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User Comments for Week 16 WR Rankings

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My wr's screwed me out of a championship DT and Cruz last week awful

Posted by:
rbrittan10 12/18/12 01:50 PM

They also got you there...take the good with the bad

Posted by:
moonwalker31 12/19/12 02:07 AM

I need to pick four of the following WRs: Megatron, Welker, Decker, Vincent Jackson, Michael Crabtree, Danny Amendola, and Donnie Avery. I would think Megatron, Welker, and Decker for sure, so it is a fight for the forth spot. What do you think?

Posted by:
jpatterson12 12/19/12 11:32 AM

Nicks or Hylton? This list shows a whole point difference giving the nod to Hylton. Yahoo is projecting Hylton with 7, Nicks with 11. Baltimore's defense might come to play (hah) this weekend to make amends...


Posted by:
bcs7709 12/20/12 08:20 AM

sorry...that's Hilton

Posted by:
bcs7709 12/20/12 08:20 AM

Who do I start amendola, lloyd, colston

Posted by:
jmdmwest 12/20/12 10:23 AM

I can play 4 and have the following: 1.) D. Bryant 2.)W. Welker 3.) Pierre Garcon
4.) Cecil Shorts III Opt. A.) Mike Wallace B.) Owen Daniels.

Please share your thoughts

Posted by:
nl1088 12/21/12 01:09 AM

Why would Wallace be higher than Cobb/Jones for GB???

Poor pass defense at Tennessee and Cincy making a push for the playoffs? Doesn't seem to jive.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Posted by:
philz4 12/22/12 12:50 PM

Crabtree or D.Alexander? He is starting Kaepernick.

Posted by:
TJC Roughriders 12/23/12 11:00 AM
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