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User Comments for Week 13 RB Rankings

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In a half PPR league, who to start at flex: Sproles, Moreno, or Reece (assuming McFadden is back)???

Posted by:
goalee1486 11/27/12 08:55 PM

Lynch against the Bears D or Felix Jones against the Eagles D @ RB1? Beanie Wells @ RB2

Posted by:
giwarriors12 11/27/12 10:23 PM

How are you still putting Ryan Mathews in the Top 10??

Posted by:
easye7 11/28/12 10:00 AM

well, Matthews is actually listed #12 - but I have him and yes, he definitely sucks

Posted by:
ceever 11/28/12 11:38 AM

Got 4 RB's for 3 spots... Michael Bush, Reggie Bush, Stevan Ridley and Chris Johnson. I'm wondering why you have Ridley ranked so high this week? He was the one I was thinking of leaving out of my lineup.

Posted by:
pyrokid24 11/28/12 11:54 AM

Need two....Reggie Bush, Micheal Bush, Ryan Mathews, Fred Jackson. Thanks.

Posted by:
tmtaz 11/29/12 09:25 AM

What you fantasy football freaks think?? Start Michael turner or deangelo Williams? Help me out!!

Posted by:
fmunewt15 11/29/12 10:50 AM

in a non PPR league who's the best start; Rashad Jennings, Darren Sproles or Darren McFadden? im pretty lean on talent this week. thanks

Posted by:
mcantarutti 11/29/12 04:18 PM

Aight boys I need a smart call here, I win this week I'm in the playoffs, I lose I'm done. Depressing I know. I need to sit two and they all have tough matchups. Lynch vs. Bears, Forte vs. Seahawks, Ridley vs. Dolphins or Reece vs. Browns.

Thanks guys.

Posted by:
Maz 11/30/12 09:46 AM

i need help!!! ppr league who should i start green ellis vs chargers, bradshaw vs washington, ty hilton vs detroit, and dennis pitta or jermaine grasham.....thank you guys

Posted by:
MFbeefy 11/30/12 05:07 PM

*Steven Ridley Owners* I agree with the high ranking of Ridley here. Why? In the last four meetings between New England and Miami, the Patriots are averaging OVER 32 RUSH ATTEMPTS PER GAME!. The last time the Pats had a go-to RB was 2010. The Law Firm (BJG) had an average of 4.35 yards per rush and two touchdowns in the season series of two games - (14 pts./Gm).

I think Ridley has another solid day with the following stat line: 20 atts, 88 yds, 1 TD, 2 Rec., 14 yds. (16.2 Pts.).

Posted by:
nl1088 12/01/12 12:48 AM

Steven Rdiley has been quit the player this year. He's actually outperforming Ray Rice in my opinion. Rice may have more points, but Ridley has been much more consistent.

Posted by:
xxjonesy87 12/01/12 11:33 AM

Can someone explain to me what the heck probable (personal) next to the player means? Is it a personal reason; personal injury; personal like staff making the decission they are probable just want to confirm. And if it's a personal injury reason why don't they mark where the injury is...makes no sense to me just wondering. I'd pick Foster but just trying to confirm if I should considering he's one that's listed probale (personal) anyway thanks. Just wondering....

Posted by:
pestipanther81 12/01/12 12:17 PM
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