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User Comments for Week 15 RB Rankings

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Week 15 Starters_NON PPR/10 Team/Standard Scoring League
Pick 2 RB's>(Jamaal Charles),(Alfred Morris),(Bryce Brown)also(LeSean McCoy)?
Pick 2 WR's>(Andre Johnson),(Josh Gordon),(Danario Alexander),(Mike Williams)also(Jordy Nelson)?
Also Pick Flex(RB/WR) from players listed above?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 12/12/12 05:41 AM

Charles and mccoy. Aj gordon flex-morris

Posted by:
moonwalker31 12/12/12 08:39 AM

NEED HELP FOR PLAYOFFS....Advice on a starting lineup

Week 15 PPR League



TE-Brandon Myers

Posted by:
sportsbydre12 12/12/12 11:42 AM

I need a flex option. My line-up is QB-Ryan RB's-Morris & Rice WR's-Julio Jones & B. Marsh. I usually don't ask for advice but this one has got me in a small bind even though my team is solid. I got Ridley who has been pretty awesome there all season, but do I stick with him is the question. I have Ryan Mathews, Torrey Smith, Fitzgerald, and I could pick up a bunch of other people off wavier wire. Just give me a little imput. I feel that Ridley and Mathews will probably be very similar but the Pats are great at home, if it was in SF I think I would be starting Mathews for 5-8 points no more no less LOL.

Posted by:
saland34 12/12/12 04:41 PM

Which RB2 and Flex1 out of these 5:

- Green Ellis
- Knowshon Moreno
- Reggie Bush
- DeMarco Murray
- CJ Spiller

I have Arian Foster in for sure this week.

I'm leaning towards CJ Spiller and Reggie Bush.

I know, I know... this is a good, yet bad problem to have!

Posted by:
edittman1 12/12/12 04:51 PM

CJ Spiller no question and probably slight edge to Reggie Bush over DeMarco Murray.

Posted by:
saland34 12/13/12 09:58 AM

Need help with Playoffs ! I have a tough opponent !

QB - Peyton or Freeman - i chose Peyton
DEF - Broncos or Dolphins - i chose Broncos
2 RB - Rice or Matthews or Ridley - i chose Rice & Matthews
3 WR - J Gordon or TY Hilton or T.Smith or L.Moore - i chose Gordon/Hilton/Moore

Posted by:
DjJojo 12/13/12 01:27 PM

I agree with all of those, except Freeman may have a huge game, but you know Peyton will most likely get his 18-21 points. Also, maybe Dolphins D over Broncos. Dolphins know Chad Henne, I see jags, scoring no more than 14 points. I have Dolphins and Broncos D, but I got lucky and picked up Detroit's D so I will be starting them. If I didn't get Detroit's D I would be starting Dolphins. GL

Posted by:
saland34 12/13/12 01:34 PM

Thanks saland34 ! ! !

Posted by:
DjJojo 12/13/12 03:38 PM

OK. With A. Bradshaw's (NYG) lingering knee injury (might not play) and C. Johnson missing practice on Thursday with an ankle tweak (Probable, but might lack cutting ability), should I start David Wilson (NYG) or Chris Johnson (TEN)?

I'm leaning towards Wilson, but after seeing the crummy rookie performance of Bryce Brown (PHI) last night, I'm torn. It's the playoffs - so this is important hahaha. Thoughts?

Posted by:
liquid2012 12/14/12 08:54 AM

Chris Johnson IF STATUS IS PROBABLE and players end up playing with that status. If Questionable, then don't bother, use Wilson. I would keep an eye today until game day. Hope that helps...

Posted by:
DjJojo 12/14/12 10:59 AM

I have a tough one at RB - CJ Spiller vs Seattle at home or Alfred Morris at Cleveland

Posted by:
tkrcma 12/14/12 11:30 AM

Thanks DjJojo. Yeah I'll be watching the latest injury reports until just before kickoff, but Chris Johnson has been terrible at the start of the season, good in the middle and terrible the last 3 weeks... I just don't want to see that trend continue with a 40 yard performance against a crappy NYJ team while D. Wilson is ripping off a 90 yd + 1 TD against ATL. It's these decisions that make me bang my head off a wall Monday night lol

Posted by:
liquid2012 12/14/12 12:16 PM

Ok pick 3
Foster vs Indy
Doug Martin vs saints
Alfred Morris vs Cleveland
David Wilson vs atl( david Wilson is starting. Brandshaw is ruled out Sunday)

Posted by:
Champ2186 12/14/12 01:10 PM

Champ2186 - I think that's a no-brainer: Foster, Martin and Wilson.

