User Comments for Week 10 TE Rankings

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User Comments for Week 10 TE Rankings

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seems like too many TE are getting "A"s for consistency (most get this ranking). Vernon Davis A for consistency, T Gonzales A for consistency ... have you looked at their recent production?

Also, why so much love for B. Meyers in the pick ups to rank him well outside the top 12 (18th in the scoring I use)? Are you recommending picking him up just as a backup TE?

Posted by:
brodiespam 11/06/12 04:42 PM

Pick 1 ppr: Jared Cook, Dwayne Allen or Scott Chandler

Posted by:
Diesel0332 11/07/12 08:41 AM Owner

Thanks for your note. We've looked into the consistency calculation and found that it's not working correctly for custom scoring systems. We've removed it until we can fix it.

We've also given Brandon Myers (OAK) a bump up in our latest rankings.

Thanks and good luck,

Posted by:
FFToolbox 11/07/12 11:35 AM

Pick 1 ppr: Vernon Davis, Brandon Myers, Ryan Broyles


Posted by:
knawrot 11/09/12 11:45 AM
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