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User Comments for Week 12 RB Rankings

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How is Beanie Wells not on this list at all? Both he and his coach are expecting him to start this week.

Posted by:
cinbungler 11/21/12 06:02 AM

Who should i bench? CJ Spiller, Jamaal Charles, or LeSean McCoy???

Posted by:
thomasjohnson1932 11/21/12 03:10 PM

I would sit spiller, guys pick 2, Chris Johnson, marcel Reece, Alfred Morris in a ppr league

Posted by:
Diesel0332 11/21/12 05:47 PM

Where is Beanie Wells? He's not on their injured list or their point list. Is he playing a different position I don't know about?

Posted by:
craigzy 11/21/12 05:49 PM

Ty Hilton or Parmelee in PPR league

Posted by:
Hgriff1 11/21/12 08:56 PM

Mikel LeShoure or Darren Sproules? Also have Doug Martin......not sure

Posted by:
debprice 11/21/12 09:57 PM

Is Ballard worth a waiver pick up? I have A. Foster, Ridley, Murray and A. Brown.

Posted by:
train7264 11/21/12 11:09 PM

Diesel go Cj and reece...deb sproles ppr and mikel standard

Posted by:
moonwalker31 11/22/12 02:09 AM

Reggie Bush, Matt Forte, Fred Jackson or Ryan Mathews. Need two. Thanks

Posted by:
tmtaz 11/22/12 09:58 AM

Who do I start in a PPR league? Reece or Charles?

Posted by:
johnso59 11/25/12 11:15 AM

Forte vs Reece?
Conventional wisdom says to go with the established performer, however Reece seems to have a better matchup. Thoughts?

Posted by:
Tchaka 11/25/12 12:51 PM
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