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User Comments for Week 7 QB Rankings

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I definitely see Fitzpatrick as a top 8 - top 10 QB this week. Great matchup and buffalo has a bad enough defense to force the offense to continue putting up points. This game has shoot out written all over it.

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/16/12 05:13 PM

Cam Newton or Christian Ponder

Posted by:
giwarriors12 10/16/12 10:57 PM

I say Cam, too much upside to sit in a game that looks more like a shoot out than Minn/Ari. Vegas set the total in Car/Dall at 46 while Minn/ari is at 40...I haven't seen the weather report yet for game day but that should be another factor you want to look at.

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 04:50 PM

Cam newton or Andrew Luck?

Posted by:
Kpierce40 10/17/12 07:15 PM

Flip a coin but I would side with Cam coming off the bye week

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 08:31 PM

Shaub or Freeman off waivers for week 7?

Posted by:
andyk1234 10/17/12 08:35 PM

Freeman and its not even close.

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 08:47 PM

Tough one:

ELI or RG3???

Last week I played Eli and lost, by 10 points...sigh.

Posted by:
edittman1 10/17/12 08:55 PM

^^ good problem to have this week! Rg3 has more upside but Eli is a better bet for solid numbers this week. I would check your matchup, if you are projected to get your butt whipped I would play RG3, if your are supposed to do the butt whooping I would choose Eli. This being the first matchup against a brutal pass rush on the road against a division rival for RG3, it would surprise me if he had a rough game

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 09:09 PM

It wouldn't surprise me***

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 09:10 PM

Good point. I did consider that. Im looking favorable. Eli prob makes sense.

Screwed up thing is i have RG3 in all 3 of my leagues, complimenting brady, eli, and brees. Been trying to trade him off, but no one bites. It then leaves me in a screwed up spot on a game time decision! Sigh.

Posted by:
edittman1 10/17/12 09:21 PM

I'm in the same boat...trying to dump him, and his remaining schedule makes me want to do it fast!

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 09:36 PM

I have a dilemma there's some good WR's that r FA's in my League and the WR spots have been killing me especially in Week 6 so I wanna drop WR Dominek Hixon for one of the FA's and my back up TE also so witch 2 WR FA should I get out of these:(Kenny Britt),(Lance Moore),(Denarius Moore),(Josh Gordon),(Andrew Hawkins),(Santana Moss),(Kevin Ogletree),(Chris Givens),(Donald Jones),(Chaz Schilens),(Brandon Gibson),(Shaun Hill) and (Brandon LaFell)pls let me know witch 2 would u pick up or should hold onto D. Hixon and just pick up one WR FA?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 10/18/12 06:05 AM

RG3 or Cam Newton. Ive been alternating through the 2 and picked the wrong one pretty much every week for 3 weeks now.... losing by less than 5 points every time whilst the other one scores well for my bench !! With RGĀ£ im projected to win by 10..... with Newton im projected to Tie

Posted by:
chrisarmstr0ng 10/18/12 09:40 AM

im on a 6 team league and fitzpatrick, dalton, freeman, palmer are still available... the question is would you drop cutler over these FA's

Posted by:
phantom_g 10/18/12 11:40 AM

1. Brandon Gibson
2. Lance Moore


I like Fitz or Freeman. Pick based on weather and the matchup.


Posted by:
edittman1 10/18/12 08:30 PM

Andy Dalton or Matthew Stafford in week 7?

Posted by:
pioneer39er 10/19/12 11:42 AM

Ok kind of a complex question here: I am in a 16 team league where start 1 QB and can only have 2 QB's on your roster. I have peyton manning (whose on a bye) and jake locker (who isnt coming back til next week). My problem is the only two qb's on FA is Blaine Gabbert and John Skelton, should I drop Locker and most likely lose him for the rest of the year to someone else or just suck it up this week and take the lost? I am projected to lose by about 30 without QB but projections can be way off sometimes. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Posted by:
RSA0005 10/19/12 01:13 PM

That's what I was thinking when starting RG3 over Big Ben. I feel RG3 is a boom or bust player and considering I have great matchups this week with my other players, I'll probably roll with Big Ben who''s more consistent.

I'd roll with Skelton since I think his value isn't much less than Locker's, plus the Cardnials have no running game. Keep in mind Skelton was the designated starter until he got injured in week 1. I'd roll with him.

Posted by:
csadow 10/19/12 04:14 PM

I have a Major Week 7 Starting Roster Dilemma!! I need MAX PTS this Week bc I'm going UP against The 1st Place Guy Who's 5-1 and every Week He Scores A Lot of PTS and I Really Need The Win bc I'm Tied UP with {4} Teams out of 10 AT 3-3. So can u Pick (1QB),(3WR) From MY {NON PPR League Roster_Listed Below}? Plus do U Think I'll be OK PTS Wise Starting (RB Alfred Morris vs NYG) and
(RB Mikel Leshoure vs CHI) This Week since(RB L. McCoy)and(RB J. Charles) Both Have Week 7 BYE?
I'd appreciate all the Help I can get on this Dilemma, and if u Need Help just leave a Link with UR Answer!!! Thanks!!!WHIR 100%

{My Roster it's a NON PPR League!!}
QB:(Matthew Stafford)and(Joe Flacco)
RB:(LeSean McCoy),(Jamaal Charles),
(Alfred Morris)and(Mikel Leshoure)
WR:(Andre Johnson),(James Jones),
(Mike Williams),(Kenny Britt),
(Denarius Moore)and(Josh Gordon)
TE:(Aaron Hernandez)
K:(Sebastian Janikowski)
DEF:(San Fransisco)
{My NON PPR League Format!!}
{Have To Start}:1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,
1Flex(RB/WR),Kicker and DEFENSE
6 Bench players

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 10/19/12 08:35 PM

Playing harvin and walsh..would you sit arizona d for pittsburgh? also, better upside this week nicks or britt?

Posted by:
dmiami 10/19/12 10:54 PM

Standard ESPN league, would you start Freeman vs Saints or Flacco vs Texans? I'm leaning towards the Freeman matchup but Flacco has been solid this year. Any thoughts?

Posted by:
dapack12 10/20/12 09:59 PM

Stafford vs Chicago
Dalton vs Pitt

Posted by:
dwharmsway 10/20/12 11:52 PM

@dwharmsway I have the same dilemma - I'm going with DALTON this week. Dalton is the 7th ranked QB so far this season, and I think the Steelers D is a better bet than the Bears, at least at this point...

Posted by:
pioneer39er 10/21/12 12:15 PM
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