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User Comments for Week 10 RB Rankings

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Tough choice. Need two. Matt Forte, Ryan Mathews, Reggie Bush,Fred Jackson. Tha

Posted by:
tmtaz 11/06/12 02:42 PM

Reggie for sure since its against an atrocious Titans D. I'd say just going off matchups either Ryan Matthews or Fred Jackson. Fred Jackson is more timeshare than Matthews and Patriots give up 3rd fewest points to RBs (granted if you're in PPR Jackson's value rises somewhat) but Bush and Matthews are probably safest starters.

Posted by:
goalee1486 11/06/12 06:43 PM

Jamaal charles or vick ballard week 10?

Posted by:
chrisarmstr0ng 11/07/12 04:39 AM

I like Forte and Matthews (should get a lot of pass work against Bucs D. See M. Reece last week)


Posted by:
jhstewart 11/07/12 08:19 AM

RB HELL- Lost Sproles and McFadden

PPR Start 2

Pierre Thomas
Vick Ballard
Marcell Reece
Daniel Thomas

Posted by:
jhstewart 11/07/12 08:21 AM

id go bush and mathews, spiller is gonna get more touches and forte has a rough matchup


ballard and reece

who would u guys start PPR pick 2:
Chris Johnson, Marcell Reece, Mikel Leshoure, or Isaac Redman


Posted by:
Diesel0332 11/07/12 08:36 AM

I don't like CJs matchup against Mia. Redman is playing well but Dwyer and Mend could be back.
Reece and Leshoure

Posted by:
jhstewart 11/07/12 10:26 AM

Running back dilemma. I got Frank Gore and going to start him. Do I go with Ahmad Bradshaw or Vick Ballard as my other RB?

Posted by:
erock92 11/07/12 12:46 PM

Leshoure or Mathews?

Posted by:
kylerc03 11/07/12 02:21 PM

Ive got a few RB's and need to pick three. Who do you think?
Ray Rice
Doug Martin
CJ Spiller
Reggie Bush
Stevan Ridley

Posted by:
mailman221 11/07/12 05:58 PM

How about Leshoure or Ridley? It looks like you guys have Leshoure ranked higher, but based on the previous head to head I'm not sure why.

Posted by:
caustinlee 11/07/12 06:26 PM

Rice Martin spiller if ppr. Bush instead of spiller standard

Posted by:
moonwalker31 11/08/12 12:35 PM

1/2 PPR league, gotta start 1 out of 3: Reece, Vereen, or Emmanuel Sanders. Thanks

Posted by:
goalee1486 11/08/12 02:05 PM

Ridley BIG TIME over LeShoure. FIrst of all, New England's backup tailback, Bolden, is out. So Ridley gets a ton of touches against a subpar Buffalo D. I'm a Lions fan, but Detroit will try to air it out against Minny -- assuming Calvin and Titus play, but even if they don't, Broyles will have a big game -- because Minny has a stout run defense. Ridley > LeShoure this week.

Posted by:
jpweber 11/08/12 06:33 PM

Vick Ballard messed me up ... Donald Brown got 2 more carries (14-12). I thought Ballard would bust out against that weak Jags run D. Guess not ... 7.9 pts. in a ppr league.

Posted by:
jpweber 11/09/12 01:09 AM

I have 2 Questions for U all!!
1} Which WR Should I start in Week10 (Titus Young[DET]),(Emmanuel Sanders[PIT]is starting this Week10 against KC since Atonio Brown is Injured),(Brian Hartline[MIA]),(Malcom Floyd[SD])or(Jerome Simpson[MIN])?

2} Which RB Should I Start in Week10 (M. Leshoure[DET]),(J. Charles[KC]),(I. Redman[PIT]),(J. Dwyer[PIT]),(M. Reece[OAK]),(T. Jones[OAK]),(A. Brown[NYG])or(D. Thomas[MIA])?
{For My NON PPR\10 Team\Standard Scoring League}
WHIR 100%!!!

Posted by:
Six19R_OG-Mobsta 11/09/12 11:42 PM

J Charles or J Stewart in a PPR?

Posted by:
fierceweinerdogs 11/10/12 11:59 AM

Should I start Ryan Matthews over Jamaal Charles this week?

Posted by:
Steven.reyes 11/11/12 08:44 AM

Three Bums: Jaquizz Rodgers, Joique Bell, Taiwan Jones...
Pick Two...Standard Scoring...12 person league (I drafted Sproles,Murray,McFadden)

Posted by:
Moneymitch 11/11/12 10:42 AM
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