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User Comments for Week 15 WR Rankings

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Dez Bryant not listed - i know his status is uncertain but he hasn't been ruled out and has stated he wants to play - he'll probably tape it up and go play

Posted by:
ceever 12/11/12 07:14 PM

HELP!!! Playoffs in a non-PPR league. Start 3, Decker, J. Nelson (maybe injured), D. Moore, Fitzgerald, Blackmon, Givens, A. Brown, and I picked up Alshon Jeffrey. 10 team league and I've dropped all my subs trying to get a decent WR matchup. Jeffrey came through for me on week 14, but Givens gave me 4.2 pts and 2 of that was a 2pt conversion. I thought I'd be invincible with Foster and Peterson as RB's, and Fitzgerald, Nelson and Decker as WR's. Got bit on my WR's all year. D. Moore picked up the slack, but He hasn't helped much recently. I'm open to help here.

Posted by:
longbear99 12/11/12 10:01 PM

yo longbear - you are in the GM chair - take charge brother - asking for help is like AJ Smith trying to channel Al Davis

Posted by:
ceever 12/11/12 11:26 PM

Hey Ceever, thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm leaning towards Decker, Blackmon, and Givens.

Posted by:
longbear99 12/11/12 11:38 PM

Week 15 Starters_NON PPR/10 Team/Standard Scoring League
Pick 2 RB's>(Jamaal Charles),(Alfred Morris),(Bryce Brown)also(LeSean McCoy)?
Pick 2 WR's>(Andre Johnson),(Josh Gordon),(Danario Alexander),(Mike Williams)also(Jordy Nelson)?
Also Pick Flex(RB/WR) from players listed above?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 12/12/12 05:42 AM

Jason Avant?

Posted by:
kmorrisesq2 12/12/12 11:33 AM

I am the underdog in my league! At 5 win record I shouldn't be in the playoffs. I won last week with the Seahawks defense! Playing 12 win team! Only question PPR league WR pick 2 Decker, Amendola, Austin, Givens or TY Hilton? Thanks a bunch! I will have one for you if I win! :)

Posted by:
Hgriff1 12/12/12 05:51 PM

Hey what's up all. Danario or Nicks? And Heath miller or Myers? PPR

Posted by:
billaxx 12/12/12 10:10 PM

Also. Josh Gordon or Golden Tate Ppr

Posted by:
billaxx 12/12/12 10:11 PM

Need help with Playoffs ! I have a tough opponent !

QB - Peyton or Freeman - i chose Peyton
DEF - Broncos or Dolphins - i chose Broncos
2 RB - Rice or Matthews or Ridley - i chose Rice & Matthews
3 WR - J Gordon or TY Hilton or T.Smith or L.Moore - i chose Gordon/Hilton/Moore

Posted by:
DjJojo 12/13/12 01:27 PM

Miles Austin, Greg Jennings, James Jones or TY Hilton???

Posted by:
Fniette 12/14/12 06:59 PM

I like the Gordon play too

Posted by:
ceever 12/16/12 12:07 AM
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