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User Comments for Week 10 WR Rankings

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Need 3. Roddie White, Vincent Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Kenny Brit ,Torrey Smith. Thanks

Posted by:
tmtaz 11/06/12 02:46 PM

Devery Henderson is a bum. Why is he even ranked at all?

Posted by:
myusernameexists 11/06/12 03:41 PM

dwayne bowe, brian hartline, or kyle williams

Posted by:
dhorva 11/06/12 05:11 PM

Id go white, jackson and smith unless u think johnson will be healthy than id go him over smith


need 1 PPR: Emanuel Sanders, Ryan Broyles or Donald Jones

Posted by:
Diesel0332 11/07/12 08:39 AM

How is Danario Alexander not ranked? Oversight.

Posted by:
thenatalieportmans 11/07/12 11:12 AM Owner

@thenatalieportmans, We've added Danario Alexander (SD), but aren't high on him. Last week was his first action of the year, so we're cautious to draw conclusions from his 3 receptions for 61 yards vs the Chiefs. If the Chargers use him against the Bucs, we'll boost him in future weekly rankings.

Posted by:
FFToolbox 11/07/12 11:33 AM

Am i crazy to start brian hartline over dwayne bowe this week in my flex? my other option is shonn greene.

Posted by:
dhorva 11/07/12 01:42 PM

Crabtree or E. Sanders

Posted by:
kylerc03 11/07/12 02:22 PM

Amendola or Spiller in flex position? PPR league

Posted by:
Hgriff1 11/08/12 10:51 AM

Spiller for sure

Posted by:
moonwalker31 11/08/12 12:38 PM

PPR pick one 10 return yds = 1pt
T. Young, C. Shorts, or E. Sanders?

Posted by:
matteno 11/08/12 02:31 PM

I'd go Spiller over Amendola 110% sure on that one

Titus, Cecil, or Emmanuel? That's tough. Titus Young may be restricted by a knee injury if he plays -- stay tuned for updates on Friday. IF Titus goes, I look for a huge bounce-back game. The Minny run defense is too good, so they'll air it out, as they so often do. And Titus is the #2 behind Calvin, who's kinda banged up too, but local news here is saying he'll go. I don't like Cecil's QB, and Emmanuel has only started one game, but is the obvious #2 behind Mike Wallace as long as Brown is out. So I'd go with Titus -- if he's healthy.

Posted by:
jpweber 11/08/12 06:53 PM

Oops ... I feel bad about the Cecil Shorts call. I still say Titus has a nice bounce-back game. Also, Matthew Berry "loves" Danny Amendola, meaning he likes them better than other ESPN writers have him ranked. I still think Buf may be coming from behind on NE, and Spiller is a big part of their passing game.

Posted by:
jpweber 11/09/12 01:08 AM

Well Cecil didn't have much going for him until Chad Henne entered the game. Cecil seemed to be his favorite target, a trend to watch if Gabbert misses any time.

Posted by:
matteno 11/09/12 12:34 PM

Any idea why Randall Cobb isn't listed?

Posted by:
mize411 11/13/12 06:57 PM
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