The question was really "Morris or Wilson" and, if Bradshaw is Out Sunday, then Wilson is starting against a defence that is bottom 10 versus the run with really poor coverage against RBs that run to the outside. Morris is against a CLE defence that is top 10 versus the run.

Posted by:
liquid2012 12/14/12 01:56 PM

Liquid. I agreed 100% at first but I also can c the skins leaning heavy on Morris with rg3 situation. This is for my flex. I also have dez as an option but not liking his finger situation

Posted by:
Champ2186 12/14/12 02:07 PM

Darren Sproles or Montell Owens?


Posted by:
edittman1 12/14/12 08:55 PM

Ok I need some advice?....I am playing against cam newton this week. I have Steve smith, Demaryious Thomas , Randall Cobb , danario Alexander . I have ray rice, knowshon Moreno and David Wilson . I am in a standard scoring no points for receptions only yards and scoring. I am thinking of starting Steve smith to balance out any crazy game cam newton may have along with Thomas and Alexander. I'll start Moreno and rice but could sit a WR and put Wilson in now that Bradshaw has been ruled out . Any thoughts ?? If I win this week I'm looking good for championship game as the other bracket is weak. I also have packers and Chargers DST , plan on starting Packers

Posted by:
HOKIETODD 12/14/12 11:24 PM

Play the following:

Demaryious Thomas
Randall Cobb
Ray Rice
Knowshon Moreno
Wilson - Flex

You want consistency. Steve Smith hasnt given that. I had him and dropped him.

I dont like Packers D against Chicago.i have them too, i am playing the Lions D.

Posted by:
edittman1 12/15/12 01:45 PM

Thanks for the advice, I tried to pick up Detroit DST but they were taken by the #4seed...that's how I got Wilson.the only reason I would start smith is in case he has a big game I can keep pace with newton. If he doesn't hopefully that means newton has a bad game or just an average game which would bode well for me too. Thanks and good luck tomorrow.

Posted by:
HOKIETODD 12/15/12 11:42 PM

Matthews or McFadden ?
hmmm my flip a coin

Posted by:
ceever 12/16/12 12:06 AM

You would think McFadden, but he is injury prone and inconsistent. Even against KC, I would start Matthews and I am not a huge fan of him. They are reporting he will carry 20+ times.

Posted by:
edittman1 12/16/12 12:51 AM

C.J. Spiller
Chris Johnson
David Wilson

Need 2 out of the 3. PPR and get points for punt and kick yards which makes me lean towards Wilson. HELP!

Posted by:
aabel90 12/16/12 01:56 AM

ok I am in a bind in my playoff match against a tough opponent ranked #1 in our league.

I need two of these guys:

Marques Colston
Josh Gordon
David Wilson
Pierre Garcon
Darren Sproles

I have Brees at QB, AP at RB1, and Welker at WR1 locked in. Any help would be great!

Posted by:
grevga01 12/16/12 05:20 AM

I'm playing Gordon over Garcon w/ RG3 sitting

Posted by:
ceever 12/16/12 11:36 AM

Need RB Help for non-PPR League:

Matt Forte
Darren McFadden
David Wilson

Pick two! First playoff week so choice is critical. McFadden's been inconsistent (as has Forte) but Wilson is a virtual unknown. Not a fan of big decisions after 1 week performances but every other FF rank puts Wilson well above McFadden.

Posted by:
j2gross 12/16/12 11:59 AM

Can never predict injuries, but looks like McFadden was the winner vs Ryan Matthews. I would have stayed away from both of them when drafting in the first place! :)

My 5 backs were: A.Foster, R.Bush, CJ Spiller, K. Moreno, and LawFirm..

Posted by:
edittman1 12/17/12 05:44 PM
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