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User Comments for Week 16 RB Rankings

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I'm on the fence... My RBs are A. Foster, K. Moreno and S. Ridley. I feel like Moreno is going to have a a third consecutive big day on Sunday. Part of me thinks Billicheck will reduce Ridley's snaps and/or touches because of Ridley's protection issues against the Niners. Your thoughts please...Oh, and I can only start two of the three. Thank you in advance.

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nl1088 12/19/12 01:24 AM

Mid-season I would no doubt go with Foster and Ridley but this isn't mid-season. The safe bet would be Moreno and this is probably playoffs or your championship. I like Ridley's match up a lot and he probably will score 15-20 fantasy points but who knows what is going on in billy's mind. You know Moreno is going to get the most of the attempts and almost a guarantee 10 fantasy points, so you got a safe bet(moreno) and a risk but high reward(ridley). GL.

Posted by:
saland34 12/19/12 10:02 AM

I have pretty much done my own evaluations as I am in 5 Championship final matches and 3 Championship semi-finals on 3 different sites. I thought I'd share my thoughts for this weeks rankings. First, on Ridley. Bill is a stickler for RB's who fumble, and I expect Woodhead to get the lion's share of the carries. Knowshon running behind Peyton's Arm makes him the clear choice as defenses can't "stack the box". I also think RB Alex Green is rated way too high. I think DuJuan Harris will get a ton of work this week at Tennessee, as I expect Rodgers to work the running game extensively. There are some others I think are too high, and some too low. I think the Law Firm will do well this week as well. Pittsburgh's defense isn't as stout against the run lately as they once were and with the Red Rifle firing mostly bull-eyes, they will have to play the pass coverage tight, opening up running lanes for BJGE. I think the same scenario will be in play in Barbeque City with Vick Ballard having a banner day. Atlanta's HC Smith is driving me nuts concerning RB Turner. I thought he would be resting Turner more and playing Rodgers a lot more, but that hasn't come to pass. I thought Detroit had a good defense, until last week in the Arizona desert. If Smith watches that tape, I'd expect Turner to have a helluva day. In fact, it could be a banner day for all the Atlanta players. I also look for a blow-out in the City of Brotherly Booing. I bet most of that team has their bags packed and ready to get out of town. I fully expect Shanahan to rest RGIII another week, playing Kirk Cousins again. That helps Morris and the receivers since he doesn't run nearly as much, vulturing Morris' TD's. Well, I better stop writing or this will turn into an article by itself. Later fellow FF-erz. Good luck.

Posted by:
JUNGLE_KAT_60 12/19/12 06:41 PM

Huge decision between Doug Martin or Knowshon Moreno this week. Martin has been well not very good lately. Need one of these guys to pair with AP to send me to the promise land! Thank you for the help.

Posted by:
Troydd24 12/20/12 09:31 AM

Championship game: Trent Richardson or Vick Ballard? All the facts point to Ballard but it's hard to bench a stud.

Posted by:
anomz 12/21/12 12:37 PM

I think Denver's underrated defense is going to hold Richardson under 3 yards per carry and by doing this, holding Richardson under a double-digit performance. But if he is your stud then roll with him. I have a similar situation. I think Moreno and Ridley are going to go off but I can't bench Arian Foster.

Posted by:
nl1088 12/21/12 03:10 PM

Still looking for any insight on whether to start Moreno or Martin for championship game... Help

Posted by:
Troydd24 12/21/12 08:38 PM

Need an opinion or two: non-ppr
Have to sit one of the following: Peterson, forte, Moreno, Charles, McFadden
Also have to pick two of these: garçon Wallace Austin
Any ideas?

Posted by:
jeffdelgiudice 12/22/12 12:46 AM

NEED HELP!!! In my leauge u get .25 ppr and 3 pts for 40 yrd receptions or rushes and 40 yrd reception or rushing touchdown. Need to start 2 of 3 wallace,shorts,or garcon. Also need to start 2 of 3 forte,moreno, or mcfadden. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

Posted by:
CBen24 12/22/12 08:44 AM

Mcfadden, Morris or wilson? I can start two RB's.

Posted by:
TJC Roughriders 12/22/12 12:10 PM

Mcfadden and Morris definetley.

Posted by:
CBen24 12/22/12 03:58 PM
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