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User Comments for Week 8 QB Rankings

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I need Major Help On who I should Start for QB in Week 8? It's a NON PPR League!! I have 2QB's On My Roster, Which R QB M. Stafford vs SeaHawks and QB J. Flacco with his BYE Week!!! So as I was thinking that's another really tuff DEF Stafford is facing this week and there's A Few Good Waiver Wire QB's In My League that I can Pick up and Start For Week 8 these R Some of Them>(J. Cutler),(B. Wheeden),(C. Palmer),(J. Freeman),(T. Romo)and(R. Wilson)!!! So My Dilemma that I need Everybody's Expertise on is, if I should Drop A Player from My Roster{Which is Listed Below}For 1 of the Waiver Wire QB's I Listed Above To Start in Week 8 instead of(M. Stafford), then drop'em Next Week for Somebody else maybe WR or RB? I Have to Win this Week 8 bc if I don't then No Playoffs for me forsure, Which Sucks but I know I can Beat the Guy I'm against this Week 8!! His Week 8 starting QB is (T. Brady)!!! I'd Very Much Appreciate All the HELP I can get on This Dilemma of Mine!!! Thanks and WHIR 100%

{My Roster it's a NON PPR League!!}
QB:(Matthew Stafford)and(Joe Flacco)
RB:(LeSean McCoy),(Jamaal Charles),
(Alfred Morris)and(Mikel Leshoure)
WR:(Andre Johnson),(James Jones),
(Mike Williams),(Kenny Britt),
(Denarius Moore)and(Dwayne Bowe)
TE:(Aaron Hernandez)
K:(Sebastian Janikowski)
DEF:(San Fransisco)
{My NON PPR League Format!!}
{Have To Start}:1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,
1Flex(RB/WR),Kicker & DEFENSE
6 Bench players

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 10/23/12 07:16 PM

Drop Flacco, pick up and start Romo. Giants still have a shaky secondary. Romo is a good fantasy qb and he scored well against them earlier this year.

Posted by:
dirtycabin 10/23/12 10:17 PM

Looking for some advice. I have Matt Stafford v. sea. and Josh Freeman v min. who should i gow with this week. Both defenses are pretty tough, Freeman is coming off a monster game, and Stafford has been struggling. I'm not sure how much longer freeman will keep up this awesome play, or how long Stafford will continue to be so shaky. Any one have a suggestion. And its a non PPR league

Posted by:
bcarey34 10/24/12 09:09 AM

^Yup, I'm in the same boat. Cam Newton vs CHI D or Josh Freeman Vs MIN D?

Posted by:
giwarriors12 10/24/12 10:01 PM

Me too!! Stafford or romo this week

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 10/25/12 08:51 AM

See I'd usually go freeman but there hasn't been any offence on the Thursday night games. I'd say go Cam he should still put up points

Posted by:
tommccrossin 10/25/12 11:22 AM

I need to start one or the other: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

Posted by:
conlijac000 10/25/12 05:26 PM

Luck or Newton.

Posted by:
Kpierce40 10/25/12 07:01 PM


Posted by:
xeroun 10/26/12 12:02 PM

Rapistberger or RG3?

Posted by:
csadow 10/26/12 05:31 PM

Should I start Jay Cutler or Andrew Luck this week. I should add, I also have Brandon Marshall, so I'd be getting double points for TD passes with Cutler in, but Chicago should stomp Carolina this week, meaning they'll probably be running the ball a lot in the 2nd half. I'm also a Bears fan, so it's hard to sit Cutler, but I think Luck shows tremendous upside this week.

Posted by:
bmwsoxfan 10/26/12 05:38 PM

i also am not sure who to put in. i have Eli Manning and Matthew Stafford. Eli is vs Dallas and Stafford is vs Seattle. can some one please help me.

Posted by:
shane321 10/26/12 10:25 PM

Andrew luck vs TENN
Matt Ryan @ PHILLY(with maybe some bad weather from the hurricane)

Posted by:
Champ2186 10/27/12 12:34 PM
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