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User Comments for Week 4 WR Rankings

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Need to add Jerome Simpson back to weekly rankings.

Posted by:
ghinkle 09/25/12 01:31 PM

i jus picked up jerome simpson should i start him over crabtree or wait until next week!!!

Posted by:
bigmatt5579 09/26/12 03:29 PM

^ i would most definitely start him over crabtree

Posted by:
Spencer0815 09/26/12 03:34 PM

How does Colston get an A??

Posted by:
citsalp 09/26/12 03:50 PM

Because at least he's consistent?

Posted by:
lsrubin 09/26/12 04:53 PM

Who do I start as my WR3 for week 4, Miles Austin or Denarius Moore? My gut says Austin, but the projections in my FF league (ESPN) say Moore. Thanks.

Posted by:
joshua.randlett 09/26/12 08:24 PM

Austin faces a tougher secondary with CHI but I think for sheer consistancy ya gotta go with him.

Posted by:
DrewFL1988 09/27/12 04:01 PM

Randall Cobb or maclin this week??

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 09/27/12 05:16 PM

N.burleson or V.Jackson

Posted by:
tj.lolley 09/27/12 05:22 PM

V Jax or Dez Bryant this week??

Posted by:
Kidmikey23 09/28/12 09:06 AM

I have S. SmithWR - CAR, V. JacksonWR - TB, S. JohnsonWR - BU, N. WashingtonWR - TEN, L. MooreWR - NO... Who should I start at WR and who should I put in for flex?

Posted by:
showmethemoney 09/28/12 10:53 AM

@Kidmikey23, Vincent Jackson, WSH has a much worse secondary than CHI and Dez is really inconsistent anyway.

@showmethemoney, Vincent Jackson Steve Smith and Steve Johnson, start your studs.

Posted by:
csabatini88 09/28/12 06:08 PM

A guy in my fantasy league wants to trade me jordy Nelson for DeSean Jackson and I'm really thinking bout it, so do you think I should make the trade with him?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 09/28/12 10:14 PM

Who should I start in the flex Jeremy Maclin, Denarius Moore, or awful Chris Johnson. Not a PPR League

Posted by:
vincent854 09/29/12 12:09 PM

Witch player on my team should I use in my flex spot non PPR out of RB Alfred Morris Wash, RB Mikel Leshoure Det, WR Danny Amendola St Louis or WR DeSean Jackson PHI let me know wat all of u think pls plus another team owner in my league wants to trade me WR Jordy Nelson GB for WR DeSean Jackson PHI straight up should I make the trade and if yes accept trade should I try to make it final to start Jordy Nelson tomorrow against New Orleans?

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 09/29/12 02:02 PM

Okay, I've got Fitzgerald vs. MIA, Amendola vs. SEA, Malcom Floyd @ KC and Santonio Holmes vs. SF. Which ONE do I bench?

Posted by:
JennyOnTheEdge 09/29/12 10:23 PM

@Matt214racer I would trade DeSean Jackson for Jordy Nelson, Nelson should have a good game vs NO. You can wait and see but you might want to lock it in before the other guy changes his mind.

@vincent8544 I'd start Denarius Moore, Carson Palmer has been throwing for 300+ yds, it's a good matchup and DHB is out with a concussion this week.

@JennyOnTheEdge Bench Holmes

Posted by:
csabatini88 09/29/12 10:41 PM

Does the fact that Vick is my starting QB change your opinion about Denarius Moore over Maclin?

Posted by:
vincent854 09/29/12 11:42 PM

Need to start 2....B-Lloyd, Nate Washington, Crabtree, LaFell, Jeremy Kerley

I just can't make a damn decision after BLloyd

Posted by:
adhofmann 09/30/12 12:10 AM

Hey should I keep RB Mikel Leshoure in my flex spot for this week or put one of these players who r on my bench, witch r RB Alfred Morris, WR Danny Amendola or WR DeSean Jackson or hopefully trade is done and instead of Jackson I'll have WR jordy Nelson let me know wat u guys think thanks

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 09/30/12 02:07 AM

Csabatini88 check out my last comment before this one I'd like to know wat u think I should do for my flex spot with the players I have also if I should keep WR Denarious Moore in my WR2 slot or use Danny Amendola or DeSean Jackson unless trade is final befor the GB vs NO game then I'll prob put Jordy Nelson in watcha think on that and in the WR1 slot is Andre Johnson he's staying there but rite now I got RB Mikel Leshoure in my flex spot but was wondering if RB Alfred Morris or one of the other WR players I listed and it's not a PPR league I appreciate ur help and input thanks

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 09/30/12 07:08 AM

where is Reggie Wayne?

Posted by:
tdarhower 10/02/12 01:50 PM
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