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User Comments for Week 7 RB Rankings

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How can you rank Rice so high when he is going against Houston's # 10 ranked Rush Defense. Ravens Rush Offense is ranked only 12th. That's a negative 2 as I see it. Please explain your logic !!! Thanx. Ebe22

Posted by:
EBE22@FF-TOOLS 10/17/12 02:51 PM

Rice is one of those RBs that plays well against every team regardless of rankings. Even if he doesn't run the ball well, he'll still be a huge factor in the passing game. The way Green Bay torched the Houston D, I wouldn't look too much into current rankings.

Posted by:
rsno9 10/17/12 05:43 PM

Hoping this cut and paste works...
Texans 211. 805 3.8 46 5 9 134.2 2 1 45
Oppon. 138 526 3.8 19 0 0 87.7 5 2 32

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 08:39 PM

Ah not very good but if you can figure it out Houston has defended the run very very well this season

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 08:40 PM

Giving 0 rushing touchdowns and allowing only 87 rushing yards per game...that's serious. However when you look at the top backs they went against...R Bush averaged 4.9 ypc, mojo 5.0, and cj2k 5.6

Posted by:
phonzu2 10/17/12 08:45 PM

You have frank gore and Alex green rated one after the other, granted green is probable but I also see Seattle has a stout run D. So would you chose gore over green still or visa versa

Posted by:
Firemedic14 10/17/12 08:46 PM

I have a dilemma there's some good WR's that r FA's in my League and the WR spots have been killing me especially in Week 6 so I wanna drop WR Dominek Hixon for one of the FA's and my back up TE also so witch 2 WR FA should I get out of these:(Kenny Britt),(Lance Moore),(Denarius Moore),(Josh Gordon),(Andrew Hawkins),(Santana Moss),(Kevin Ogletree),(Chris Givens),(Donald Jones),(Chaz Schilens),(Brandon Gibson),(Shaun Hill) and (Brandon LaFell)pls let me know witch 2 would u pick up or should hold onto D. Hixon and just pick up one WR FA?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 10/18/12 06:16 AM

i'd go for kenny britt and denarius moore

Posted by:
chrisarmstr0ng 10/18/12 09:42 AM

Ok so my RBs are Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch and Stevan Ridley. I'm defs starting Forte this week, (praying that he goes off against the lions) and I'm considering starting Ridley over Lynch. I'm like Ridley's matchup over Lynch's plus with Bolden injured Ridley should be the go to guy. Also I feel like the pats are gonna be spending a lot of time in the red zone giving Ridley several opportunities to run in for at least 1 TD, maybe 2?

What do you think?

Posted by:
Maz 10/18/12 09:45 AM

Mickel Leshoure over Steven Jackson this week? Should I go with that or give Jackson another start because he looked good on sunday? Help please...

Posted by:
losvideo 10/18/12 10:29 AM

i have cj2k, mendenhall, felix jones, mjd, and ridley...I dont know who to start pls help i need 2

Posted by:
phantom_g 10/18/12 11:47 AM

i think ridley is a must start this week, as for the rest its close but i think i'd go MJD

Posted by:
Maz 10/18/12 12:57 PM

@EBE22@FF-TOOLS - Rice's rating probably has to do with how poorly Houston's defense looked vs GB without their top tackler Brian Cushing who is out for the year. Could be an ongoing problem for them.

Posted by:
Lanno 10/18/12 03:36 PM

need help - pick two - MJD, Forte, A Morris, D Martin

Posted by:
labrats 10/18/12 08:08 PM

How do Andre Brown and Jonathan Dwyer not make the RB list? Both are likely starters this week !!!!

Posted by:
Gentleman Glenn 10/19/12 02:51 PM

Browns not getting the start. Bradshaw will play. As for Dwyer he's not any good and also these rankings were most likely posted before Dwyer was announced. I'm sure they will update before Sundys games tho I doubt Dwyer goes up much.

Phantom- Mendy is out for week 7 and Felix jones and Ridley should both have good games. You can never count MJD out tho. When I have toss ups between 3 RBs that's when I will normally look at fantasy projections on here and see what they have to say.

@ Matt- I feel like I see that same post all the time. Ogletree shouldn't be on the list at all along with a few others. I would take Kenny Britt since he's healthy and not facing any more time. Moore is also about to hit his stride. I would jump them two first. Gordon is a flyer who had been putting up some nice long scores. At first it looked like a fluke but he keeps doing it. I would keep an eye on him.

Posted by:
skiznilz 10/20/12 12:43 AM

why is sproles ranked higher that felix jones this week? who should i start?

Posted by:
chetster 10/20/12 09:01 AM

do i role with Bradshaw this week or pick up someone else for the week?

Posted by:
Garrett S 10/21/12 12:48 AM

@Garrett S, Bradshaw is looking like a game-time decision, so it seems unlikely that he will have a full workload if he even plays. I am starting Andre Brown hoping he does something since my regular starters (McCoy, Mathews and Reggie Bush) are all on bye weeks...

Posted by:
Gentleman Glenn 10/21/12 09:35 AM

@skiznilz Andre Borwn and Jonathon Dwyer make the list at 31 and 33, Makes more sense than not making the list at all. Bradhsaw is a game time decision. Brown gets whatever carries Bradshaw misses. Going with Brown in place of my bye week regulars...

Posted by:
Gentleman Glenn 10/21/12 09:43 AM

CJ Spiller or Felix Jones this week?

Posted by:
gopherpatrot 10/21/12 11:34 AM
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