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User Comments for Week 11 WR Rankings

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I need 3 of these 4 WRs in a 12 man PPR leage. Any advice would be appreciated!

- Denarius Moore (great matchup vs. NO, no running game)
- Eric Decker (home vs. San Diego)
- Jordy Nelson (at Detroit)
- Vincent Jackson (at Carolina ... tough pass D, but rankers have him high)

Need 3 of 4, PPR. Thanks again!

Posted by:
jpweber 11/14/12 09:19 AM

id sit jordy and wait to see how he comes back from the injuries before plugging him back in

Posted by:
jeffspaulding5149 11/15/12 07:30 PM

I Need 2

Jordy Nelson, Mike Wallace, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Dwayne Bowe

Posted by:
dhorva 11/16/12 07:47 AM

I need 3 of these 5 WRs in a 12 man PPR league. Thanks

- Larry Fitzgerald
- Denarius Moore
- Anquin Boldin
- Steve Smith
- Marcus Colston

Smith has me worried with all the "off the field" stuff going on. thanks

Posted by:
callmewhatshisname 11/17/12 03:04 PM

fitz, smith, colston

Posted by:
moonwalker31 11/17/12 07:30 PM

Need to start 2

Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant, Desean Jackson

Posted by:
buplate 11/18/12 08:57 AM

I need 1 of these:

Posted by:
ELMCO2 11/18/12 10:07 AM

Where is Kenny Britt in your WR standings?

Posted by:
tcr521 11/20/12 01:19 PM
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