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User Comments for Week 14 WR Rankings

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Michael Crabtree or Vincent Jackson - who would you start?

Posted by:
swim_ny 12/04/12 05:52 PM

Vincent Jackson

Posted by:
giwarriors12 12/04/12 09:05 PM

I have Cruz, Alexander, Hilton, Decker and Jennings. I only need 3 & Decker has been terrible the last 4 weeks so who is my other bench?

Posted by:
mh2079 12/04/12 11:17 PM

So I can start 2 WR and 2 WR/RB and I am torn between:

-Andre Johnson (@NE)
-Welker (VS HOU)
-Hicks (VS NO)
-Spiller (VS STL)
-Sproles (@NYG)

Who would/should be the odd man out of this group?
I initial thought would be Hicks, since all the others have been pretty reliable lately
PPR League.....

Posted by:
DirtDogs818 12/05/12 12:27 AM

Really? I should be starting Alexander over Stevie Johnson? Any particular reason why?

Posted by:
Mcnally5186 12/05/12 01:52 PM

Please help. .5 ppt

Pick 3 between

James Jones
Ant Brown
B. Myers

Posted by:
dolfangm 12/05/12 02:55 PM

WR2, Anquan Boldin or Donnie Avery

Posted by:
giwarriors12 12/06/12 01:07 AM

DirtDogs818, I'm assuming you mean Nicks, not Hicks.

I would go Nicks over Sproles if I were you. I am confidently starting Hakeem this week.

Posted by:
carlsmash78 12/06/12 08:37 AM

I have Cobb, Roddy White Eric Decker and Chris Givens...........pick 3

Posted by:
brimanda 12/06/12 04:53 PM

Need every point I can get.... PPR / 1 pt per 20 yard rushing / 1 pt per 20 yard receiving...

Julio Jones, Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Dwayne Bowe, Sidney Rice - start THREE and I can put a fourth in FLEX

Adrian Peterson, Mikel LeShoure, Beanie Wells Vick Ballard... LeSean McCoy out is hurting me....

Posted by:
loimkeith 12/09/12 10:40 AM
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