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User Comments for Week 9 RB Rankings

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How do you think the loss of Carl Nicks effects D.Martin ?

Posted by:
dmiami 10/30/12 06:31 PM

Argh. What do you think. McFadden vs. Jamal Charles vs. Doug Martin?

Posted by:
dgreen 10/30/12 09:10 PM

Better ppr stash; benson or beanie?

Posted by:
velve 10/31/12 10:35 AM

10 team 2 WR, 2 RB flex. Starting megatron and Colston at WR and Leshean McCoy and Doug Martin at RB, should I fill my flex with Hakeem nicks vs Pittsburg or CJ spiller against Houston?

Posted by:
Layinbody4life 10/31/12 01:41 PM

I'd roll with Doug Martin anyway as he will be used in the pass/run game and is the most dependable.

I think Charles has the best potential, but with an inept head coach like Romeo Crennel who give him only 5 carries against a marginal run defense, I think you have to roll with Martin since Schiano is commited to the run at Tampa Bay.

Posted by:
csadow 10/31/12 04:46 PM

thanks csadow. Crennel is definitely confused. 0 pts last week from JC.

Posted by:
dgreen 10/31/12 05:06 PM

Trade offer: Give Julio Jones and Torrey Smith Receive Lesean McCoy.
My other WRs are Fitzgerald, Maclin, Denarius Moore and Amendola
My other RBs are Gore, Chris Johnson and DeMarco Murray
Any advice would be much appreciated

Posted by:
vincent854 10/31/12 10:16 PM

See if you can keep Julio Jones, a key cog in the best offense right now. Give up Maclin or Moore first.

Posted by:
dgreen 11/01/12 04:21 PM

^No way he is going to accept the offer without Julio in the mix for a player like McCoy, just my two cents

Posted by:
giwarriors12 11/01/12 11:12 PM

JCharles sucks so bad right now. Ugh.

Posted by:
edittman1 11/02/12 12:03 PM

i got offered mike wallace and jimmy graham for peyton manning and deymarius thomas. in a ppr league. is that a good trade? i also have rg3 as my qb

Posted by:
criffrock 11/02/12 03:23 PM


Posted by:
WastelandMike 11/02/12 04:41 PM

Trent Richardson or Willis McGahee this week?

Posted by:
Gmills30 11/02/12 08:26 PM

Doug Martin or Alfred Morris ??? Regular league 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1k 1def. Already have Arian foster for my first back

Posted by:
kipgriffith2103 11/03/12 01:47 PM

Doug Martin guys! duh!

Posted by:
DST 11/05/12 09:36 AM
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