's D. Look what that defense just did to Phillip Rivers.

Posted by:
sweet_lou_dunbar 09/26/12 09:30 AM

7th ranked, sorry.

Posted by:
sweet_lou_dunbar 09/26/12 09:31 AM

im in a 12 team league and stafford is hurt. i picked up hill just in case. the 3 qbs available still are weeden, tannehill and gabbert. any of those 3 worth picking up? i have luck on bye also and there is a flex spot that you can start a qb.

Posted by:
criffrock 09/26/12 02:20 PM

I got Flacco against Browns..or Cutler against Dallas. Who would you go with? The hot hand of Flacco or a week defense of Dallas secondary

Posted by:
O_Raiders1 09/26/12 06:00 PM

Seriously? Dallas' passing D is among the best in the NFL, Cleveland among the worst. Flacco is near the top of the charts, Cutler ranks below Blaine Gabbert. What's the dilemma?

Posted by:
autodidact 09/27/12 10:06 AM

Do I bench Brady and start Flacco against the Browns??

Posted by:
googes 09/27/12 11:54 AM

Who would you start this week....Rivers or Dalton?

Posted by:
O_Raiders1 09/27/12 03:52 PM

Matt Ryan has proven him self as the best qb in the league this year, props to my boy.

Posted by:
strahl9 09/28/12 03:38 PM

Which QB would u roll with for week 4?
TD pass = 6 pts

Newton (vs ATL)
Ponder (@ DET)
Fitzpatrick (vs NE)


Posted by:
Got28m305 09/29/12 08:16 AM

Newton (@ ATL)***

Posted by:
Got28m305 09/29/12 08:17 AM

Who should I start?
Peyton vs Oak or Brees @ GB

Posted by:
srod81704 09/29/12 09:38 AM

Got28: Nice options... Newtons the most dangerous, but ATL D is solid! Fitz is ok, but i still respect Belicheat to find a way, esp with all his new toys on D... Ponder has the best upside in a matchup that shoud be high-scoring, and dont forget Simpson returns... Id roll Ponder ...

Posted by:
barrysleague 09/29/12 12:19 PM

@Criffrock 12 team with the option to start two QB's? Yikes! It's not surprising the waiver wire is dry. You're in a tough spot this week. Keep Hill on your roster but go ahead and start Stafford. You're going to have to start the player with the highest projected stats from your bench this week in your Flex spot. Otherwise you start two QB's from here on out as they offer the highest upside to risk ratio in standard scoring leagues.

Posted by:
kemnett 09/29/12 12:48 PM

Hey Im trying to figure out who I should start in my flex spot I'm in a non PPR league and my players r RB Alfred Morris WAS, RB Mikel Leshoure DET, WR Danny Amendola STL and WR DeSean Jackson PHI, also I have in my WR1 slot is Andre Johnson HOU and WR2 slot is Denarious Moore OAK. Do u think I should keep those Moore in the WR2 slot or put one of the other 2 there I'd appreciate it if u all could give me great feedback on this thanks

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 09/29/12 05:12 PM

Stafford is definitely playing? Should I play Andy Dalton @ JAX instead?

Posted by:
JennyOnTheEdge 09/29/12 10:20 PM

Heres my dilema i always start Vick but hes been so back and forth do i bench him and start R. Fitzpatrick who out scored Vick last week?

Posted by:
desmiller72 09/30/12 10:44 AM
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